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Beige living room (50 photos): modern color combinations and bright accents

A living room is a room that is accessible not only to the residents of an apartment or house, but also, as the name suggests, to guests. This is where you can arrange a meeting with friends or dinner for old friends. Here business matters are discussed and family councils are held, while away the evenings in front of the TV or reading an interesting book. Here you can organize a romantic dinner and a pajama party. Therefore, it is better to make the interior of the living room universal, without making the room heavier with sharp designer accents and aggressive colors. Beige living room is the best design option for those who want to decorate a room elegantly, comfortably, in a classic style, but at the same time, with a twist. After all, the beige color allows you to experiment, it goes well with other shades and can be used for a room in any style - from chebbi-chic to hi-tech.

Cozy living room

It is proved that it is the beige color - the best for the decoration of the premises where the person is most often. Premises designed for relaxation after a hard day’s work, having a good time with family and friends. Beige color is optimal, it has a calming effect on the human body, does not injure the psyche. At the subconscious level, beige is associated with human skin, earth, wood, with all that is natural, neutral and natural, which means that it symbolizes solidity, reliability and success. The beige color in the interior speaks about the conservatism of the apartment owner. For example, the combination of beige, blue and white colors in the interior of the living room is now quite popular with fans of the classics. However, if you combine it with other shades, beige will become the base color in a variety of extravagant combinations.

Pluses beige in the interior:

  • simply and effectively combined with most other colors;
  • not mark, practical;
  • visually increases the width and height of the space;
  • Looks good with artificial light, and just under normal daylight.

The colors with which beige looks best:

  • brown gamma;
  • dark and light purple;
  • green;
  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • red.

Brownish beige classic

The living room, decorated in beige and brown shades, has long become a classic. It is beige wallpaper - the most sold around the world. The light beige ceiling, the chocolate shade of the curtains, the brown carpet can be combined with the furniture of bright colors, modern appliances, accessories of different styles. Do not forget about the variety of color palette, because beige can be made in different colors: warm creamy-beige, light beige, peach, ivory, nutty and cocoa.

The wall in such a living room can be in rich dark brown or even black. A combination of white walls and beige central part of the room will visually expand it. Yellow pads on the sofa in ivory or vase in the color of the sun will give the room lightness to brighten the room. It is important to take into account the level of warmth of shades: an acid lemon color in this case will not work.

The perfect combination of beige and chocolate

The furniture in chocolate shades looks great on a beige background, like a combination of bitter and milk chocolate. A soft sofa with chocolate-colored upholstery, armchairs, a brown wall, an oak table and chairs, a carpet and curtains of cocoa color will dilute the pastel base color of the room. This design will add you solidity and confidence. A "chocolate" cabinet furniture, a sofa and armchairs, upholstered in milky textiles, will turn the living room into a luxury apartment.

Bright combinations

Let's not forget about extravagant combinations of beige with bright shades. Cabinet furniture can be milky, and upholstery in green, red and blue colors. The unusual turquoise-blue lamp shade, blue-and-blue sea-style curtains, a boat in a bottle on the table, old maps on the walls instead of paintings, a gray-blue scale of upholstered furniture will make your guests feel that they are in the captain's cabin.

Do you want the room to customize business? The combination of gray tones in the interior and beige focuses attention and makes thoughts clear and fast. Add a few bright accents - vases in orange-yellow and red colors, paintings, lighting, so that the room does not look too strict and dry.

Beige and country style in the living room

What could be more natural and more neutral than the color of human skin? And country music is exactly the style where everything is close to natural. Wooden cabinet furniture with a “dairy” sofa, textiles in a classic beige color, wicker carpet will look perfect against the background of a light beige wallpaper in combination with a wooden floor. You can use the interior elements in brown: stones, dried plants and indoor trees. Pink, red and purple colors will be out of place here.

Minimalism style

Minimalism is ideal for small apartments. The beige color will visually expand the room and will allow you to refuse to overload with designer accents, various furniture and accessories. To make the living room not seem boring, dilute the design with bright accents.

Chebbi chic

Beige fits perfectly in the style of "shabby shine." After all, here, as in the classic design of rooms, light shades prevail: pale cream, ivory, light peach, light brown, beige and white. A pink picture frame, a small vase on the table and a pair of porcelain angels in a delicate pink color on the bedside table will add a zest to the room.

Beige provence

Provence is a French style, rustic chic in the interior of the house. Here, too, the first place is occupied by all shades of beige and white. Cabinet and upholstered furniture should be similar to the rustic. Simple lines and pastel colors will make your living room cozy and relaxed.

High tech

This style is dominated by bright, rich colors: red, black, blue, white. But they are usually combined with quieter shades, usually beige and gray. Sometimes a living room in high-tech style is made out only in a gray-beige tones, relying on state-of-the-art technology, a lot of partitions made of glass and metal, restrained geometric shapes. Wallpapers usually do not glue - the walls are painted, it is good to hang large copyright black and white photographs on them.

Beige color is universal and always in fashion. It is suitable for fans of different directions in interior design. It can serve as a basic and leading shade in the design of rooms. In this decor, any person, regardless of his character, temperament and color preferences, will feel comfortable. Beige color allows you to decorate the living room in any fashionable style, from the modern laconic hi-tech to the romantic Provence. The choice is yours!