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How to choose a coffee machine for making delicious and aromatic coffee?

Fans of natural coffee are wondering how to choose the optimally suitable coffee machine. Many models are now equipped with a programmed process of making coffee. In order to get a cup of flavored drink, just press one or two buttons. Modern equipment is multifunctional. It has many options. With it, you can make a large amount of coffee drinks.

Such equipment is especially indispensable in large establishments. Professional equipment today is able to cook up to 120 cups of coffee per hour, and the cooking process should not be accompanied by the presence of an overseer.

Modern technology has a coffee grinder as part of its design. It helps to significantly reduce the time to make a drink. Ready-to-drink coffee is obtained by setting a technique to a specific program.

How to choose a coffee machine for the home?

This unit is quite economical. For example, in order to prepare one cup of strong coffee you need only 6-7 grams of beans. Savings are especially noticeable where large volumes of coffee are needed. Automatic models are equipped with a counter, which take into account the number of cups prepared. This helps to greatly facilitate the accounting process.

Depending on the level of automation, modern coffee machines are classified into the following types:

  • Automatic.
  • Semi-automatic.
  • Capsule.
  • Super automatic.

The most suitable model for professionals is an automatic coffee machine. When preparing drinks with such equipment, human participation is minimal. Such units can be perfectly adapted to a wide range of beverages.

For domestic use and small cafes are used mainly semi-automatic models. During the operation of this unit, the barista itself performs certain actions depending on what kind of coffee is needed. For example, he carries out the dosage of the drink, performs the grinding of grains. Dosed spilling of water will also have to be carried out manually.

Super-automatic models are distinguished by the presence of a large functional set. The unit performs self-dosage of the desired volume of water, grains, connects to the water supply. Such machines operate smoothly.

A worthy place in the market is occupied by rozhkov aggregates. They are functional and ergonomic. Coffee is made in the brew group. A portion of the grains is placed in the holder (horn).

How to choose a capsule coffee machine for home?

Capsular coffee machines operate on the basis of capsules, which are boxes made of plastic. The boxes are securely closed with foil. There are grains inside the capsules. After starting the unit, the box is punctured. Water penetrates into the capsule under high pressure.

Capsule models of cars are easy to maintain and do not leave pollution after their work. Such units will be an excellent solution for home use.

For mass cooking this technique is not suitable. Prepared coffee in such a unit will cost more.

Basic equipment options

Modern models are equipped with a coffee dosage function. With this option, you can adjust the strength of the drink, especially grinding, taste. If the grain grinding is excessively fine, the drink will turn out with a bitter taste. When overly coarse, the beverage may be less saturated. Professional machines are equipped with a numerical designation of the quality of grinding. The smaller the specified number, the finer the grinding. Thanks to a special platform for heating, you can make a truly aromatic coffee with froth.

Modern coffee machines have a popular option - making cappuccino. Such units are equipped with cappuccinator. It adjusts the process of whipping milk. This does not require the intervention of a barista.

All professional units are part of their design grinders. Millstones can be of two types: steel and ceramic. Ceramic models are notable for silent operation and do not make excessively loud sounds. During the preparation of the drink, they are not exposed to excessive heat. If a foreign object comes in contact with it, the ceramic product may be damaged. Steel millstones are more resistant to mechanical damage. If a stone gets inside them, it will not break, but just temporarily stop working.

Basic requirements for technology

If you still doubt which coffee machine to choose, pay attention to the fact that modern equipment for making coffee has a wide variety of choices. Reliable units must meet certain requirements.


When choosing a unit, pay attention to the number of cups that it can prepare per day. In this case, the unit will pay for itself. Do not purchase an oversized unit if you know that it will be idle. For example, if a cafe has 30 seats, then it will be enough to purchase an apparatus capable of preparing up to 120 cups per day.

Easy operation

Conveniently, the machine will have such irreplaceable options as adjusting the volume of coffee, pouring out water, etc.

Functional features of the brewing mechanism

The brewing mechanism can be built-in or removable. Built-in mechanisms are not convenient for institutions, as they are difficult to remove. Washing such a mechanism is carried out with the help of special tablets. After a certain number of brewed coffee, the cleaning of the machine is done independently.

Availability of an additional boiler

In the boiler, the water is heated to the required temperature. Without this device will not be able to beat the milk in order to prepare a cappuccino. Each equipment has at least one boiler. The presence of a second boiler helps to significantly speed up the process of making a drink.

Grinding adjustment function

By adjusting the degree of grinding you can differently present the taste and aroma of the drink. Depending on the type of brewing, different degrees of grinding are used. For example, for the preparation of espresso, it is advisable to use grains of finely ground. If the grinding is larger, the taste will be less saturated.

The presence of a platform under the cup for the implementation of heating

Many types of coffee can be served only in heated cups.

Presence of cappuccinator

This device will allow you to automatically make a drink that is particularly popular among coffee lovers.

Modern units are able to operate on different types of coffee, so you do not have to think about how to choose coffee for the coffee machine. It can be ground, in grains, in capsules. Capsules are considered the most expensive. They are usually used for home cooking. Capsules manufactured for some machine manufacturers may not be suitable for others.

Professional units have an attractive appearance. They can perfectly fit into both the classic and modern interior. Modern models are compact in size.

For a cafe is better to choose automatic models. Capsule and semi-automatic models are perfect for home and office use.

Features of operation of coffee machines in everyday life

Modern coffee machine is a complex device. In it, all options are automated. In order for this technique to last as long as possible, certain operational requirements must be met.

Do not put anything in the coffee grinder except coffee beans. Otherwise, it can fail. It is also undesirable to use flavored grains, since plaque may form on the millstones over time.

Some models are equipped with special compartments for ground coffee. With the help of them you can make the coffee menu more diverse.

For normal operation of the unit, it is necessary to correctly select the degree of grinding. When excessively coarse grinding coffee will turn out very sour. When overly ground, coffee may taste a little bitter. If the grains are coarse ground, the water will pass excessively quickly, not yielding to react with the coffee powder. Fine grinding may cause the coffee path to be clogged.

It is necessary to competently approach the choice of water that is poured into the tank. It should not be too hard, as it contributes to the deterioration of the quality of coffee. Hard water contributes to the formation of scale, which can lead to equipment damage. Modern units have water softeners as part of their design. For the preparation of coffee is better to use bottled or filtered water. Sometimes you can use boiled water, as it is the least hard. However, boiled water after heat treatment loses its taste.

The water level in the tank must be constantly monitored. It should not be the minimum mark. If there is little water, the heating element will overheat. Modern units have an audible alarm that alerts you to the need to increase the water level.

Features of service of the coffee machine

After the extraction cycle, cleaning procedures are required. Modern models are equipped with special tablets, which, after a certain number of bowls drunk, carry out self-cleaning. The container needs regular cleaning.

The heart of the technique is the brewing mechanism. In the course of long-term operation, coffee oils accumulate over time on the walls of this mechanism. If this oil is plentiful, then the drink becomes bitter. The brewing mechanism is recommended to be cleaned at least once in 30 days. The shooting mechanism is washed under running water.

After each use, the cappuccinator also needs washing. Dried milk on the tubes leads to the fact that the foaming process is disturbed.

The hydraulic system of the unit must also be descaled, even if it is serviced on filtered water. Special liquids and tablets are used for this purpose.

Many modern models are equipped with automatic cleaning features. It is very convenient. You will need to run the program and pour water into the tank. Observing these general rules of operation, you can significantly extend the life of the equipment. Each device is characterized by its own characteristics, which must be carefully studied before using.