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Lilac color in the interior (34 photos): fashionable shades and combinations


The choice of basic colors of the interior is based more on personal preferences. Most often, classic palettes are chosen, for fear of complex combinations. Lilac color refers precisely to those that are rarely used. And absolutely in vain! It looks very fresh and soft even with small splashes into the room. And if this shade is made basic, then the cosiness and unusual decoration will be immediately visible.







Having preferred lilac leitmotifs, it is worth considering its features of use and combination.

  • This is generally a wayward color and you need to be careful with it. Excessive filling them with space, can hopelessly spoil the whole room, and different shades of lilac should be combined with each other carefully.
  • Decide for yourself what the room will be: warm or cold. From this will depend on the variations of tones of the lilac with other colors of the room.
  • Using the lilac color in the interior, do not get involved in other bright colors. Included with the lilac can be only one more bright color.
  • If there is more lilac, it will be great for cold rooms, making them nicer and warmer. If it is more like purple, then it is desirable to use it in hot southern rooms in order to cool them a bit, making them more comfortable.
  • Any shade of this exquisite color is more suitable for large rooms than for small ones. The richer it is, the stronger the room will decrease, but larger it will make it fresher and freer. Pale lilac looks good in small spaces, for example, for bathroom or kitchen walls.
  • It is a rich and noble color, therefore often used among the aristocracy. This is of particular importance for those who are passionate about archaism and collecting. This move is used in the selection of curtains.
  • The whole palette of lilac stimulates creativity, which is why she is so loved by creative people. The lilac color in the interior has a calming effect on the psyche, which is ideal for relaxing and immersing yourself in your fantasies. This technique can be used to design a nursery.

Friendly lounge

The reception room will be superb in mauve tones. Most often this is the most spacious part of an apartment or house, and there will be no restrictions in shades: you can use both pink and purple. The whole palette of this color does not have a negative and annoying effect on people, so it will attract all the guests. Even acting is relaxing, which can significantly reduce the tension between people if they are in a quarrel. Often this is important.

Lilac color in the interior of the living room can be used as dominant or in combination with others. It is not recommended to bring into the interior more than four additional colors, because the lilac itself is incredibly rich in shades. Each of them has its own characteristics, but most are very well combined with white, blue, red, gray, green.



For the hall, the combination with white will be advantageous without reference to the size of the room itself. The only condition - the smaller the space in the living room, the more white should be. The same condition is satisfied if light purple tones are used. Suitable not only snow white, but also any of its shades. Take cold tones - and the room will be seasoned, and if warm - cozy and soft. For decoration in such colors will suit not only wallpaper, but also furniture with accessories. For example, dark lilac wallpaper for the walls and beige and cream tones for curtains.




Lilac is a fusion of red and blue in a certain proportion. That is why rooms in which saturated lilac with red or blue are combined look very impressive. The combination is very difficult, so you need to carefully select the shades so that they do not press. This option is suitable for very shocking and extraordinary people. It is not advisable to use very saturated tones for walls, it is more appropriate when choosing curtains or accessories.

Gray-lilac interiors immediately attract admiring glances. The combination of these tones brings peace and nobility. Looks amazing in a minimalist design, and with dilution of different shades of gray and brown. You can also use yellow, green, blue pastel colors. In the living room with this palette will always be bright and stylish. Gray is used and dark and light options.

Lilac color in the interior and green - a natural and harmonious overlay. It is often found in nature, so it will never cause rejection, therefore it is perfect for living room walls. Shades can be any: and dark green to light purple. If the floral design motif is used, yellow, pink and even gray are also nicely added. This will make the room more lively, but not annoying.




Soothing bedroom

Different saturation of lilac can create a very cozy atmosphere for the bedroom. Purple will be too exciting, but by adding pastel lilac, you can get relaxation. It is enough to arrange the wallpaper in wood panels, and a romantic atmosphere has already been created for the bedroom. If you do not use "flashy" shades, then it will look very gentle and light. Beige and wood tones are ideal for curtains, and for walls it is worth picking up wallpapers of gray-lilac styling.












Lavender kitchen and spring bath

For the kitchen, the wallpaper is made in various styles, sometimes for the walls there are separate zones delimiting the space. So share the work area and recreation area. They can be kept within the same palette: the worker will be dark lavender, and the rest area is already dressed in soft pink. Interspersing beige and cream will make the mood of the kitchen more calm, and gray-brown - more refined. It is not necessary that this palette be used for walls, as well as stylized headsets or decorations, curtains.




The bathroom uses a variety of mosaics, where all shades of lilac are fully revealed. Bright spots can be mirrors, towel holders and other bathroom accessories. In such a bathroom in the evening you will relax and in the morning get a charge of vivacity.