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Design one-room Khrushchev: create a stylish apartment from a modest dwelling (50 photos)


Most often, the first housing that a young family acquires is a one-room apartment. After the purchase, the happy owners face the issue of repairing and improving the home. It is difficult to equip a single room in a stylish, functional and cozy way. If the new settlers have to design a one-room Khrushchev, the task becomes ... even more interesting. At least, designers say so.






What is a studio apartment in Khrushchev

In most typical houses of “Khrushchev’s” construction, a one-room apartment is a very small entrance hall, from which doors to the combined bathroom and to the room lead. In some cases, the room is passed through, passing through it along the external wall of the bathroom, into the kitchen of 5-7 m2. The balcony, if any, can be accessed from the room.

The modest dimensions of each room and dwelling as a whole led to the fact that the redevelopment of one-room apartment of Khrushchev became very popular.






Redevelopment options

Redevelopment is any change in partitions. It is strictly forbidden to demolish the bearing walls, in the case of unloaded walls it is somewhat easier. You can create a project, coordinate it with the relevant authorities and start implementing the idea. Before drawing up the project, note that the following modifications will be impossible:

  • an increase in the area of ​​the toilet, bathroom and kitchen is possible only at the expense of the corridor; they cannot be located above the living rooms;
  • it is not allowed to expand the kitchen area at the expense of the bathroom;
  • If a gas stove is installed in the kitchen, it is also impossible to combine it with a room.

Most often, the redevelopment of one-room Khrushchev is carried out in two ways: turning it into a studio apartment with the demolition of all partitions, except for the bathroom and the union with a balcony. In both cases, the usable area of ​​the dwelling will become larger, but it will be much lighter without extra walls. A well-lit space always seems more spacious, as designers say.




Before you decide to demolish the walls, think again whether it will be convenient for every household, because the kitchen in the one-room Khrushchev, though small, still represents a separate room in which you can retire and not interfere with the rest of the family. After combining, the division into functional zones will be very conditional - with the help of zoning techniques.

If no doubts have arisen and the future space is more valuable than secluded corners, pay attention to one more important point: so that smells do not spread throughout the whole apartment, the stove will need to be equipped with a powerful, but quiet, hood. Otherwise, soon the whole apartment will be saturated with kitchen flavors, and a noisy working extractor will annoy the rest. At the stage of repair work in the kitchen, check the ventilation. If it seems insufficient to you, take steps to clean it, otherwise the polluted air after drawing will fall back into the apartment. Strengthen the kitchen ventilation can be done by installing the intake valve.




After the demolition of the walls, we formed one large room. To effectively use the added square meters in it you need to allocate areas for rest, work, sleep, eating, cooking. One-room Khrushchev zoning is implemented in several ways:

  • using different finishing materials. For example, the cooking zone is isolated with floor tiles, and the dining area with laminate;
  • lighting - for each zone use separate light sources;
  • curtains - they will hide the sleeping area during the day and add comfort at night;
  • furniture - in this case, it will not only perform its main function, but also serve as a zone separator.









Use the balcony

If the apartment has a balcony, it can also be attached to the useful living space. To use it with advantage, the balcony is pre-glazed and insulated. Practical applications of the balcony area a bit:

  1. if the balcony adjoins the living room, they equip a working area with a computer table and a rack in the butt or equip a rest corner with a pair of compact chairs and a coffee table;
  2. if the balcony is adjacent to the kitchen, it is convenient to arrange a dining area, and the supporting wall that separates the room from the balcony is turned into a bar counter.

To adjust the amount of light on the balcony is convenient to use blinds or blinds "day-night". With them the level of illumination will always be comfortable.





Finishing options for floor, ceiling and walls

In the event that none of the options for the redevelopment of a one-room Khrushchev apartment does not suit you, resort to other design methods of saving usable space and creating a visually spacious and bright room. To do this, you must follow the generally accepted rules for the design of small-sized apartments:

  • for finishing use light-colored materials, dark accents are placed in a small amount (if there is good lighting);
  • large furniture, especially dark tones, in a small room will seem huge, and the room itself will be cluttered up, it will be abandoned in favor of compact wardrobes, open shelving and shelves;
  • large decorative elements are also undesirable, instead they are picked up by a few stylish and pleasant "trifles" - photos in the original frames, vases, indoor plants in flowerpots, memorable gifts from close people. All this will make the interior of a one-room Khrushchev, obviously striving for minimalism, warmer and more soulful;
  • for decoration they actively use mirrors - with their help the apartment seems spacious and filled with air.

When choosing the appropriate interior styles should be based on simple, devoid of luxury. Best of all look in conditions of modest footage Japanese, minimalism, hi-tech, loft, techno, Scandinavian.

Consider the best options for finishing the floor, walls and ceilings for repairs in one-room Khrushchev.







The ceilings in the Khrushchev houses are not higher than 1.7 m, usually 1.48-1.64 m. The task of a competent designer is to make them appear higher. To do this, use the following techniques:

  • The color of the ceilings is left white. An excellent choice - glossy stretch ceilings. As an option - water-based paint, if the surface is perfectly smooth.
  • Photo printing 3D on a stretch ceiling is a beautiful and modern design option. To design low ceilings to the choice of the pattern should be approached carefully. Choose pale pastel compositions and place them only on the part of the ceiling. In the 3D pattern, it is possible to highlight one of the functional areas, for example, a bedroom.
  • Wallpapers stick to the ceiling itself, or use high ceiling baseboards.
  • Luminaires should evenly and sufficiently softly illuminate the entire ceiling, leaving no darkened corners.
  • Looks impressive ceiling, part of which is made of mirrors. A popular solution for dining areas.


The most organically in a small-sized apartment look bright floors of laminate, wood flooring, linoleum. To highlight the cooking zone in the kitchen of Khrushchev's planning, hallway and bathroom, use ceramic tiles and its varieties - PVC tiles and porcelain tiles. When choosing, pay attention to the fact that the tile does not slip.

The sleeping area will look spectacular and functionally at the same time using the difference in height of the floor - the bed is placed on a low podium, which serves as a storage place for bedding.




For the decoration of the walls in the design of a one-room apartment in the Khrushchevka one should not choose materials that hide the volume - panels, drywall, decorative stone. The following materials will be more appropriate in terms of space saving:

  • vinyl or non-woven wallpaper with a medium-sized light pattern or plain;
  • decorative plaster;
  • liquid wallpaper and their interesting variety - silk plaster;
  • light pastel colors of water-based acrylic paints.

If a tile is laid on the kitchen floor, do not overload the walls to it, so that the room does not seem cold. Alternative finishing with washable wallpaper or paint will add to the kitchen comfort.




Furniture and light

After finishing the works, the owners face another challenge - how to arrange the furniture in a one-room Khrushchev so as not to lose the feeling of spaciousness after a fresh repair and fit all the necessary things. When selecting furniture, follow these guidelines:

  • the apartment should have a minimum of furniture. In order to have enough of it, the multifunctional is widely used - wardrobes, folding sofas, transforming tables;
  • use all suitable storage spaces. So, you can make a bar counter from the bar counter, equip the bed with a laundry box, replace the chairs with compact poufs with a hinged lid, where you can put something lightweight;
  • does not clutter up the space and angular furniture is quite spacious - actively use it everywhere: in the kitchen, hallway, room;
  • choose glass and mirror surfaces for cabinet doors and countertops;
  • to store books and various small things, use wall cabinets and shelves - hanging furniture does not make the interior heavier.

Choose small kitchen equipment. On sale a large selection of compact microwaves, refrigerators, hobs. For a family of two this is quite enough.

It is better to equip each zone with separate lighting devices: bedside lamps for the bedroom, a desk lamp for the working area, and spotlights for the rest area. Ideal matte lamps, giving a soft diffused light. To illuminate the cooking area in the kitchen and in the hallway, use sufficiently bright light sources.



Design Ideas

As already noted above, for the design of a one-room Khrushchev apartment, one should choose interior styles that strive for simplicity and minimalism. Care should be taken when choosing textiles in the interior. The apartment should be left with a minimum of carpets, bedspreads and various cushions, especially the motley colors. It is better to replace heavy window curtains with light curtains, and remove door curtains completely. Light Roman curtains, blinds, translucent Scandinavian curtains will give lightness and cleanliness to the interior.

If there is an open book shelf in the room - it is better to refuse any other accessories, since the bookbinding creates a certain variety and color polyphony. The maximum that can be done is to balance it on the opposite side with a medium-sized picture in one color scheme, for example, a sea or forest landscape.




Despite all the difficulties that will inevitably arise in the repair and design of a one-room apartment in the Khrushchev, its interior can be made modern, comfortable and beautiful. A small area has its advantages - a significant savings in finishing materials. The main thing is not to break the basic rules outlined above and try to free the apartment from old unnecessary things in a timely manner.