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Glossy tiles in the interior - the ultimate reflection (41 photos)


Ceramic tiles have recently become increasingly popular for rooms of various types. It fits into the kitchen, hallway, bath and just in the workroom. This popularity is due to a wide range of tile colors, as well as other advantages.



Tiles can vary not only in color, but also in size. In most cases, a glossy brick tile has dimensions of 20x30 cm.



Applying glossy tiles

Ceramic tile has a very wide application. Black glossy tiles are often used for kitchen floors. In the same room in most cases finds its use and tile.



Light shades of a tile with a glossy surface are widely used on the floor or on the ceiling in the hallway. With its surface, which shines, the tile is great for rooms where there is not enough light. This is explained by its ability to reflect any light, thereby creating glare, which gives the room a rather interesting effect.




Currently, brown glossy tiles can be used for both the floor and for walls or ceilings. However, when using glossy tiles for the ceiling should be especially careful.



Ceramic tile with a glossy surface is very widely used in the bathroom.




When using marbled tiles with a glossy finish, you can create a beautiful interior. In addition, rooms with a low degree of illumination are visually becoming somewhat wider. Glossy marbled tile will be an excellent option for rooms with no windows.



Quite often for the kitchen room used glossy tiles. The point here is not only what effect is created with the help of it, the point is in the care - this topic worries every owner of this room. In terms of care, tile can boast of its simplicity, so it takes quite a bit of time to care for the whole kitchen, because you do not need much effort to scrub stains off the walls. In addition, additional ease of care can be achieved with the help of special tools that help marbled tiles or any other material to withstand various types of pollution.




Since the kitchen room is characterized by fairly frequent surface contamination, the use of ceramic tiles with a glossy finish is one of the most practical options for solving this issue. Very often a mosaic or panel is used to decorate the interior of the kitchen room. For tile on the apron tile is perfect for both the bathroom and the pool.




Tile to the floor

For the interior, glossy ceramic tiles are quite important. That it allows you to create the illusion of chic.

Since such a tile has a large number of advantages, it finds its application in a variety of interiors. When using a tile of beige or any other light shade, the room becomes visually larger. In addition, the lighting in this room increases. Operation of a tile of 20х20 cm or 20х30 cm for a floor helps to create not only feelings of purity, but also freshness. If you are going to install underfloor heating, it is worth considering that any ceramic tile has a high degree of thermal conductivity.

The bathroom in most cases used white tile. In this room, white tile has a special effect. However, the black tile with a glossy finish also has its advantages. The use of ceramic tiles of this color can emphasize the sophistication of the room, but it is not worth laying it in rooms with poor lighting. Some kitchens use black tiles in combination with white furniture, with the help of this kitchen room has a solemn look.




Ceramic tile has a large number of varieties. Classification takes place according to several parameters: first of all, ceramic tiles can be made of various clays.
Pottery ceramic tiles created from red clay, earthenware from white. There is also a porcelain variety of ceramic tiles, which simultaneously combines several types of clays, and it may also contain some amount of quartz.

In some cases, porcelain tile is used. It has slightly different properties compared to simple ceramic tiles. The properties of porcelain stoneware are very similar to granite. This is explained by the fact that it is made by pressing clay under high pressure and subsequent firing.




The use of porcelain stoneware is most popular in public places, for example, in shops or shopping centers. In addition to the clay in the porcelain tile used mixtures that are dispersed during a burn. The advantages of this tile are the following.

  • High degree of strength.
  • High service life.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Resistance to low temperatures.
  • Reliability.
  • Wide range of colors and textures.
  • Large variation of dimensions.

Porcelain tile will help to create an aesthetic interior in any room.