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Hallway design ideas (20 photos): original decor, furniture and decoration

The entrance hall is the first room your guests get into, therefore it is important that it makes a favorable impression, is cozy and functional. That is why the design of this room is given considerable attention, and the designers come up with all the new ideas for the corridor. If you are doing repairs in the hallway, then this article will help you decide on the style in which to withstand the design and what must be provided in the room.

What functions does the hallway

If we are not talking about a large house, where storage is provided for the presence of a dressing room, then, above all, in the hallway it is necessary to put cabinets for seasonal clothes, shoes and accessories, for example, hats, scarves, gloves and umbrellas. In addition, in the hallway can be stored other things that do not fit in cabinets in other rooms. It can be as large-sized items, such as sleds, skis, etc., as well as individual boxes with everyday trifles, cleaning equipment, ironing board. In the spacious square hallway you can even place a small seating area.

The hallway also serves to undress after a street and dressing for a walk and work. Therefore, it is necessary to use mirrors in the wall decoration, as well as to provide open hangers that can accommodate all the clothes that you wear every day. If the space and width of the corridor allows, you can also install a bench for the convenience of taking off shoes and undressing children, a cabinet or shelf for keys, small items or a telephone. Even small living rooms can become more comfortable if you add a bench or a small pouf to them.

How the layout of the hallway affects the design

The design of the hallway that you create directly depends on the layout of the apartment, the location of the walls relative to the entrance, and how wide the corridor is. For example, for apartments in the Khrushchev apartment there are narrow and long corridors, in which it is difficult to foresee deep wardrobes. For such options, it is better to use open shelves and hangers, additionally hang mirrors to expand the space. It is better to abandon large cabinets, replacing them with compact and combined furniture elements.

In modern apartments, especially comfort class and higher, a place for a closet or built-in closet can be provided in the hallway, which greatly simplifies the task. Here you can also provide open shelves for casual wear, and you can expand the functionality by adding a small sofa. In the studios, the corridor is usually combined with the main room, and therefore it can also be supplemented with an armchair or a small sofa for the convenience of dressing, but space is needed to save, and therefore, as a rule, designers choose a small cupboard or open shelves.

What furniture should be included in the design of the hallway

As a rule, even in large apartments, the entrance hall is not spacious, but it also needs to accommodate a number of large-sized furniture items, which is always a difficult task for designers. So, it is imperative that you include it in the design of your hallway in order for it to be quite functional:

  • open hangers for casual wear;
  • shelves for shoes, shoes, chest of drawers, rack for boxes for shoes - your choice;
  • a closet for storing clothes, accessories and shoes - this can be either a linear or a corner closet;
  • narrow bench, chair, armchair, small sofa - for comfortable undressing.

In addition, headsets can be used in the hallway, which are great for combining various functions. For example, a wardrobe with a bedside table, a shoebox and an open shelf, is long enough for convenient storage and at the same time narrow to fit it in a small corridor - an ideal solution for arranging a hallway in a Khrushchev building. If we are talking about a square hallway, the corner cabinet will also fit well into its interior and at the same time will make the space more functional.

What color to choose for the design of the hallway

Today, designers offer a range of ideas for almost any style decision hallway. You can build on the shade of wallpaper that you like, or on the cabinet that suits you by configuration. If the living room is located immediately after the hallway, then you can combine them in style and stand in the same colors. This is especially true if you use one series of furniture.

For small rooms, there is an unspoken rule - to use the most light shades that will visually expand the space. But even for spacious entrance halls, dark tones should be only as accents, since, if we are talking about an apartment, the hallway does not have a natural source of light and requires bright lighting. Therefore, the best option would be a bright finish of the walls, dark furniture and bright color accents that will set the mood of the interior and will emphasize the design of the room in a more advantageous way.

Design Elements

Any, even a small hallway, can be decorated comfortably and stylishly, the main thing is to foresee the details of the decor that will make it beautiful and unique. First of all, of course, you can use elements of modern loft style for interior decoration, including the inclusion of natural stone or textured materials in the design. For a country house, it is permissible to decorate the hallway with massive clocks, natural horns or even paintings. The more interesting ideas you choose for your home, the brighter it will emphasize the interior design of the other rooms.

The apartment must necessarily provide high-quality lighting in the hallway, especially if it is allocated under the corner corridor. In addition to diffused light from the ceiling, you can also use the original wall lights, especially near the mirrors. For the built-in closet, you can also use the internal lighting, which allows you to see the entire contents of the shelves and quickly find the necessary thing. At the same time, it is not worth overloading the entrance hall with a decor - the elements of molding and niches can be left for the living room or dressing room. The hallway should be practical, but at the same time cozy.

Finishing materials

Of course, in the hallway should be hangers and shelves for shoes. However, it is equally important to ensure that the finishing materials fully meet your chosen ideas. For example, suspended or tension structures can be used to finish the ceiling, since they enable the use of spot lighting. This is especially important for a long narrow corridor, in which even during the day there is not enough light to find outerwear. It is possible to make such a ceiling with your own hands, but it is necessary to consider the location of the lamps, as well as to carry out work on wiring and connecting lighting elements.

As for the wallpaper, you can choose practical wallpaper with a minimalist pattern, textured design options, but a floral pattern that is suitable for other rooms of your home, it is better not to use. But you can choose monophonic wallpaper, which coincide in shade with the wallpaper, which is pasted over the living room or kitchen, adjacent to the hallway. Laminate, linoleum or tile can be selected for flooring. The entrance hall is also well suited for combining materials - for the zone at the entrance you can use ceramic tiles for the floor, and for the rest of the corridor - laminate or linoleum.

You can think up the idea of ​​a hallway yourself, and then bring it to life with your own hands. It is only necessary to think over the functionality of this room, choose exactly which elements of furniture you would like to use in it, and also consider the color combination. Only in this case, you can be fully sure that the hallway meets your requirements and at the same time is stylish and cozy. In addition, this repair will cost you much cheaper, and you will have the means to embody other unique and interesting ideas of decor in the interior.