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Blue kitchen (115 photos): trendy interiors with bright accents

It is believed that the kitchen in blue tones is more relevant when you design apartments in warm countries. In this case, the interior will not look too cold. But blue has another important advantage, due to which he was loved by the residents of our country. The fact is that, unlike the dark blue color, it does not clutter up the space. Therefore, even a small kitchen with corner furniture will look more spacious. The effect is enhanced by a combination of sky blue and white. This combination looks tender and creates a romantic mood.

Characteristics in blue

Like green, blue is shortwave. This means that the eyes on this background are resting. In addition, it has a calming effect, helping to reduce appetite and pressure, and develops creative thinking. That is why it is suitable for those people who watch their diet, are quick-tempered, too emotional and impulsive.

Blue is recommended if you are developing a design for a well-lit south-facing kitchen. In addition, it looks great in the interior of a narrow or small kitchen. Due to the fact that the blue does not make the space heavier, it can be used in large masses, for example, having decorated a large suite with blue facades, wallpapering the walls or plastered ceiling. Also, the kitchen interior can be diluted with blue accents.

Blue shades are most close to natural, because you can meet them almost everywhere. Therefore, they are combined with almost any other color. Especially good in this color looks classic cuisine, as well as cuisine made in the style of Provence, country, Mediterranean, Scandinavian and marine.

Furniture for decoration blue kitchen

Previously, in most Soviet kitchens stood a suite, the facades of which were decorated in blue or green. It is relevant in the modern kitchen. The facades may be glossy or matte. The aesthetic view in any of the options is preserved, so the choice here mainly depends on personal preferences and kitchen area. Thus, glossy facades contribute to the visual expansion of space. With such facades most combined tabletop, made in white.

Also, blue color can be used to decorate other furniture. For example, the combination of white headset and blue upholstery, which is decorated with chairs, looks topical. To avoid a too sharp color transition, the kitchen can be decorated with an apron, made in the form of a mosaic with elements of blue, blue and white.

Rules for using blue

To make the blue kitchen look unobtrusive and harmonious, you need to follow certain rules:

  • It is important to choose the right accessories, because thanks to this the interior gets a finished look. Curtains, tulle, curtains, tablecloths on the table and kitchen towels should be made in shades as close as possible to the shade of the furniture. When choosing kitchen utensils, the approach should be the same;
  • If you want to bring an element of orderliness into the kitchen design, then the combination of beige shades with the main color will help you with this. Also in modern interiors it is important to use the bright contrast method. But here it is necessary to observe the measure;
  • Primary color can be diluted with elements made in the marine style. Also important and proper lighting. The color scheme of lighting devices from the main design should not stand out;
  • In the blue kitchen looks best table and chairs made of wood. But, if you design the design of a modern kitchen, then metal frame chairs are more appropriate.

With the help of wallpaper can be decorated not only the walls of the kitchen, but also the ceiling. Contrasting shades of green can be used. Blue wallpapers with other natural colors, such as brown, also look great. Curtains and curtains of linen, as well as tablecloths with floral ornamental patterns will also help you get closer to nature. The apron can be decorated with tiles or glass panels with a pattern in the appropriate colors.

The combination of blue with other shades in the interior of the kitchen

The light blue color is very beautiful, but using it only in the interior of the kitchen is impractical, because the room will look too cold. Therefore, it should be considered in more detail with which colors it is most compatible.

There are several possible options:

  • With which blue is located next door in the spectrum, for example, blue and green;
  • With opposite colors - yellow and orange;
  • With achromatic colors - gray, white and black.

Blue and white kitchen - the most common combination

This version of the interior is in its own unique and most harmonious. After all, white color visually expands the kitchen area, and light blue - also refreshes it. In such a kitchen creates the most favorable atmosphere for cooking and taking it in food. The important point here is that in such an interior you cannot use white headsets against the background of blue walls. Because of this, there is an overload of light, due to which the furniture seems to be heavier. A white top for a blue-fronted headset is the best solution. Especially when massive corner furniture is used, in which dark tones are undesirable.

The floor is preferably made of wood or materials that mimic natural wood. Both colors are very well combined with dark colors - brown, wenge, etc. Especially if the kitchen is classic.

The combination of blue and beige

The sky-beige kitchen looks gentle and very romantic. The beige-blue kitchen looks visually wider and more spacious, and the ceiling becomes higher. Mirror and glossy surfaces will help enhance this effect. It can be a stainless steel worktop or a glass apron. The most harmoniously look furniture of heavenly color and beige walls. If you want your kitchen to be light and cozy, then the beige-blue version will suit you perfectly.

Blue-gray kitchen

The gray-blue combination for the kitchen is just wonderful. This color allows you to give a contrast to the light interior. This is especially noticeable if only blue accents are used in the interior of a gray-white kitchen - an apron, a kitchen table, tulle, curtains, etc.

Black and blue kitchen

In its pure form, such a combination is rarely seen, since dark "pockets" will visually make the interior more heavy. But the black accents in the interior of the blue-white kitchen look boldly and indelibly. This solution is especially popular when designing kitchens in the Scandinavian style.

Orange and blue kitchen

It should be noted that the orange color itself is not bright, but against the background of cold blue it automatically increases its saturation. Therefore, when making orange-blue kitchen you need to work carefully to avoid too colorful paints. As a primary color, only one of the colors can be selected. The second is the accent in relation to it. For example, use blue when decorating walls, textiles and furniture, and leave orange for accessories placed in the kitchen. The reverse rule also applies.

Yellow and blue kitchen

The combination of such colors in the interior of the kitchen will give a powerful charge of cheerfulness and vigor. In terms of compatibility with each other, they are universal, so the yellow-blue combination of any of their shades will look very harmonious. For wallpaper serving as a background, the light blue color is too cold. Therefore, bright yellow tones can be used to compensate for this. If you want to make a yellow-blue kitchen interior in autumn colors, then it’s enough to add a little gray.

Lilac-blue kitchen

It is difficult to say clearly which color is dominant in such an interior. In any of the options, the lilac-blue kitchen is most relevant only when the room is well lit with natural light. Lilac color can be used to decorate walls or a headset. If you do not want to use such tones, then various decorative elements can be made in this color. In any case, lilac-blue kitchen will bring more tenderness and romance into your life.

Green and blue kitchen

The color of aquamarine goes well with various tones of light green and light green colors. The space of the green-blue kitchen literally comes to life and becomes more comfortable. It should be noted that this combination is the most natural. Therefore, in this kitchen you can not only cook dinner and eat, but also to relax the soul. It is enough to add light tulle or accent green details to the interior.

Blue kitchen looks harmoniously in combination with almost any color. This makes the blue color in its interior almost universal. And no matter what kind of kitchen, direct or angular. The interior of the room will be unobtrusive and light.