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Decoration windows for the New Year 2019 (56 photos): create a fabulous atmosphere

New Year is not only a festive table and a bright picture on the TV screen. This is a warm homely atmosphere, gifts under the tree and waiting for a miracle. Creating a festive mood with your own hands is easy - just decorate the windows, which immediately turn your home into a fairytale castle. We have collected several ways to decorate the windows, choose the best and get to work!

Christmas pictures on the glass

Many people remember how in the childhood by the New Year they painted snowmen on glasses with the help of toothpaste or even gouache paints. Decorating the smooth surface of windows with pictures is very simple, it is important to choose the right tool and paint. We will tell about several options of drawing drawing.

Sponge and toothbrush

This method is not new, it is still remembered by our mothers. You will need a toothpaste diluted with water, a brush or sponge for washing dishes, as well as a stencil with a Christmas theme. You can prepare your own templates - find suitable pictures online, print them and cut out of paper with a knife or sharp scissors. Stencils need to be applied in the selected place and distribute the paste on their slots. Instead of a paste, you can use tooth powder, diluted with water to the state of liquid sour cream.

It is convenient to apply the paste with a piece of wet foam sponge. If you spray the ink mass with a brush, you get a dull surface. Christmas stencils can be placed in the center of the glass, as well as the bottom, top and edges. Those who can draw patterns are not necessary to use - you can create a picture by hand. It is easy to wash off such decoration, it is enough to wipe the windows several times with a damp cloth and then wipe dry.

Paper motifs and paste

For window decoration, you can stick openwork motifs on glass cut out of paper. For example, make your own snowflakes with your own hands. And if you fantasize a bit, instead of snowflakes you can cut Christmas trees, snowmen, Christmas bells and funny animals. Slightly more difficult to make a composition is to cut a winter landscape with a house, snow-covered fir-trees and Santa Claus in a sleigh. For intricate patterns will need patterns and a sharp wallpaper knife.

All this splendor needs to be glued directly onto the glass with the help of paste. The pasteur is made from water-based starch. It is applied to the paper motif with a brush, glued to the glass and with the absorbent cloth removed excess glue.

Tip: it is better to apply a little less paste than to lubricate the parts too copiously.

Glue, film and some patience

This method allows you to make stickers on the glass itself. In order to create the figures, you will need PVA glue, a film-file and a pattern from paper. The picture should be attached to the file and its outlines should be glue. The glue should dry for 10-12 hours, and only then the finished motif can be removed from the film and pasted on the glass. The stickers created in this way are perfectly attached to a smooth surface and have an unusual convex relief. If the sticker does not fit well on the glass - you need to lubricate it with water.

Ready stickers

There is another method - decorating windows with the help of ready-made drawings. By the New Year stickers appear in the stores, which are very easy to fasten on a smooth surface. It can be a huge composition that will cover the entire area of ​​the window. And you can pick up a few small motifs, placing them in the corners. Then they can also just be removed without worrying that the glue will leave traces.

DIY garland

If you do not like the idea of ​​sticking anything on the glass, the windows for the New Year can be decorated with festoons. This method also gives a festive mood. The main thing - to choose the type of garlands and beautifully fasten them to the windows.

Cotton ball garland

You can make a cute garland with your own hands from simple and cheap materials. Need to take a thin fishing line or a strong white thread. From the usual medical cotton wool roll ball and strung it on the fishing line. Then do the next one, put the fishing line back on. In addition, each ball is preferably separated from the neighboring with the help of nodules. We need to make several such decorations. The length of each garland of balls can be different - the threads with a length equal to the height of the window, or slightly shorter, look spectacular. Then fasten the garland on a rope, stretched between the slopes of the window or on the eaves.

To make these garlands more fun, you can add a thread of "rain" to them, or you can alternate the line with cotton balls with Christmas toys on a thread. These threads are very light, they will move even from a light draft. Get a warm window, which will remind of snow and soft snowdrifts.

Mini-garlands of bulk snowflakes or Christmas balls

On the New Year, children are taught to cut and glue snowflakes from paper in schools and kindergartens. You can make several such snowflakes with your own hands and hang each on a thin line, preferably of different lengths. It is easy to fix these decorations in the window openings - they can be hung on a rope, or you can fix them directly on the cornice. Similarly, you can hang Christmas balls or cones on long threads. Such pendants look very elegant and do not require complex preparation.

The farther away the garlands are from dark glasses, the more effective this decoration will look. A certain panoramic effect will turn out, which will create a festive and slightly mystical atmosphere.

Garlands of light bulbs

And by the New Year, you can highlight the window with colorful lights. Today there are not only standard garlands for sale, but also products in the form of a grid with light bulbs. This "mat" is easy to stretch to the entire window opening. However, remember that the light from the windows will be clearly visible from the street.

Illuminated paper panoramas

This is a new way to decorate windows; it will allow you to create incredible panoramas with your own hands right on the windowsill. However, this method takes time to prepare. You will need scissors, glue and several sheets of thick landscape paper that you need to glue together. Get two strips equal to the length of your windowsill. Then you need to choose a stencils with a festive pattern and put them on paper. Patterns in the form of a forest of fir trees of different heights, Christmas houses with slots or snowmen will do. Cut decoration better in the form of a continuous ornament.

The most difficult thing is to fix the ready stencils on the windowsill so that there is a small distance between them. You can use foam rubber or a flat box filled with sand. It is important to fix the paper decoration in an upright position. Then between the two carved patterns hide a garland of light bulbs. When the evening comes, the included garland will highlight the picture, creating a panoramic picture. These windows will be the highlight of any festive interior.

Window decoration improvised materials

You do not always want to come up with some complex designs, cut stencils. To brightly celebrate the New Year and create a festive mood, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time preparing the entourage. Sometimes it is enough to decorate the window opening with the available materials. For example, you can put on the window sill a small herringbone, a figure of Santa Claus and a candle. And you can build your own composition of branches, candles and Christmas balls.

You can decorate the windows in different ways, the main thing is to do it with love and inspiration. And then the New Year will be remembered with vivid impressions, and preparation for it will lodge in the soul a sense of celebration, expectations of a miracle that will surely come true!