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How to choose a mattress: useful tips


A comfortable, high-quality mattress is not a frivolous purchase, much depends on the quality of the mattress, not only a comfortable sleep, but also the health of the whole organism. If you do not know how to choose the right mattress, then our recommendations will help you. Take them seriously, and then you will ensure a healthy sleep, which will relieve you from fatigue. This is especially important with osteochondrosis and scoliosis. The correct mattress for a newborn, child, teenager, as well as a person of any age is the guarantee of health in the future.

In each furniture store you can offer a lot of mattresses for newborns, teenagers, couples and elderly people, but you want to choose such a mattress for a bed so that it will serve you for several years and help you to really relax.

What are the classifications?

The quality of any mattress depends on the "content". There are usually springs under the upholstery, but there are differences in them. There are models in which there are no springs at all, which become elastic due to other materials.

  • Spring mattresses are found with dependent as well as independent springs. Dependent are intertwined in a prescribed way, and independent ones are intertwined differently (each spring lies in its own “cup”). Independent springs are better in terms of convenience, because they better flex under the shape of the human body. The standard is 256 springs per square meter.
  • Springless mattresses are a kind of a block of coconut fiber, natural latex or artificial and synthetic materials of the last generation. By springless can be attributed to water, as well as air mattresses.



Choose internal material

There is nothing difficult in choosing a spring or springless mattress - all the more, you only need to choose from a couple of options. But the fillers can "strain" any buyer. Let's figure it out!

  • Latex is a good natural material that makes the mattress elastic. Thanks to him, excellent spinal support is provided (this is very important for the child and teenager, while the spine is being formed). It is also hypoallergenic and hygienic.
  • Coconut coir is a durable and sufficiently elastic material with excellent bactericidal properties. It is usually used to fill hard type mattresses.
  • Polyurethane foam is an elastic material, the advantage of which is a significant air permeability. The material is hypoallergenic.
  • Memoryform is a high-tech filler based on polyurethane. The material is hypoallergenic, highly durable and reliable - a great option if you need a mattress for several years. In appearance, this is a viscoelastic foam, in which cells resemble small springs that are compressed under the weight of the body.
  • Memilatex is a material characterized by breathability and immunity to sudden temperature changes. Such a mattress will be very durable.
  • Viscoelastic foam is a material with a “memory effect”, which provides maximum comfort and does not prevent blood circulation during sleep, which has a positive effect on the general condition of a person after waking up.
  • Sisal is a natural material with good antistatic properties, it lets in air and evaporates moisture, which is released during sleep. The material is quite durable, ready to "endure" large loads.

Also in the production of mattresses often use natural wool, felt, strutofayber, horsehair and other high-tech materials.

More often in our stores you can see one-sided mattresses, but manufacturers who prefer orthopedic mattresses are ready to offer two-sided options with many parameters. Double-sided mattresses are different in that the sides of a single mattress can have different degrees of rigidity, as well as the type of coating.

For example, one side can be "winter" (i.e., have a woolen layer and have a soft filler for long-term heat retention), and the other is "summer" with a hygroscopic fabric that will provide good breathability on hot days.

About orthopedic mattresses

Such mattresses have a special design, they are made so as to provide optimal support for the human spine and to preserve the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedic mattress is fully consistent with the contours of the body, completely prevents numbness of the arms and legs and does not cause discomfort.

Those who suffer from regular pain in the spine, orthopedic mattress is needed without a doubt. It will also help people suffering from various diseases of the joints and ligaments. And for those who fortunately do not suffer from these diseases, the orthopedic mattress will be the savior from ailments in the future.

About anti-decubitus mattresses

Anti-decubitus mattress is necessary not only for an elderly person, but also for people of any age with improper blood circulation. Anti-decubitus mattresses are cellular and tubular.

About wadded mattresses

How to choose a cotton mattress? When choosing a wadded mattress, however banal it may sound, you need to pay special attention to its filler. Because the filler is a fundamental part of the mattress. Be sure to check the strength of the cover. And then you can turn to the name of the company (although the brand does not speak about quality), but if the mattress company is important to you, choose at your discretion.

By tradition, all wadded mattresses are filled with special cotton (there is nothing to do with the pharmacy). The natural fibers of "mattress" wool are mixed during production. A different fiber structure is formed, due to which the wadded mattress becomes elastic.

First of all, when choosing, you need to rely on personal wishes, but you need to follow your weight, age, and general health.

Height, weight and age when choosing a mattress

For adults, "in the body" is best suited hard mattress, thin - softer, for example, with a filler of latex, or with independent springs. And middle-aged adults are more fortunate - with their weight you can sleep on any mattress.

In addition to the physique must take into account the age of "sleeping." Older people can not sleep on very hard mattresses, because a hard mattress can cause serious problems with blood circulation or the spine.

How to choose a children's mattress? For a child to find a good mattress is much harder. Schoolchildren, both of the lower grades and teenagers, are advised to sleep on a hard and springless mattress. Well suited springless mattress of synthetic foam material. It is important for young children to take a strong mattress - after all, all children love to jump on them. The smallest need hygroscopic mattresses. The best option is to buy a mattress of coconut fiber, with an approximate thickness of three to seven centimeters.

How to choose a mattress for a double bed? For a pair of better to choose a mattress of medium hardness, and ideally with independent springs. This is good because if one turns over at night, the other sleeps and feels nothing. If the question arose how to choose a mattress for a double bed, then stop your choice on a not very short mattress. It is important to choose the size so that the mattress does not hang at all along the edges.

A newborn child needs a thin, rigid, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, orthopedic, anti-decubitus and ventilated mattress that will protect a little person from future health problems - there will be no scoliosis, osteochondrosis and other "ailments". It is important that the sleep of a newborn baby is calm and safe.

The mattress from natural material is environmentally friendly and durable, but most of them are contraindicated for people suffering from allergies. If you are “smitten” by this ailment, follow the advice and take a mattress of synthetic material.

If you have serious problems with the spine (osteochondrosis or scoliosis), stop your choice on soft models. They will support the lower back.

If you have problems in the thoracic spine, you need a mattress with medium hardness.

Those who wish to strengthen their spine and correct their posture, and also if you suffer from osteochondrosis, it is better to take the toughest mattress.

You can buy, as well as "foreign", and domestic mattress. If you need a cheaper option, stop your choice on Russian mattresses - they are much cheaper than imported manufacturers, and the quality of our mattresses is at a height.

Imported, in any case, will be different innovations (after all, they worked for many years, scientists who develop all sorts of know-how).

Which one to take - with or without springs?

Many are faced with the question of what kind of mattress to take, with or without springs, and if with springs, how to choose a spring mattress?

The main advantage of a mattress with springs is low price and good orthopedic qualities. All spring models differ in different qualities: shape, type of weaving, number of turns, and, in fact, the location of the springs. All these qualities affect the comfort of the mattress as a whole.

Today, mattresses with springs of five coils and continuous weaving have a good demand. These mattresses can withstand heavy loads for a long time. In the manufacture of such mattresses used springs with a large diameter, which significantly reduces orthopedic qualities.

But for many, they seem preferable due to the relatively low cost.

Follow the tips from this article to choose a truly high-quality and "cool" mattress!