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Laminate oak: successful color solutions for any interior (26 photos)


In the matter of arranging and creating the interior of an apartment or a country house, not only the aesthetic component is important, but also practicality. That is why more and more property owners are choosing oak as laminate flooring material. This breed is characterized by high wear resistance, it is durable and is able to withstand the strongest loads for a long time without loss of appearance quality.







Beauty and durability - the best combination for flooring

Laminate "natural oak" - an excellent material for floor decoration in offices and residential premises. High performance and aesthetic characteristics have made it the most popular and popular in the finishing market. Many experts have already managed to evaluate the excellent properties of oak coating and identified a number of its advantages:

  • Natural oak laminate with proper care can last more than a dozen years.
  • Wood is characterized by high strength and resistance to various mechanical damage.
  • Great appearance. At the moment, created a huge number of varieties of laminate boards, among which there are truly unique models, such as smoky oak, ashen oak and even honey. It is worth noting another piquant feature: wood is capable of "aging", and this process gives the floor additional attractiveness and luxury.



Many people mistakenly believe that the laminate color oak is a pleasure not cheap. Of course, you can buy a more economical coverage, but it is unlikely to serve you as long. High performance characteristics more than compensate and justify the high cost of material.



Variety of models

Laminate oak has a huge number of varieties. Classification into groups is based on different criteria. For example, a drawing applied to the surface of a board divides it into the following categories:

  • Single band ornament. Suitable, rather, for finishing large spaces. It is distinguished by a variety of colors and textures. Also, such oak laminate is classified according to moisture resistance and board dimensions. Such a coating is used when an imitation of the floor of a wooden house is necessary in the interior.
  • Two-way finish. With this ornament you can create the illusion of a plank floor. The material fits perfectly into the interior of both large and small spaces.
  • Three-strip laminate oak natural. Such a floor is easily confused with a parquet of short dies. Great for bedrooms and children's rooms in apartments and country houses.




Color spectrum

To date, presented a huge number of different colors of oak laminate. Gamma is so extensive that it even contains gray and pink shades.

  • Ash oak;
  • Dark colors - black oak, brown laminate;
  • Light colors: beige oak and golden oak;
  • The white oak laminate floor looks unique and original in the interior.



The flooring can be smooth or textured. The choice depends on the effect that you want to achieve when creating the interior.




How to choose the right shade?

Modern laminate oak natural has a huge number of colors. When choosing the right tone, experts recommend sticking to the following rules:

  • Board brown oak and laminate oak Viennese perfectly blend with solid furniture and fabrics. This coating is better to use to decorate classic interiors. It looks original in combination with lilac-purple walls and dark brown decor.
  • If there is reddish larch furniture in your room, gray oak laminate in the interior will complement the overall picture and it will be beneficial to highlight pieces of furniture. Also the imitation of northern oak is perfectly combined with such things.
  • Gold and greenish shades are considered universal. They can be used in the design of any stylistic orientation. The only exception is the classic.
  • Laminate light oak has a wide range of applications. High-tech, loft or classic version - any solution will look even more attractive if a beige laminate is lined on the floor. They are equally beneficial emphasize the nobility of light furniture and the refinement of the decor of dark colors.
  • The laminate oak honey deserves special attention. Such flooring can usually be seen in those rooms in which the owners spend most of their time. It creates a unique feeling of comfort and warmth.
  • To create an atmosphere of the French province, make such a flooring as laminate oak Provence. The name of the floor speaks for itself: such boards convey the mood of the seaside villages of France.
  • Black oak laminate can be a worthy decoration and an integral part of luxury city apartments. This coating radiates nobility and chic.
  • In cases where you want to create a truly original and extraordinary interior, many people pay attention to the laminate oak bleached. It can be either perfectly white or slightly beige. Bleached floor is always stylish and spectacular. Special chic, he gives the style of high-tech, minimalism and loft. It should be careful when choosing furniture and decor for the room, because bleached oak does not get along with all their shades.
  • Artistic laminate, imitating aged oak, favorably emphasizes such a style as antique. It is also widely used in baroque and rococo. The texture of the coating creates the illusion of old oak and allows you to combine it with furniture of milky color and light walls. The bog oak rarely flaunts on the windows of the building stores, and it is quite expensive.
  • Laminate "natural oak" - a universal, and sometimes very original flooring. Many designers widely use it in rooms of various functionalities, because it looks equally stylish both in office premises and in spacious country houses and close apartments in the city.