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Provence bed: forged or wooden (26 photos)


Tired of the noisy metropolis and dreaming of spending time in an environment as close to nature as possible? Then take a look at the Provence - the style of the French countryside. Having arranged the room in this style and having correctly picked up furniture, you will find peace and harmony in your house!



Features of Provence

First of all, you should find out what features are peculiar to the style of the French village:

  • The presence of pastel muted colors.
  • Textiles (bedding, curtains) are often replete with floral motifs.
  • Use of natural materials: wood, stone. Also use wicker and forged products.
  • Aged furniture.
  • Flower arrangements. No room in the style of the French Provence is complete without a bouquet of flowers.



Provence style wooden bed

The most popular beds in Provence style are wooden. Usually these are unpainted or light colored models.

For Provence is not characterized by the presence of elaborate details on the furniture, intricate patterns or bright patterns. If prints are present, they should be gentle and unobtrusive.

The bed in provence is the main item in the bedroom. It is massive and often looks aged. Designers use this effect deliberately to give importance to sleeping space.



If you have decided to drastically change the style in the room, and your old bed does not fit the standards of Provence, you should not be upset. It can be repainted or aged with sandpaper, wood strippers, paint, furniture wax and a brush. In addition, if the furniture has chipped, scuffed or cracked, you should not try to get rid of them. They are also characteristic of Provence and carry a flavor and indescribable atmosphere.



A double wooden bed looks very romantic and ideal for newlyweds. The legs can be decorated with exquisite carvings, and on the back apply a calm pattern in pastel colors.

For small rooms, where space is very valuable, and there is no opportunity to buy a spacious bed, you can opt for such furniture as a sofa bed in the style of Provence. He is not inferior in terms of comfort to a full-fledged sleeping place. During the day, this ergonomic device serves as a comfortable sofa, and in the evening it turns into a cozy bed.

Recently, wrought iron bed models in Provence style have become popular. Despite the fact that they are made of iron, brass or bronze, they look very elegant and do not load the image of the whole room. These products are very durable and have an almost unlimited shelf life. Air and weightless curls create an atmosphere of village life in the French province.




An excellent addition will be the canopy, hung above the berth. Made of cotton, flax or organza, it will add romance and bring a fresh touch to the image of the whole bedroom.

Forged sofa beds also fit perfectly into the bedroom in the style of Provence. It is better to choose such a device with a lifting mechanism. The device with a lifting mechanism allows you to quickly and easily turn the sofa into a bed and vice versa.

Also there are mixed options for beds in this style: wooden beds with wrought-iron inserts, for example, at the headboard or with soft or wooden elements.

Provence style is also ideal for a child's room, because the style is based on delicate pastel colors that can act soothingly on the child.

A Provence-style bed will never create an exact image of a French province without suitable bedding. Pillowcases, sheets, bedspreads should be made of natural materials, cotton, linen, satin are perfect. You should choose pastel-colored underwear: soft pink, cream, beige, milky - choose the color that you like.



Ruffles, flounces, lace framing the edges of the bedspread are typical for Provence. They make the room airy and cozy. It is desirable that the curtains with a veil were made of the same material and in the same color scheme.



If you have chosen a sofa bed with a lifting mechanism, then the upholstery for such a model can also be fabric: from canvas, micro-luxury, jacquard or cotton. Upholstery in the style of Provence requires the use of floral and floral motifs, you can silhouettes of animals, such as horses or dogs.