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Choosing a dishwasher: key features, pros and cons


Choosing a home appliance is always a matter of skill, otherwise there is a great chance to get something completely inappropriate: too noisy, too small or too big, wasting too much electricity, requiring a long study of instructions. You need to understand before buying, having first decided - how to choose a dishwasher?

There is a clear relationship between the size of the machine and its capacity, which is considered in the sets of dishes. The standard kit includes:

  • three plates - soup, dessert and for the second;
  • three spoons - soup, dessert and tea;
  • tea set - a cup and saucer;
  • in addition - a knife, fork and glass.

For a family of two people, it will be natural to load the machine once every few days, even if it is the smallest, whereas a large family with children will start the washing process several times a day. By capacity and size of the machine are:

  • Full sized. Designed for a large number of people, can accommodate at once twelve sets of dishes. The dimensions resemble a standard kitchen cabinet - a height of 85 cm, a depth and a width of 60 cm. They are distinguished by the highest quality washing - the abundance of internal sprinklers allows to process dishes from all sides.
  • Narrow. Designed for a family of four to five people, can hold up to nine sets at a time. The dimensions are not too different from the full-sized ones - height is 85 cm, width is 60 cm and depth is 45 cm.
  • Board The smallest and compact for a small family. At a time, they can accommodate a maximum of five sets, are very small in size and often have a cube shape - height 45 cm, width 45 cm, depth 45 cm. They have the least number of useful functions - small size does not allow to embed a lot of additional equipment.

You can take the machine with an eye to the future, if over time it is planned to add to the family, but with partial loading, the consumption of electricity, water and detergent will be more than is required.






Technical parameters: the question of comfort

The level of noise influences first of all how comfortable the machine will be to use. If the dishwasher makes the sounds of a plane taking off every time he starts work, this is clearly not conducive to comfort.

Depends on the noise level and the method of drying. He might be:

  • condensation - in this case, immediately after the completion of washing, the temperature in the machine decreases;
  • turbo - in this case, after completing the cycle, the dishes are blown from different sides by hot air.

The first method is completely silent, the noise of the second depends on the presence of sound insulation and how high-quality it is. To make sure that the machine will not make too loud sounds, you need to check that the specified noise level in the technical characteristics should not exceed 48 dB.

The comfort of use is also affected by the detergent used. It happens:

  • combined - in this case, the user needs from time to time to load salt, powder and rinse into special compartments, trying not to forget anything and not to mess up with the dosage;
  • in tablets - in this case it is enough for the user to put one tablet in a special built-in compartment and for a while forget about detergent in general.

The first method requires more time and accuracy, but it is much cheaper. The second is more expensive and does not allow you to choose proportions yourself, but it saves time and is ideal for scattered people.

Energy consumption and class to some extent also affect the comfort of use, but much less variable. Almost all the machines that can now be found on the market belong to class A, which means maximum quality and maximum workload with additional functions.

The waste of energy also in most machines fits into 1-2 kW and depends on the selected mode and workload.

IMPORTANT! Dishwasher consumes a large portion of electricity for a limited period of time, so before installing you should make sure that the wiring is in perfect condition and the socket is grounded.

Additional features

The simplest dishwashers are cheap and do not offer any frills, but when choosing, you should know what modes can be and focus on having the necessary ones. The most necessary and common are:

  • everyday mode, in which the machine moves according to the standard, using a strictly defined amount of water, energy and detergent - just enough to wash up the dishes that are not too dirty under full load conditions;
  • economy mode, in which the washing time is reduced, due to which the consumption of resources is reduced - suitable for washing dishes, which is quite easy to rinse;
  • a delicate mode in which the power of water jets is reduced, which makes it possible to wash even fragile dishes - however, even in this mode, it is better not to put expensive porcelain into the machine;
  • the soaking mode, in which the dishes are soaked for some time, which allows you to clean even dirty pots and pans;
  • Intensive washing mode, in which water beats strongly and the consumption of detergent increases slightly - selected, it is suitable for dirty, but not dried dishes.

IMPORTANT! It should be remembered that before loading on any mode and in any machine (from a full-sized height of 85 cm to a table height of 45 cm), pieces of food must be removed from the dishes, otherwise they may get stuck in the details of the design and prevent further work.

The last item is the question "Which company choose a dishwasher?" To focus on it is only in the case when all other parameters are already selected.
The dishwasher market offers several basic options:

  • AEG is a company that provides high-end cars at a high price. The products feature a large number of modes, settings and additional functions that make its use extremely enjoyable.
  • Miele is a company that produces elite-class machines. A large number of modes, alarms, self-cleaning, additional features and design variations allow you to get great pleasure from their use.
  • Bosch is a German company that has been a top manufacturer for several years in its homeland. Its products enjoy unchanged popularity around the world and belong to the middle price segment.
  • Electrolux is a Swiss company with offices around the world. The average price segment, a large selection and the ability to get a machine, assembled directly in Russia.
  • Ardo is an Italian company, manufacturer of cheap but quality products. Less functions than the elite, fewer modes and variations, but reliability at altitude.

Asking the question "How to choose a dishwasher for the house?" you need to remember that only a clear understanding of their needs will allow you to make the right choice. And only proper care will provide a typewriter a long and happy life.