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Lacquered furniture in the interior - new reading (28 photos)


Lacquered furniture looks attractive and impressive, because the glossy surface favorably emphasizes the texture of wood. Varnished coatings are more durable, as the varnish protects the wood from dirt and water. Paintwork does not always have to shine. If desired, the wooden surface can be treated with a transparent, semi-gloss and matte composition, using the decoupage technique.



Furniture, varnished, plays highlights, which helps to create a volumetric effect. If desired, you can create an effect of antiquity. This is done using safe impregnation, which does not emit any toxic substances. In order to remove dirt from the lacquered surface, you no longer have to make a lot of effort. Fingerprints, dust, water are easily removed. If the surface is accidentally scratched, then you can remove the defect by polishing.

Many buyers do not seek to give preference to furniture coated with varnish, as they believe that it is not easy to care for it. In fact, it is not. Care for lacquered furniture is simple. The shiny surface is much easier to clean, especially since today there are a large number of special tools for the care of such furniture.

If the surface is heavily worn, a polishing paste will help correct the problem. In this case, to clean the furniture used polish and soft velvet.

It is easy to remove dust with a dry cloth. If the pollution is more serious, then you can wet the rag with soapy water. Pollution is easily removed. In the absence of special tools, you can use wine vinegar or vegetable oil. Thanks to the use of these components, the furniture will shine again.



Varnish covers a wide variety of wood species, as well as chipboard, MDF, plastic and metal. Coating is carried out using varnishes made on oil, nitrocellulose, water, polyurethane bases. Application is carried out using a special sprayer. The number of applied layers can be different. It is determined by the structure of the material, the characteristics of the operation of furniture.



A surface treated with varnish will last much longer, as it becomes more resistant to negative environmental factors. Today lacquered furniture is widely used in various rooms. It fits perfectly in both classic and modern interior.



Features varnishing furniture





Do not show lightheadedness when working with varnishes. This substance is dangerous. With illiterate use, it can be dangerous to human health. Moreover, pay attention to the fact that varnishes are highly flammable. It is recommended to work with these substances in gloves. The room should be well ventilated. There should be no sources of open flame nearby.



Starting work with varnishes, read the instructions for this tool. Diligent manufacturers paint the composition of varnishes, especially their use. If you do not study thoroughly the instructions, you get the risk of ruining the furniture.



Being engaged in updating the coating, pay special attention to cleaning the old surface from the accumulation of dirt. Old cracked varnish should be carefully removed. Thanks to the scrapers and special tools, you can easily remove the old lacquer coating. If you show carelessness when removing old varnish, then applying a new material can be performed poorly.



After cleaning the old surface, pay attention to the shortcomings of the furniture. All irregularities and defects must be puttied well. If this is not done, the new varnished coating will not look spectacular. If under the new varnish will remain small bumps, the coating will not look presentable.



Try not to overdo the application of varnish, it should be in moderation. If you make the layer too thick, then it will turn into bumps and smudges. The varnish is applied in thin layers.