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How to install a shower in your home

If you have your own home, it may be necessary to install a shower in it. These works should be carried out taking into account all safety requirements, operation of drainage systems, electrics, sewage, etc., so before you put a shower cabin in a wooden house, you must first familiarize yourself with the recommendations of experienced craftsmen for whom the installation of plumbing equipment is ordinary Job. Such advice and recommendations will be given in this article.

Soul benefits

In the modern dynamic world, more and more people prefer a shower stall - light, comfortable, practical and ergonomic. Such a shower in the bathroom does not take up much space; this is really the best option for a modern person living at a fast pace.

In a wooden house, a shower stall will not create an extra load on the floor of the building, because the weight of an ordinary cast-iron bath surpasses 200 kg, and installing a shower stall allows you to avoid this load. Of course, nothing prevents you from having a bath and a shower in the house. It is also very pleasant to dip in the evening in a fragrant bath after a hard day’s work.

Choice booths

What moments need to pay attention when choosing a suitable shower for a wooden house.

  • Size is very important. It is necessary that the largest family member can easily fit into the cabin. At the same time, it is important to save space. Make sure that in the booth you can easily and easily lower-raise your arms, if necessary, bend down, make simple movements, without touching the booth walls with your elbows. Its doors should also be wide enough for an adult to easily pass through. The optimal size is 80 x 80 cm. It is not too small, but not bulky. Such sizes are suitable for an ordinary family, where all members are of standard build and height.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the booth. It is important that it is consistent with the design of the shower and at the same time was ergonomic. On sale it is possible to find both square cabins, and semicircular, and round. As a rule, most often buyers stop the choice on a semicircular corner solution. This form is the most ergonomic, has no sharp corners, and at the same time, the cabin turns out quite roomy.

  • Also of great importance is the quality of the plastic from which the cabin and its doors are made. It is necessary that the material is sufficiently impact-resistant and hard. In this case, the cabin will not be afraid of mechanical damage that may occur during operation.
  • Carefully choose the exterior decoration decor booths. Consider the style in which the entire bathroom is decorated. If the room is designed in a strict minimalist high-tech style, then the shower stall is better to install from frosted glass with chrome elements. If the bathroom is decorated in a luxurious and fancy baroque style, then it will need a model of the booth, beautifully and exquisitely decorated, perhaps even with gilded details.

Pay attention to the functionality of the booth. Modern manufacturers can offer customers features such as tropical rain, imitation of a Turkish bath, varying degrees of contrast shower. Choose the features that you really need and that you are guaranteed to use. Note that any extra function additionally loads the booth mechanism with parts that can break, fail periodically, complicate the device and make it more expensive.

Important points

What nuances you need to pay attention to when installing a shower stall in a wooden house.

Before you install a shower cabin with your own hands, you need to bring water, to provide the room with electricity and sewage. Without installing good ventilation, too, can not do.

Carefully read the instructions attached to the shower. Assemble the booth should, focusing on this guide. It is important not to forget any detail, not one nut and panel - everything should be in its place.

Tip: before you assemble the booth thoroughly, using a sealant, it is better to assemble it for the first time without it. In this case, you will be able to correct the situation if at the end of the assembly it turns out that several parts or nuts remain superfluous. But gathering a booth immediately tightly, then it will be difficult to go back and add a forgotten part.


First of all, it is necessary to ensure reliable and durable waterproofing of the vertical and horizontal surfaces closest to the cabin. This wall directly shower and floor beneath it. Since in a wooden house all the walls are load-bearing, it is important to ensure their protection against moisture penetration and the consequent damage to rot and bugs.

As an insulating material, you can use both normal roofing material and more modern insulating materials. Also experienced builders and finishers often prefer surface treatment with special putty compounds as an effective way to protect a wooden surface from water. The fact is that rolled materials, especially roofing felt, often have an unpleasant odor, which may be present in a room for quite a long time after installation. In addition, the rolled material can not be applied to each surface - it is only suitable for even, smooth, prepared dry walls and ceilings.

To provide the floor with protection from water, it is best to make a screed on it with concrete. Some craftsmen use even plain slate or chipboard panels as insulating flooring material.

Keep in mind that any waterproofing, whatever you choose, it is better to apply in two layers - thus wooden surfaces will be the best way, guaranteed and reliably protected.


In addition to waterproofing, it is also necessary to ensure sufficient ventilation of the room where the shower will be installed. Otherwise, the bathroom will accumulate too much wet vapor for which there will be no way out. The result - waterlogging, rotting, the destruction of the walls, floor and ceiling.

Tip: when you install the door to the bathroom, do not make a solid canvas. In order to better circulate the air, it is recommended to leave a small gap in the bottom of the door.

Experts advise to install open-type shower ventilation. This system is reliable: it will be enough to turn on the ventilation for a few minutes after taking a shower so that a powerful device will “draw out” moist air from a room in 5-10 minutes.

Thermal insulation

The presence of high-quality thermal insulation is also a necessary condition under which a shower stall can function normally. In a private house on the ground floor, the ground is directly under our feet, therefore, the choice of thermal insulation must be taken responsibly.

It is best to use roofing material for high-quality insulation, polystyrene foam and mastic with waterproofing properties. Thus, two problems can be solved at once - to protect the floor from both cold and moisture penetration.


Installing a cabin with your own hands is quite simple. More difficult - to establish all the necessary communications. Not only one owner of the house at the same time understands the electrics, perfectly knows the sewage system, is able to collect modern complex plumbing equipment, can carry out finishing work and perform other tasks. Knowledge of electrical and ventilation is particularly important. For their adjustment, it is better to invite a specialist, because in case of poor-quality work, the problems can be quite serious.

Experts strongly recommend installing a filter for water purification. In this case, the water in the shower stall will come already purified and soft. As a result, your health, skin and hair will look better, youth and beauty will last longer.

Carefully fill all joints with sealant - there should not be a single hole in the booth. This is the only way to protect the floor and bathroom doors from leaks.

For finishing the floor of the shower stall, if it goes without a special pan, it is better to use ceramic tiles. You should not tile the floor - it is too smooth and slippery - it can be unsafe.

The wall near the booth must be treated with antiseptic. In this case, the wooden surface of the house is guaranteed not to be damaged by water.