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Highlighting the floor: the nuances of choice (22 photos)


In most cases, floor lighting is associated with large stores, with a holiday or sophisticated design solutions. But in fact, there is a place for it in the most ordinary apartment - it will come in handy if needed:

  • provide spectacular obvious zoning;
  • provide soft ambient light for night lights;
  • highlight the individual details of the interior and divert attention from others.

However, in order to highlight the floor in the apartment looked good and functioned normally, you need to make a lot of effort to choose and first understand what aspects are important, what you should pay attention to.



Step One: Determine Location

Because, where the floor will be highlighted, many important nuances depend.


Illumination of the bathroom floor can look extremely impressive and create a pleasant cozy atmosphere, but it is imperative that the lamps be insensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Well if they are made of plastic, not glass.




Here, luminaries for illuminating the floor may be particularly appropriate - their soft diffused light has a better effect on the eyes and creates a more relaxed atmosphere than the light of an ordinary lamp. The main thing is that all communications must be hidden so that the child cannot reach them.

In whatever room the LED lighting of the floor is made, it must also be resistant to fire in order to avoid a fire, securely insulated in order to avoid electric shock and not emitting anything harmful to the environment.

There is a great variety of devices that can be used to equip a room's lighting: from the simplest light bulbs in miniature lampshades to complex LED structures that can be arranged as you please.


Most of all they look like the most ordinary little light bulbs. Among their advantages are usually called:

  • Flexibility. In contrast to the LED strip, spotlights can be positioned as you wish - the distance from each other, the resulting patterns, symmetry or asymmetry - it all depends on the owner's imagination. They can be placed around the bed or around the perimeter of the room, you can highlight the closet or select a bath. Some may be yours, others below — everything that a design will require can easily be implemented.
  • Aesthetics. Ceiling lamps, in which such lamps are installed, can be made in very original styles, and by themselves can serve as an excellent decoration.
  • Reliability. Most spotlights are not sensitive to mechanical damage, moisture, and are able to work for many years, especially with timely and proper care. More often made of hard plastic than glass.
  • Saving. It is easy to use economical light bulbs that consume a minimum of electricity.



There are, however, spotlights and cons:

  • To build them into the floor, you have to spend a lot of time thinking through how the wires should be arranged to provide energy for each light bulb.
  • From time to time the bulbs will have to be replaced, which requires additional efforts.

The rest of the spotlights - a good solution. Usually they have a yellow or white light.



Neon lights

From the side they look like glowing tubes. The basic package also includes wires and a special device that allows the tube to connect. They have their advantages:

  • Long time work. The manufacturer guarantees that by installing a neon lamp on the floor, the buyer will not be able to remember it for ten years.
  • A large variety of colors. Neon can glow with any light: yellowish, reddish, greenish. It is necessary to choose depending on the main scale of the room.
  • Pleasant light. Neon lamps glow pleasantly diffused light that does not hurt the eyes.

LED strip

They look like ribbons with lots of small light bulbs inside. Unlike neon lamps, they easily bend; they are often used as additional illumination in tandem with spotlights. They have several advantages:

  • Easy installation. It is easy to pave the floor lighting of this type with your own hands.
  • Variety of colors. Easily choose the right one for a particular design.
  • Long warranty period and reliability. The manufacturer indicates ten years of work. In addition, the tapes are insensitive to mechanical damage - they are made of plastic, much less fragile than glass.

It resembles all the same LED strip, but emitting neon diffused light. It has advantages:

  • Easy installation and flexibility. It is easy to lay neon of this type with your own hands, without turning to experts, moreover, this can be done not only horizontally or vertically, but also with capricious bends that the same glass will not allow.
  • Long service life. Can serve up to ten years.
  • Large selection of colors and nice looking light.
  • Environmental cleanliness and reliability. It does not burn, is not susceptible to moisture, cannot be mechanically damaged, unless, of course, try to cut it with scissors.

Under this phrase, understand the glowing tiles that are embedded in the main floor. The advantages include:

  • High reliability. Racks for both moisture and mechanical damage.
  • Originality. To illuminate the walls, the floor in the apartment, this solution is rarely used. More often it can be found on the street or in clubs. The more interesting you can beat him in an ordinary apartment building.
  • Variety of colors. You can choose them according to your tastes.

In addition, the light floor has a certain flexibility: it can fit into any interior, lay out a geometric pattern or use as decoration.

The illuminated glass floor, LED strips, glowing tiles - they all have one thing in common: it is much easier to install a motion sensor than to look for a switch every time in the dark. First, it looks modern and original. Secondly, frees hands and thoughts.

The main thing is to choose such a motion sensor so that as few failures as possible occur in its operation. Wanting to figure out how to do this, you need to decide what sensors are in general.