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Crafts for the New 2019 year from all sorts of things: cones, bottles and paper (57 photos)


Crafts for the New Year in the form of Christmas tree decorations and interior decor are made using various materials and techniques. Author's ideas are effectively expressed with the help of paper and cardboard, plasticine and dough, fabric, wood and beads. Impressive extraordinary New Year's composition of pasta, light bulbs, plastic cups and other improvised components.






Paper creativity

Incredibly beautiful crafts for the New Year are made of colored paper using the technique of quilling. It requires a minimum set of materials and accessories:

  • narrow long strips of colored paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • quilling hook.

The work requires a sliding surface, the wizard suggests using a file with a cardboard attachment for this.



In the quilling technique, elementary snowflakes and super-complex shapes are made, the principle of operation is as follows:

  1. roll the paper strips into closed spirals;
  2. by simple manipulations, spiral blanks are attached to the desired image, for example, droplets, eyes, hearts, leaflets are formed;
  3. the finished parts are glued to each other and assemble the composition.

In the Christmas tree dress in 2019, use Christmas paper crafts using quilling technique in the form of a cute dog, snowman, snowflakes.



Origami is another method of making Christmas-tree toys made of paper; it is performed according to a special principle of sheet folding, without using glue.

Among the traditional Christmas-tree toys of the author's work, the following children's handicrafts stand out:

  • snowflakes;
  • lanterns made of cardboard and colored paper;
  • cardboard figures of birds and animals, snowmen;
  • New Year's articles made of corrugated paper, decorated with tinsel and confetti.

Snow-covered toy houses, bright boxes for sweet gifts, and Christmas decorations are also made from cardboard.

Snowflakes decorate the Christmas tree and window spaces, decorate the walls and ceiling - this is one of the main symbols of the New Year celebrations. Snowflakes are made in various ways:

  • cut out from napkins or paper;
  • perform in the technique of quilling;
  • make pasta, beads, plasticine;
  • used fabrics, wool, thread, buttons and other available materials.

Snowflakes made from napkins and paper are flat and voluminous. In the first case, they simply cut out beautiful patterns on a folded leaflet with scissors. Bulk snowflakes are made using special techniques, using glue or additional fixing parts.






Original options for Christmas crafts

In the manufacture of exclusive Christmas decorations are often used felt base. From this material perform:

  • flat figures with applique of paper, cloth, laces or lace ribbons - images of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, little animals, Christmas trees;
  • 3D felt forms with glue, stapler or needles with string - houses, volumetric stars, balls, flashlights;
  • parts for garlands.

Original crafts made of felt for the New Year in the form of a figured box for sweet gifts or a luxurious box for jewelry will not leave other people indifferent.



If you want to surprise households with unusual ideas of festive interior decoration, then:

  • invent funny bead crafts for the New Year;
  • make a funny snowman out of plastic cups;
  • make clay crafts for the New Year;
  • make a luxurious garland of light bulbs;
  • make Christmas balls from threads;
  • perform alternative herringbone from pasta, cones, beads, discs or other materials;
  • make creative crafts from cones for the New Year 2019.

Such original crafts for the New Year can diversify the traditional flavor of the holiday, expand the possibilities of interior decor.



Christmas crafts from pasta

From macaroni it is not difficult to create fancy compositions and funny pictures:

  • figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden;
  • garlands, thematic decorative elements;
  • decoration of champagne bottles, glasses;
  • decorative plates and cards with a symbol of 2019 - a dog;
  • Christmas wreaths on the door;
  • New Year's fir-tree in applications from macaroni or a 3D form.

To make pasta from New Year's Eve bright and festive, in the creative process it is necessary to paint the components with one of the following compositions:

  • food colorings;
  • PVA glitter glitter;
  • acrylic paints or gouache;
  • spray paints.

For the transformation of pasta of complex configurations - scallops, shells, spirals, snails - food colorants are most often used to process the surface of the figures qualitatively and quickly:

  1. in a plastic container with a lid dilute the dye with water according to the instructions;
  2. they send pasta figures to the container, tightly close it with a lid and shake vigorously so that the contents mix well and the products evenly stain;
  3. then the drying process is ahead: the pieces are laid out on the surface, previously covered with polyethylene, and kept in a warm ventilated place until ready to go. In the process of waiting, you need to turn the pasta to ensure high-quality drying.

Craftsmen geniuses offer great ideas for New Year's pasta. These are simple variants of snowflakes made from flour sticks with wire, and complex multi-component compositions as a decoration for a festive table setting. An example of average complexity is the Christmas tree.

Required components and accessories:

  • pasta, painted with food dye in green color - for a New Year tree, and red - for an asterisk on the top;
  • a cone of green cardboard;
  • pedestal for the Christmas tree - a wooden bar or a lid from a plastic jar - should be pre-treated with paint;
  • glue, scotch, scissors.

The sequence of works:

  1. fix the cardboard cone on the pedestal in a convenient way - using adhesive tape or glue;
  2. fix the green pasta figures with glue on the cardboard base;
  3. from the red figures, collect an asterisk and attach it on the top of the green beauty.

Among New Year's crafts, attention is drawn to the simplicity of the execution of Christmas balls made of pasta. All you need to do is to glue the plastic balls with pendant over with pretty pasta figures. Top can be coated with acrylic or spray paint, decorate the top with sparkles.

You can make a funny snowman out of plastic cups, make a wonderful Christmas tree from spoons, decorate flower vases with cocktail tubas or create a luxurious garland.

Snowman from cups

Making a snowman out of cups is a difficult, but very exciting process.




The sequence of work on the manufacture of the body of a snowman:

  1. Spread the first circle of 25 cups bottom inward, fasten the elements along the side edges with glue or stapler;
  2. the second round is performed in staggered order with respect to the bottom row, the elements are fixed from three positions already;
  3. they stack 7 rows, while 2-3-4 lines move slightly forward, and 5-6-7 lines move back / in a little to ensure the shape of the sphere;
  4. the design of the body turns out to be unclosed; there will just be a place for landing the head section.




Stages of the snowman's head:

  1. Begin to lay out a circle of 18 cups, fastening the parts with the chosen fixer. The remaining rows are staggered, the lines are shifted in the same way as when performing the body. The hole formed at the end will disappear under the headdress;
  2. arrange the eyes, nose, smile of a snowman from the prepared materials.

Connect the head and the body of a snowman from plastic cups using a stapler or glue, decorate the joint with a scarf. If you put an electric garland inside the structure, the toy is guaranteed to be the focus of attention during the New Year celebrations.



Christmas decorations from a plastic bottle

On the basis of plastic bottles of various volumes, it is easy to make a lot of interesting figures and use them when decorating a green beauty. Perhaps the most simple version of the embodiment of New Year's ideas from plastic containers is the design of the same snowflakes.

Snowflakes from bottles

Prepare blanks from the bottom of the container. To do this, using scissors or a stationery knife, cut the bottom as close as possible to the base, make a hole for the suspension with the edge, heat the needle.

You should also cook:

  • acrylic paints;
  • paint brush;
  • tinsel, confetti;
  • glue.

The work is very simple: we take a plastic blank and draw patterns of snow crystals with acrylic paint and a brush. After the picture dries out, decorate the snowflakes with shiny elements, equip with a tinsel suspension and use it in the Christmas tree composition.






Bells from plastic bottles

In this case, the tops of plastic containers will be useful. Acrylic paints of different colors or fabrics can be used as a decor; you can use braid, lace, ribbons, laces, beads and sequins.

The sequence of works:

  • prepare blanks from the top of plastic bottles, leaving the neck with a wide "skirt" for the petals of the bell;
  • if you cut the edges in a zigzag, it is easy to form the petals;
  • build a suspension, having tied a ribbon to a neck, fasten a cap;
  • apply acrylic paint and leave to dry. Next, the surface can be decorated with beads, glitter;
  • If desired, you can decorate the bell with a fabric appliqué, lace and festive accessories.

The bell from a plastic bottle is used not only in the green beauty dress. This Christmas crafts can be included in the composition of the desktop compositions, Christmas wreath on the door, garlands.






Creative ideas new year interior design

Windowed space is often a large-scale arena for holiday decorations. Here are relevant snowflakes, stickers with Christmas motifs, weightless mobile designs. You can make unusual crafts from the threads for the New Year and diversify the current window decor.

Ball of thread

Required materials:

  • small balloon;
  • threads - wool yarn, decorative types of threads, cotton, synthetics;
  • tinsel;
  • glue.

You need to inflate the ball to a certain size and obtyanut surface with thread. Between the layers should be applied glue and continue to wind. Next, you need to wait for the glue to dry, and the threads are fixed, only then pierce the ball and release the air. If desired, you can gently pull out the rubber base. Next, attach the suspension and decorate with tinsel.






Snowflake of thread

Perhaps this is the most gentle and touching version of snowflakes. The manufacturing process is simple and quick:

  1. draw snow crystal motifs on oilcloth;
  2. moisten terry thread with glue and fasten along the prepared lines on oilcloth using pins;
  3. after the open motif has dried from the threads, remove the pins and remove the oilcloth.

Wonderful weightless snowflakes decorate the window and curtains, use openwork crafts in the decoration of the Christmas tree.









The creative design of the watch is obtained from a plastic box from under the cake. A transparent cover is made under the New Year's dial, tinsel and rain are placed inside, the bottom plate is attached. This Christmas crafts looks good on large Christmas trees, also relevant as wall decor.

Ideas crafts for the New 2019 is very diverse. Use creative solutions from the talents of needlework, show imagination and provide the interior with an exclusive decoration!