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Pink bedroom (20 photos): how to create a beautiful interior design


Pink color is tenderness, romance and childhood dreams. Designers often use it in the design of various rooms, but, you see, it is the pink bedroom that causes particular delight! In this case, to realize his "pink dream" in life can be independently. The main thing is to know certain nuances and tricks.



Wall decoration

The bedroom is a place of rest, and therefore the interior for her should choose a quiet one. This also applies to pink shades. The best option is pink wallpaper with a white pattern. You can also make one of the walls pure white or gray-white, and cover all other walls with pink.

To the note: if there are bright wallpapers in the room there should be white accents, otherwise the design will turn out to be “tedious”.

Pink and blue

This combination should be diluted with white (for example, lay a white blanket on the bed), as a neutral accent. The blue palette is soothing, gives a feeling of spaciousness. This is especially true of the so-called "heavenly shades."

In this case, the bedroom in pink can be framed using white as the main color, and pink and blue will act as accent tones. If the main color is hot pink, then the ideal complement to it will be all sorts of details of the sky-blue and pale pink shades.

An important role in creating any interior lighting plays. The best option for a pink or white-pink bedroom is to install general and local light sources. The latter, as a rule, are placed near a mirror or a bed: beautiful wall lamps, night lamps and floor lamps.

If we talk about the general light, then it should be soft and diffused. As a ceiling luminaire, an opaque glass chandelier or spotlights with soft and warm color will be the ideal solution. For good lighting, you must place them around the perimeter of the bedroom. The main thing that the room was not sharp shadows.

Best of all in the pink bedroom will look headset calm, cool shade. But brown furniture in this case is categorically not suitable. Furniture should not create discord with the color of the floor and walls.

You should also avoid too bright flashy products. Perfectly complement the pink interior furniture of soft golden hue. But here it is important not to overdo it, since a large amount of gold will look vulgar.

In the presence of white walls in the bedroom, you can give preference to pink furniture of warm shades.

As for the shape of the products, any one will approach, with the exception of complex geometric variants.




And, of course, when making a pink bedroom, curtains deserve special attention. They will add a certain comfort and beauty to the interior of the room. For example, for a classic light pink design, massive curtains with an original pattern will do. Not bad look in this case, and blinds in a brown version.