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Inflatable sofa in the interior - convenience and compactness (20 photos)

Large inflatable sofas - a great solution for arranging beds for suddenly arrived guests. Inflatable sofa is characterized by multi-functionality. For example, at night, guests can relax on it after the road or everyday hustle and bustle, and during the day it can be transformed into a comfortable chair or be completely cleaned before nightfall.

The scope of use of this product is different. Thanks to its ease of use, strength and compactness, it can be taken with you anywhere: on a business trip, on nature, on a cottage, on a visit, and so on.

Types of inflatable sofas

An inflatable sofa can be used not only in the house, but also on the street, for example, as a deck chair, although it depends on the type, since there are many of them.

  1. Air-filled inflatable sofa bed. It is easy to rearrange it from one place to another, this is especially true and simple during cleaning or repair.
  2. Corner inflatable sofa can be useful and simply indispensable in organizing a party at home or in the apartment. He has plenty of seats, so none of the invitees will be left without a seat. Its surface is made of durable plastic, a soft, pleasant to the touch fabric is stretched on top of it. The design is thought out well - most models are equipped with armrests and backs.
  3. Comfortable, environmentally friendly and durable are also children's inflatable sofas. There are practically no corners on them, so if small children live in the house, they will not be able to get hurt if they accidentally emphasize the design. It is convenient as a playground, since it can, if desired, be decomposed into a continuous floor canvas.
  4. An inflatable transforming sofa for three beds is a great alternative to traditional furniture in a small room. The design is made of durable material, because the weight of three people can withstand easily. The product is equipped with special safety valves that do not allow air to escape from it.

Primary qualities of purchase of an inflatable design

Inflatable furniture is purchased for specific purposes: for guests, to the country, hiking. Its popularity among our fellow citizens is due to its undeniable advantages:

  • Ease. As inflated and folded, the inflatable sofa weighs very little.
  • Compactness. Included is a special bag for storing the structure in folded form and a pump for inflation.
  • The lineup. Varieties of models allow you to choose the design that is necessary for specifically taken the family. This refers to the number of beds, size and the possibility of transformation.
  • Cost The product, in comparison with the frame analogue, is several times cheaper, retaining all the amenities and comfort during sleep and rest on it.
  • Maintainability. In case of accidental damage, the structure can be easily repaired. You can do it yourself, without contacting the furniture workshop.
  • Hygiene. The material used in the manufacture, waterproof, it makes it completely hygienic and safe, which allows you to install it not only in living rooms, but also in the children's room.
  • Comfort. The inflatable sofa bed has internal partitions - this gives it optimum strength and stability. It does not lose its shape, is not deformed, is easy to maintain and operate, has orthopedic properties.

Disadvantages of inflatable sofas

In addition to the advantages presented, unfortunately, inflatable sofas have some disadvantages.

The most important disadvantage of these structures is considered to be relative fragility. But it is justified by the low cost, so the design that has become unusable can always be replaced with a new one. The average lifespan of inflatable sofas is 6 years. And with careful treatment, it will last much longer.

The second significant disadvantage is considered incompatibility with pets and ease of damage to cutting objects. In this case, the animals can not be allowed into the room where there is an inflatable sofa. And in case of accidental damage, if it is insignificant, it can be repaired.

The range of inflatable furniture is diverse, here every buyer will be able to choose a decent model for the family, even the most demanding.