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Violet bathroom (20 photos): elegant and aristocratic

Purple is full of magic and mystery. He is elegant and aristocratic, full of inconsistency. Purple bathroom is always an original and rich design combined with fresh unusual notes.

Even a simple curtain, a cute rug under the sink or a strip of purple mosaic on the wall can dramatically change the situation in the bathroom. This suggests a more radical use of royal shades in the interior.

Complex palette

Purple itself is very complex. Designers advise to fill the apartment with fresh juicy fruit shades. As accessories or minor attributes of the interior, you can use gray-violet tones, beige-lilac palette.

The most popular shades:

  1. Bright blueberries (often combined with black accessories to give depth to the overall composition);
  2. Pleasant lilac (all beige and purple tones with a warm subtone);
  3. Saturated berry purple (in the interior its depth is often underlined by white elements);
  4. Neutral lavender (in beige and lavender colors it is preferable to decorate the ceiling, sink, tile, cabinet, furniture, but not to use small accessories with a given color combination);
  5. Pale lily (beige shades muffle the saturated strong violet color, and the use of white and silver accessories makes the tone even softer and more calm);
  6. Muffled plum (a very beautiful delicate color, which designers recommend using is dosed, making mosaic in this format along the sink or pedestal, decorating the space of the room with a curtain or an extravagant rug);
  7. Bright fuchsia (suitable for bold and unusual design solutions, as well as being used as a spectacular accessory in dark interiors and very bright apartments, where mostly beige or white tones are used).

Subliminal games

In the violet palette there are also other luxurious options: low-key glycine color, muffled indigo with a violet base, lilac-lavender symbiosis, classic eggplant.

Each tone in its own way affects the human subconscious, as well as combinations with other colors. Ceiling, mosaic or furniture in lavender color will give relaxation and harmony.

The combination of beige and fruit tones soothes and adjusts to the peace-loving mood. A rug, nightstand, curtain or shelf of rich lilac color will set a romantic mood.

Colors partners

Violet bathroom allows the design in the format of "total", where all the elements are decorated in different shades of one palette. However, the design looks much more interesting, where combinations of several radically different colors are used at once. So the purple tile for the bathroom will immediately become more textured and vibrant if the depth of tone is highlighted with the help of beige furniture and snow-white sanitary ware, and a fuchsia-colored rug and curtain are used as secondary accessories.

The main colors of companions are white, all shades of gray, blue, gold and olive. To create an unusual bathroom design, some experts prefer to experiment with an emerald palette.

Delicate cream tones are used to make the interior soft. They look good as a base color for the facade of furniture (for example, cabinets), for finishing walls and ceilings (ceramic tiles are used as an otelochny material, or they simply paint over surfaces).

For fans of brutality and strict designs, you can use more unusual combinations. For example, a background to form from a ceramic tile of violet or lilac color, having added with furniture under mahogany, focusing attention on a curbstone and a sink. Minor accessories and a strip of mosaic on the wall and around the perimeter of the ceiling are made in silver tones imitating metallic luster.

Taboo on gloom

Some designers strongly oppose the use of black color in the interior. The purple bathroom will immediately become gloomy and uncomfortable. Even a small rug or black facade of furniture can disrupt the color harmony in the room.

Very neatly black color can be introduced into a complex mosaic of ceramic tiles. Another option is a black pattern on the sink, which will look organic, given the overall design concept.

Stylization of space

The complexity of the purple palette allows you to create different styles in the bathroom, using only the color and the game with textures. You can create a relatively simple design, modifying it from time to time by using new attributes: an exclusive stand, a bright rug or curtain, changing the mosaic, changing ceramic tiles near the sink to a natural stone finish.

Home Location for SPA

The combination of purple tones and green shades will create an atmosphere of freshness and peace in the room. As a base, use a lavender canvas. Ceiling and wall finish in this color is welcome. Furniture can be in shades of beige palette.

Bath amenities, towels, curtains and ceramic trim around the bath and sink should be saturated plum-colored. But the mosaic, rugs and small accessories are welcome in a bright emerald color. Mood is easily created with the help of colorful trifles: aromatic candles and dry bouquets with lavender.

Temptation by oriental traditions

Japanese design always captivates with its sophistication and special color. For the eastern interior is characterized by the use of the following accessories:

  1. Wooden furniture;
  2. Warm colors as a base (for finishing the floor, ceiling, most of the walls);
  3. Lilac mosaic ceramic tiles;
  4. The image of cherry blossoms, as a key element in the design of the room;
  5. The combination of dark purple and very light purple shades;
  6. Japanese landscapes based on ceramic mosaic;
  7. Decorative fans of the traditional Oriental format, can be used as a full-fledged decorative accessory;
  8. Images of sakura in purple motifs;
  9. Straw mat and oriental-style rugs;
  10. Bamboo accessories;
  11. Curtains with oriental ornaments;
  12. Sophisticated ceiling lighting.

"Eternal" classics in royal color

The classic design in the bathroom interior is the harmony of the violet palette with white, gray and golden hues. Unusual patterns on the pedestals, bathroom, edging walls, ceiling and sinks are also welcome.

Classic is an expensive destination. Ceramic decoration, wood attributes, lighting fixtures, plumbing - everything must be of high quality and look respectable and rich.

Country - comfort and tenderness

The main attributes of the "rustic" style is the use of wooden furniture, the abundance of floral decoration and the presence of a mass of small details. Under the sink place a nice laundry basket. Curtains are characterized by a "cage" print or a scattering of small flowers. Plumber in purple color looks impressive.