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Children's room layout: secrets of a parent

We all sooner or later think about how to make a children's room in the house comfortable, beautiful and functional. After all, it is necessary to take into account a large number of different nuances, such as the number of children, their age, gender, wishes and preferences, as well as the size of the nursery itself. It is through the correct approach to the planning of the children's room and the creation of a harmonious interior that the desired result can be achieved.

In this article we will tell you about all the intricacies of creating the layout of the children's room in the house, we will reveal all the secrets of professional zoning of the room and the beautiful, and most importantly functional design. In addition, we consider all possible options for the planning of a child's room, based on various requirements. And, of course, we'll give you a lot of simple, and at the same time interesting ideas for implementation.

Age approach

The layout and subsequent design of any children's room in the house primarily depend on the child's age. Indeed, for each specific age group requires its own living conditions. That is why, you first need to consider all possible options for each individual group.


For newborns, the most important thing is a comfortable and comfortable sleeping place. After all, most of their time, they either sleep or are in your arms. Accordingly, the main subject of the interior will be a cot.

It is necessary to select it very carefully, because newborn babies are sensitive to everything. First of all, the purchased bed should be made of environmentally friendly material, ideally it should be wooden. The next important quality is its functionality and convenience. The cot should be not only functional, which will significantly simplify your life, but also comfortable for the baby.

It will be reasonable to attach a newborn and a small chest of drawers to the nursery. After all, so young children very often require replacement, as bed linen, and their clothes.

Do not forget the fact that newborns require greater attention, both during the day and at night. Accordingly, it would not be superfluous to attach a small bed next to the infant’s crib. Thus, you can not only relax next to your baby during the day, but also be close at night.

As for the layout of the room itself and the placement of furniture, there are only a few moments. First, the crib should be installed so that it does not fall in direct sunlight. After all, this, at least, will interfere with your baby's healthy sleep. And secondly, do not immediately try to make the nursery as functional as possible, getting into it a lot of furniture. While the baby is growing, he needs a lot of free space, and, for example, the same wooden writing desk will be absolutely inappropriate.

If the room of the children's room has certain features, it will only benefit the child. For example, if the children's room has a balcony, you can always keep the fresh atmosphere in the room and show your child all the beauty of such a wondrous world. Well, if you are the happy owner of a bay window in the nursery, then your room will always be filled with light and warmth. However, in this case, you need to take care of the availability of high-quality curtains.

When creating an interior nursery should use only light shades. Although bright colors are allowed as additional colors. If you want to maintain a neutral atmosphere, then the best option would be to use beige wallpaper.

Do not hesitate to use a different decor. The main thing is that it is safe for the baby. Thanks to the bright and unusual elements in the nursery, the child will have an interest in learning about the world. Different curtains can be used, both on the windows and above the crib. It will look good stylized wallpaper and various applications.

Preschool age

The layout and arrangement of the room for preschool children is radically different from the previous version. After all, now they need not only a sleeping place, but also a playground, which can be a living room at the same time. Accordingly, the approach here needs a little different.

The best solution for arranging a preschooler's room will be to purchase a combination of two-tier furniture. Combining all the necessary functionality, such furniture fits perfectly into any interior, leaving enough free space for your child's active games. A rich selection of models and jewelry will allow you to make the right choice.

We should also talk about the playground and living room. Most often, to create such a playground using a variety of soft mats. With the help of such elements there is a certain zoning of the room.

If there is a bay window in the children's room, then it is most reasonable to locate the playground there. The bay window area has a visually separated space and good lighting, so necessary for babies. A balcony in such a children's room will not be superfluous either.

As for the design and interior of the preschooler's children's room, here you can already talk about the complete styling of the room, based on the interests and hobbies of your child. This approach will allow you not only to please your child with your attention, but also to make the room itself bright, colorful and very attractive. You can also arrange a room according to the philosophy of feng shui, which will allow you to fill the room properly with energy.

The ideal option would be, again, the use of stylized wallpaper. Although there are more exotic options, but still functional. These include special wallpaper, adapted for drawing.

School age

For school-age children, priorities change again. Nowadays, any modern schoolboy needs not only a bed, but also a computer and a desk. That is why here, as in the previous cases, a special approach is needed.

From the moment they start school, children are getting older, and their priorities change accordingly. And now they will give preference to a large and functional desk, rather than a playground with soft toys. So, to a certain extent, you can donate free space in exchange for comfortable and functional furniture. Especially when it comes to such specific things as the piano. But forget about the living area is not worth it.

Since children become more accurate over the years, when choosing materials one can consider more interesting options, it is not necessary to dwell on wooden textures. A popular solution today is the use of various plastic models. After all, they combine lightness, compactness and great functionality, which is very important for a maturing child.

Now, on the same bay window, it will be wise to place the writing desk, because the greatest amount of natural light is concentrated there, which will fruitfully affect the activities of your child. You can also leave the bay window free, placing all the furniture along the walls. This approach is often used in elongated areas, which allows you to create a corridor of light.

The process of creating an interior is best done with your child., Who will not only tell you his wishes, but also help you to carry out all your plans exactly as he sees himself. After all, in the end, he will have to live in this room, not you, so you can safely embody all his dreams into reality. Even if such dreams include installing the piano.

Large options

A separate topic is worth discussing and having many children options. Of course, a lot - the concept is quite extensive, so we will consider variations with two children in the same room. It assumes a fundamentally different approach to the planning of a child’s room, because it is necessary not only to create coziness and convenience, but also to conduct a competent zoning of the room in order to create a certain personal space for each of your children and leave space for the living room.

It is best to produce zoning in narrow rectangular rooms. The material for the separation can serve as a screen, and decorated curtains. Furniture and multi-level zoning floors are not recommended.

Children's room for boys

Undoubtedly, the layout and interior design of the room depend primarily on the age of the brothers. Indeed, in childhood they have the same interests and preferences, and as they grow, they change.

But, anyway, it is necessary to carry out zoning of the room, because the presence of personal space is extremely necessary for each child. However, zoning options are very dependent on the area of ​​the children's room, but in general, the following is considered the most optimal zoning:

  • Two sleeping areas.
  • Two working areas.
  • One recreation area.

Sleeping areas can be equipped in different ways. It all depends on the chosen furniture. The most common options are the use of either two small separate beds, or one - bunk. In the first case, more free space is needed. However, better zoning can be done by dividing the beds into a partition. As a bedroom separator, you can use the same curtains. In the second case, if you install a bunk bed, you get more room for other design solutions, without losing the functionality of the bedroom.

Work areas, in any case, must be carefully divided. After all, boys, most often, are active, and they simply can interfere with each other during classes. However, with modern choice of furniture, I think, there will be no particular problems. The main focus here is on the selection of a compact and functional table. You can also consider the use of folding options. They need to be placed separately, the best option would be to make each boy a separate corner. Often, along with the screen, used for zoning and curtains.

You can do a common recreation area or a living room, because it is much more fun to relax and play together. Here the main emphasis should be placed on its safety. Have guys are dominated by active games, respectively, are simply inevitable there will be various falls and bruises.

The best option would be to place a nursery in a room with a balcony. This is especially true of the boys room. Because of their active lifestyle, they simply need a large supply of fresh air. If in the children's room there is a bay window, and the dimensions of the room allow, then the best option would be to divide the whole room into two halves. Thus, everyone will have their own clear personal space. Such options are appropriate in any narrow rooms.

As for creating an interior, here it is necessary to take into account the wishes of both guys. Ideally, you need to find a certain compromise that will suit each of them, and in accordance with this, and carry out a full styling of the room. Neutral options are not recommended to use, because the children will already not be psychologically easy to live together, but with the help of stylization you will bring a certain note of diversity into their daily lives.

Children's room for girls

In general, to equip a children's room for two girls will be no more difficult than the previous case. You can even act by analogy, but you need to take into account some of the nuances, in particular, as in the previous case, feng shui will not work here.

If the boys do not find a common language of work among themselves, then it’s hard for the girls to live together. Here it is necessary to more clearly distinguish between the personal space of each of the daughters, especially the sleeping areas, giving them the necessary psychological comfort. Do not forget about creating a common living area. If you can choose the room itself, give preference to a narrow but elongated room.

The first thing that needs to be learned is that there should not be any large-sized furniture in the nursery. It negatively affects the psychological state of girls. Focus on compact and functional furniture and various textile décor, at least on curtains.

Further, girls, though not as active as boys, but at an early age still require space for their activity. And do not limit them in this, various accessories and decor should not interfere with their active games. So in advance it is worth taking care of creating a playground.

Unlike boys, two girls harder to adapt to living together. Accordingly, in a hurry with the zoning of the room is also not worth it. Let the sisters try different options, experiment, and you, in the end, realize the most optimal. This will not only help maintain a common language for girls, but also, to a certain extent, will accustom them to order.

When it comes to creating a certain interior or a complete styling of a child’s room, then, as is the case with two boys, here it is necessary to take into account the preferences and wishes of both children. With the help of a balcony or a bay window, you will have more opportunities, especially if the children's room is narrow. This process is one of the most difficult, but at the same time creative and fascinating. However, if you can find an option that suits everyone, and then, together with your daughters, implement it, you can be completely sure of its suitability.

Children's room for heterosexual children

One of the special cases is the presence of two children of the same sex. To equip a children's room for them is no more difficult than in other cases. The main thing is to understand the two fundamental principles:

  • Mandatory zoning of the room.
  • Common and at the same time different styling.

In the case of children of different sexes, the zoning of the room is a priority. You must agree that it will not be easy for your brother and sister to live in the same room; in any case, they need personal space. The most common option would be to achieve this by splitting a room in half. In this case, the sleeping area must be separated by partitions or at least curtains. You can leave space for a common playground and living area, which is no less important, even if your children are different-sex.

If you want to make a single styling of the room, then you need to use the general theme of your hobbies of different sexes. An example of this can serve as children, decorated in the style of the jungle, but such options are good only for small heterosexual children. The best solution would be to visually divide the room with the help of colors and decor.

As for the design of the walls, in this case, you can use two different types of wallpaper. Due to this, it is possible to emphasize the created zones in the room. However, it is worth remembering that it is better not to go far from the chosen style.

Children's room for children of different ages

If you leave the psychological question of living for two children of different ages, then there are no problems here. It is only necessary, again, with the help of room zoning to clearly delimit the areas.

If we are talking about adults and small children, perhaps even different sexes, then from the point of view of functionality, each of them will need their own specific furniture and space. A bunk bed here will be inappropriate, it is best to purchase two separate ones. Moreover, you can pick them up based on the size and preferences of your children. For the younger child, you can equip the playground. At the same time, it is necessary not to forget about the zoning of each child’s bedroom, especially if your children are opposite-sex. Curtains are best suited, especially if the children's room is narrow, but the wallpaper in this case can be used in the same style.

With regard to the storage of personal belongings, the older child would be wiser to place their goods higher, respectively, the baby will keep their belongings at the bottom, within their reach. This will help teach the younger child to order and instill in him an understanding of personal space.