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Finishing the bathroom in a private house: features of the layout (23 photos)


It has long been a thing of the past, when a bathroom in a private house seemed like an impossible dream. Today, residents of the private sector are burdened with much less restriction in the realization of desires for arranging premises than the owners of city apartments. Not to mention new houses, the size and layout of which has the ability to incorporate any innovations, the owners of buildings that have been built for a long time can make the necessary adjustments to the project. This also applies to sanitary facilities: toilets and bathrooms.

Competently made plan and completed utilities of rooms is the main prerequisite for reliable and comfortable operation. Communal services should include: cold water supply, hot water supply, sewage and water disposal, power supply, including electrical and thermal energy supply systems, a system with which ventilation is provided.

Bathrooms are recommended to be placed next to the toilet. In high-rise buildings, sanitary and hygienic facilities are usually placed one above the other. This layout allows you to save on the laying of pipelines for drainage and installation of channels through which ventilation will be provided.



Bathroom design and decoration

Finishing the bathroom does not begin with design. First of all, you should conduct waterproofing measures. The walls, floor and ceiling of the bathroom should not let moisture into the adjacent rooms. Yes, and the supporting structure of the house (this is especially true in a wooden structure) must be reliably protected from the harmful effects of excess water.

Next, you should pay attention to the ceiling. Materials with which the ceiling can be entered into the overall design of the sanitary room, you can list a lot. Among the common:

  • polymer panels;
  • MDF panels;
  • tension options;
  • suspended structures;
  • wooden panels.

The big role of the ceiling in how the general interior of the room will look. In case the bathroom and toilet are combined, the ceiling can zone the space. With proper ceiling design, the space visually expands or, conversely, reduces the perception of the height of the room.









Options for finishing the toilet and bathroom can be varied. The size of the room, individual planning, finally - the size of the budget.

Sanitary equipment and furniture

The choice of model of sanitary appliances and furniture should fit into the plan, on the basis of which the interior of the room is created. Sanitary rooms equipped with a window can be completed with dark tones. The layout of the bathroom and toilet, if combined, should include beautiful, not necessarily cold or white colors of appliances and furniture.




Calculation of the budget for arrangement

The main cost of the budget should recognize the cost of utilities: ventilation and purchase of sanitary appliances. Although each specific project dictates its spending conditions, beautiful, comfortable bathrooms are not uncommon in private homes. Every landlord is able to afford such a small, but such necessary luxury.