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Purple bedroom (18 photos): successful interior designs

Violet can be attributed to the classic color, but it is not often used for interior decoration. Although it has many shades, but all of its tones are rather dark and saturated. It occurred by merging fiery red and icy blue. Therefore, purple is quite difficult to enter into the interior, because not everyone will be psychologically comfortable in the environment of such a controversial color. But, the right combination produces a real sensation! The room is completely transformed and becomes refined, spectacular, alluring.

All the colors of the violet palette were often used among the aristocracy to emphasize their nobility. The color was very rare and expensive because of the expensive dye that gives violet hues. These tones were the hallmark of only royal families, no one else could afford it. Perhaps this relationship to violet somehow remained in our subconscious, and every element of violet color immediately looks richer.

The exclusivity of the purple character

To decide to use such a complex tone in the interior, you need to know its features:

  • Visually, this shade removes space, despite the fact that it is quite dark. However, it is undesirable to use it in small rooms.
  • All colors of this spectrum visually reduce the volume, making any surface more elegant. It is a weighting color that also needs to be considered.
  • The temperature refers to the cold saturated colors, so it is desirable to combine with cold, but unsaturated paints. It can also be attributed to blackout colors. In order for the room not to look gloomily use brightening shades.
  • This color scheme does not refer to the shades that encourage the action, rather to be calm and relaxing with a small concentration in the interior. Psychologically it causes a feeling of mystery, hidden excitement, nostalgic mood. At the same time, it stimulates the imagination and the sixth sense, releases creative impulses, but in no way contributes to logical and rational analysis.
  • Because of its psychological influence, it is not suitable for the design of a study, but it is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and rooms for relaxation. In the bedroom, this color will relieve the irritation accumulated during the day, pacify and improve the quality of sleep. However, in too large an abundance can cause depressive moods.
  • Used to create interiors in the styles of modern, pop art, futurism, hi-tech, Victorian image.

The most successful combinations

Violet shades are not often found in wildlife. You can see this rich color in some petals, natural precious stones and minerals, and among the pigmentation of mollusks. Therefore, it is important to correctly connect with other paints and not to cause psychological rejection of the room.

The bedrooms look good in monochrome colors, where many shades of blue, blue, lilac, pink and various purple intonations are combined. Such a technique will allow you to create a gradient over the surface of the walls, add saturation with the help of curtains, play with shades on the ceiling and floor, and choose pillows of different color and size. The bedroom will play, like a noble stone in the world, with the most incredible colors.

Bright and spectacular rooms look where everything is built on contrasts with orange, yellow and even red. When combined with red, preference should not be given to hot tones, but rather saturated, but calm. The fiery colors will make the room somewhat dramatic and oppressive, it will be very difficult to spend time in it. Soft pastel notes fit much better. Soft plastic colors on the walls, furniture and curtains will make the interior warmer and more comfortable.

The space where violet and natural shades merge brown, gray, white, ocher, green looks surprisingly harmonious. It is necessary to work with black carefully so that the room does not become oppressive and too gloomy, but the use of gray will make the bedroom incredibly stylish and noble.

The interlacing of violet with white is very refined and fresh. White successfully removes unnecessary gloom and heaviness, making the room elegant. Different shades will do: from snow white to cream pink. But the blue and blue fit all - from heaven, to dark and deep. The same applies to all green shades. Nature makes these combinations very natural and harmonious. That the bedroom was not gloomy, it is desirable to use not dark colors of violet and soft forms of green.

Very softens the design of the introduction of yellow. Sandy options, mustard, beige, creamy will look more pleasant, but the lemon will be too sharp. The best options are all tones of brown. Purple bedroom is wonderfully complemented by inserts made of natural wood, stone, and just the introduction of woody tones.

Bright accent

Many interior experts recommend using purple as an accent rather than the main motive of the room. This will help not to create dark, melancholic moods, and bring the necessary showiness and nobility. This color is expensive, rich impression. And it is recommended to use it the same way as any expensive item - in moderation.

One wall will look impressive rather than all. You can add these tones with the help of curtains, rugs, pillows, carpet. Such small blotches instantly enliven even the most unremarkable interior, without requiring a radical change in the whole mood of the house. Purple floor and ceiling look lusciously, but in the room it is desirable to use only one thing: either the ceiling or the floor. The ceiling can be arranged under the sunset sky, and the floor will produce the feeling of a bottomless lake at night. Lilac-purple furniture looks fantastic! Just one sofa can drastically change the whole atmosphere, putting a juicy chord with just one stroke.

Soft blondish shades are more popular with women, more pink - to young girls, and rich dark colors will suit calm men. What is common is that such people are usually creative professions in need of harmony and inspiration.

Different images

Since this color scheme came into use not so long ago, it is often used in extravagant styles of modern and futurism. When modern is usually selected everything in a minimalist direction, combining only a few colors. For futurism, such restrictions are not taken, and the room can even have a space design. This is well suited when creating a bedroom for a teenage boy.

For fans of unusual designs often used neon elements. Such a technique is allowed in the design of rooms in pop art and high-tech directions. These areas combine purple with acid yellow and pink elements. The room will not look residential, but for noisy parties will be indispensable.

Lovers of antiquity often decorate their bedrooms in the Victorian style. These are always people of creativity. Among them are poets, artists, musicians. Sometimes, just collectors and art lovers. A bedroom in this style will be good in an old mansion, where at least a few more rooms will be designed in the same manner.