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Interior brown living room: classic combinations (30 photos)

Brown is one of the most natural colors in human surroundings. Not without reason, this color makes us associate with nature: the earth, the bark of trees, the fallen autumn leaves ... with the taste of chocolate and the smell of fragrant grains of invigorating morning coffee!

Brown color suggests warmth, home comfort, comfort and at the same time stability and confidence. Psychologists are sure that brown color gives us a sense of calm and security, allows us to distance ourselves from worldly vanity and surrounding problems, fills our souls with harmony.

Why brown, or who prefer a brown living room?

The use of brown in the interior is quite natural. This is the color of the material from which people since ancient times made their homes, as well as pieces of furniture. Being quite neutral, he does not rule over other colors, perfectly harmonizing with them. For this reason, interiors in which this color is present are attractive to people with a wide variety of taste preferences.

Psychologists say that brown people in the interior of the living room are chosen by people who are complete and self-sufficient, who value family hearth and comfort, as well as those who especially need peace of mind, an environment conducive to making weighted and logical decisions.

Designers are sure that brown is a conservative color and is more suitable for classic furnishings.

Let us add that this color is an excellent background for all sorts of decors, accessories and colors, so it is almost an ideal choice for a living room.

Keep in mind that if you overload a small living room with a brown color, it will decrease visually and take on a rather gloomy look. Otherwise, there are no contraindications.

Shades of brown

Brown color has one unique property: it has a rich range of shades, which allows you to choose the most different combinations. By the way, this also applies to wallpaper.

Here are the main shades of brown:

  • chocolate creates a curious and dynamic design in the living room when combined with light or rich colors such as white (or its shades), turquoise, orange. A darker shade will give the living room a luxurious and somewhat mysterious look.
  • slightly lighter shades - coffee with milk or cocoa, in combination with light colors of the wallpaper create a warm and romantic setting in the living room, and with yellow or red they add spice to the interior.
  • Walnut color blends well, for example, with a greenish-brown living room interior, giving the feeling of living wood.

Tips for choosing the interior

Brown color will sparkle with bright colors, and its beauty will unfold to the end, if you choose the right contrasting colors.

It is necessary to maintain a balance, preventing it from completely dominating the living room, shading wallpaper, carpet, parquet, ceiling, furniture, doors. It is especially in harmony with beige, orange, green, white, cream, blue, yellow, pink, turquoise. Combination with black color is contraindicated, which will turn your living room into something more suitable for a medieval haunted castle.

Taking advantage of the fact that the brown color has many completely different and different shades from each other, it is possible, by selecting the appropriate tones, to somewhat brighten the problem areas of the living room, at the same time choosing the mood according to your taste and desire. For example, if the living room is somewhat gloomy, but also the windows look to the north, experts advise to use a light brown color with a touch of gold in the interior. Using the same red-brown and reddish-brown tones will betray the living room a life-affirming look.

Combinations of brown with other colors in the living room interior

Brown and beige

One of the most successful combinations. The beige color gives the room coziness, making it bright, and the decor - soft and calm thanks to a smooth color transition. In this combination, reminiscent of chocolate cake, fit juicy red, raspberry, dark blue details.

Brown and orange

Interiors with this combination are balanced and very harmonious, if one color does not interrupt the other. The tint of orange does not matter - anyone will do!

Orange can be wallpaper, and for those who find it too bold, you can offer combinations with walls, furniture, curtains, various accessories.

Brown and green

This is a very harmonious tandem, where as if there is an aura of nature itself. The interior at the same time seems somewhat cool, fresh. In the living room there is a complete association with nature, which will further increase if there is a tree in the interior, fresh flowers.

Brown and white

This combination of designers is sometimes called classic. The room seems to be filled with freshness and becomes more spacious. When using shades of brown, coupled with a neutral white interior turns out even more comfortable and soft. You can add some bright accessories of orange, red, turquoise colors.

Brown and yellow

This combination is fantastically rich and elegant. The colors complement each other, and the interior literally shimmers in gold. Owners of such a living room are undoubtedly respectable. Combinations of these colors can be supplemented with ottomans or pillows made of fur, and genuine leather, animal skins will be very useful.

Brown and blue

A somewhat risky combination, in which brown looks slightly cumbersome and dirty, but such interiors cause association with frosty freshness and cleanliness. As they say, an amateur.

As a dessert

You can add a few accents: a chocolate sofa, and on it pillows or a blanket of turquoise color, white candlesticks on a dark closet. Light upholstery, for example, will revive the brown legs of the chairs. A rug of green, milky or orange on the chocolate floor will give the interior a zest. A white floor lamp or decor in a dark corner will give a room coziness. White ceiling and sofa will facilitate the interior, in harmony with the main color. Not to do without shelves and niches of red color, bright wall-paper. If the wallpaper is brown, then they will fit the curtains of light materials of pastel shades.

With the right combination of colors, your living room in shades of brown will turn into a cozy corner where a positive aura will always reign.