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We decorate the cot with their own hands (53 photos)

The baby should have all the very best - beautiful, comfortable and safe. For a crib, comfort and practicality are important, because this is the main element in the life of a newborn, it is there that he spends the first months of his life. Ready beds with all accessories (a canopy, a blanket, a mattress, sides and a pillow) look aesthetically pleasing, but not unique. And completing the decoration of these attributes with your own hands, you not only get exclusive things, but also fill the abode of the newborn baby with good positive energy.

What and how to do

External decoration may seem superfluous, but it has a practical purpose.


Yes, he collects a lot of dust on himself and needs regular washing. But in case of its absence, this dust gets on the soft objects of the crib, and the baby breathes it. The canopy for the nursery should be made of natural fabric:

  • muslin;
  • silk veil;
  • cotton veil;
  • silk organza;
  • chiffon.

The frame for the canopy can be located around the perimeter of the bed or in its headboard. The design can be floor, leaning on a headboard or fastening to a ceiling or a wall. Such structures are sold separately, but they can be made by hand using laths, metal frames, profile cornices, etc.

Outside, you can make a cheerful decor with butterflies from contrasting weightless fabric, ruffle, lace or thermo-appliqué.

Musical mobile

These are spinning toys with music, attached above the head of the crib. With your own hands to make such a unit is difficult - you need a motor. But to buy ready-to-shop and make a creative design - easy. The decor can be made of funny little animals, stars, snowflakes or any other toys, sewn with their own hands. It is original, interesting and safe (use quality fabric):

  • X / B:
    • fleece;
    • satin;
    • calico;
    • chintz;
    • flannel.
  • Felt.
  • Terry cloth.

For filling bulk toys fit:

  • Sintepukh.
  • Sintepon.
  • Ordinary or surgical cotton.
  • Shreds of fabrics.


Blanket and mattress

Patchwork blankets will look original, and bright drawings will amuse the kid. The rags of a geometric shape (stripes, squares, triangles) are stitched into a single colorful canvas. In the choice of material for the nursery you need to focus on natural fabrics:

  • chintz;
  • calico;
  • linen;
  • fleece;
  • flannel (it is best: soft and hygroscopic, unpretentious in the care).

For the mattress of the crib, they often buy a waterproof mattress cover, but it can also be made independently. Sheathe the base of the oil with a soft flannel, chintz or knitwear, add wide elastic bands at the corners and put it on the mattress.

Volumetric and flat

You can resort to flat patchwork technology, and you can do the design of volumetric segments. As a filler, use the same materials as for toys (with the exception of fabric patches). Fill the hollow inside the squares with padding polyester or sintepukhom - and the original blanket or mattress cover for the nursery is ready!

It looks interesting quilting things. Two fabric cloths develop, between them - a filler. Sewn along the edges, then the marking of decorative stitches is applied and sewn on a typewriter. It is not difficult and original, besides there is an opportunity to make things of non-standard sizes with your own hands.


Pillows for newborns and infants should not be voluminous - this prevents the formation of the cervical region. There are special butterfly pillows: voluminous around the edges and with a recess in the center, they provide a soft fixation of the head of the newborn without changing the natural curve of the neck. Such a pillow can be easily made by hand, using a special latex, cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or buckwheat husk for filling. Buckwheat produces a rather pleasant deaf rustle, but the baby may not like it.


For soft sides, you can choose the design of cotton fabric or felt application. The main thing is not to use tiny details and firmly sew on every little thing: be sure, the baby will try to tear off the appliqué when it can reach it.

Crib frame


The decor of the backs of the crib represents a wide field for creativity. You can decorate it with original ornament, floral pattern, stylized as art deco or print of cartoon characters. Paintwork is an easy way to bring something interesting to ordinary children's furniture. The décor is harmless with acrylic or silicone paints: they dry quickly and practically do not smell.


The decor looks originally as ready-made applications on a self-adhesive basis - they are very easy to use and stay on the coating for a long time. Many different print options, from a variety of patterns to all the favorite characters of domestic and foreign cartoons. Do not use rhinestones and stones: they are quite easy to peel off, tear off and swallow. Children are curious, they strive to taste everything, whether it be iridescent rhinestones or nacreous sparkling pebbles.


For him, the actual design of embroidery. You should not do decor colors on textiles: they eventually begin to peel off and fly around. Embroidery in the corners of pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers, made by hand, has long been used as amulets for children. This can be a simple ethnic pattern or a full-fledged complex embroidery. The main thing - that the baby does not interfere. Beadwork looks spectacular, but can injure the baby.

Decor elements must be practical, harmless and easy to fade. The first four years should be refrained from fine details: glued eyes of home-made toys, small interior details, buttons and beads. For a newborn baby, you need natural materials that are hypoallergenic and hygienic, contain a minimum of chemistry and are toxic free.