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Wenge furniture in the interior (52 photos): light and dark design

The use of wenge wood, in its properties resembling oak, prompted the popularization of African style. Despite the high price due to expensive raw materials, the demand for wenge furniture is growing, because with it the interior looks luxurious.

In order not to lose the natural wealth of furniture, experts recommend:

  1. Correctly choose the combination of furniture case sets with a soft corner and with the decor of the walls and floor.
  2. Avoid multicolor in the interior. A colorful sundress design is categorically contraindicated if modular wenge furniture is present in the room.
  3. To maintain a single style. You should not save and supplement the interior with inexpensive wallpaper, curtains, carpet, etc., the entire decor should be premium.
  4. Prefer matte surfaces instead of gloss, with the exception of nickel-plated handles and other accessories.

It is recommended to consult a specialist when designing a room with wenge furniture. He will tell you what decision will give the interior a zest and make it cozy and unique. Win-win option - the use of shades of oak.

Color combinations of wenge in the interior

Wenge furniture has several universal combinations that are applicable in any room. Natural shades of wood from dark gold to chocolate and plum allow you to use almost all colors. A threefold combination and 3-4 shades of oak at the same time are permissible, the use of which in the design is even approved by experts. The following color interactions are recommended:

  • wenge white gray;
  • wenge-white-red;
  • wenge and all shades of green;
  • wenge and white;
  • wenge and all shades of red;
  • wenge and yellow;
  • wenge and light blue tones.

The most popular combinations are wenge-white-gray and wenge with shades of green. This color scheme is suitable for the design of any room: living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen and even for the nursery. Using shades of green, a room can be visually divided into functional zones.

Living room decor: luxury and only luxury

Wenge furniture is most clearly revealed in the living room. Designers recommend modular furniture sets with handles, brackets, tables and tables, soft armchairs and sofas to choose dark shades or made in two colors. More profitable in the living room with the color of wenge look dull surface, not gloss.

For the floor is better to buy a dark laminate or parquet. Carpet fans can cover the living room floor with a carpet to match the wallpaper. When combined with wenge furniture plus light oak parquet, the shade of the wood must be selected from the color spectrum of the latter.

For the decoration of the walls in the living room, you can use vinyl, non-woven and glass wall-paper, weaving paintings, stone and much more. It is better to refuse carpets on the walls. For windows it is recommended to select classic curtains to match the furnishing. The living room is the only room in the house that gives room for imagination when decorating walls under wenge furniture. Applying the wallpaper for painting, it is possible to experiment with shades, highlighting the distant and darkened corners with the transition to a lighter tone.

The combination of two materials for the decor will emphasize the versatility of the living room. The basic rule is to avoid gloss, budget options for curtains, wallpaper, and carpeting and not to save on laminate.

House begins with a hallway

Wenge furniture for the hallway should be selected taking into account the illumination of the room. In order to avoid gloom, you should use contrasts and details with gloss. Cabinets, hangers and stands in the hallway can be purchased two-color with light handles-brackets or sinks. The wall decor is selected to match the light part of the furniture. More often it is embossed wallpaper, less often - natural material (bamboo cloth, straw weaving, oak veneer), on the floor - a dark laminate.

A large area hallway can be decorated under a tree, picking up a brown shade of furniture. In a country house the brickwork will perfectly fit into an interior. If there is a window in the hallway, a combination of wenge and shades of green, or shades of oak or orange, is suitable. The color of curtains or blinds is recommended to choose a tone lighter than the furniture.

In a standard hallway in a high-rise building, the contrast creates additional illumination due to LED strips, wall lamps and reflector lamps, creating bright reflections on the details with gloss.

Kitchen interior design

Wenge kitchen sets are not suitable for small-scale premises. If the kitchen is 7 squares or less, and the owners really want to keep up with the times, then light-colored modular lockers with handles-brackets are fine. The color gamut in a combination of saturated brown with all shades of green is ideal. For furnishing a small kitchen it is undesirable to use dark colors.

Modular kitchen wenge furniture with built-in handles does not need additional decor, thanks to the natural design. For a kitchen, a few glass or metal parts with a gloss are enough, but not scattered, but with a smooth transition in hue and functionality. A laminate of dark tones is laid on the floor.

Wenge in the nursery: to be or not to be

By purchasing modular wenge furniture in the nursery, some designers are skeptical. For preschoolers, it is recommended to stop the choice on a bright style with cheerful wallpapers and curtains. Colors of wenge of light shades of a cot, table, dressers and drawers with bright handles-buttons are permissible.

Schoolchildren can make a nursery under the tree, using all shades of oak in a color combination. Several bright details with gloss, original handles on the doors soften the strict style of wenge furniture. A great option in the nursery - it is a modular cabinet set in two colors. On the windows fit Roman blinds or classic to match the furniture.

On the floor in the children's designers advise the use of laminate or parquet. When designed under a tree - brown, with two-color wenge furniture - in the tone of the dark part.

The most romantic interior

The bedroom is the only room where savings are acceptable, but not on the decor for the walls and curtains, but on the furniture. When you design a room in a minimalist style, you can refuse to purchase a full headset of modular furniture, and buy a wardrobe or bed. To maintain style, one of the walls can be decorated with a wenge panel.

The interior of the bedroom is recommended to choose either in the universal three colors, or with shades of green and red. Upholstered furniture should not withstand cabinet, and not stand out a pale spot against the walls. Place parquet or laminate floor and a small carpet on top.