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Pros and cons of acrylic bath: a few ideas for any interior

Equipping his home, everyone wants to achieve maximum comfort and comfort. With particular trepidation and warmth, we approach the creation of a bathroom interior, the installation of sewage and plumbing systems, the choice of functional and stylish sanitary equipment, so that they please us with uninterrupted work and a beautiful appearance. A special place in the interior is taken by the bath, the variety of types of which today is simply amazing. Bath can be cast iron, steel or acrylic. Moreover, these baths can vary considerably in their form, which is especially true for an acrylic bath.

Bath Features

The plumbing revolution has completely turned the notion of bathroom attributes. Today, it is an acrylic bathtub made of more plastic and lightweight materials that is gaining increasing popularity. And it is not surprising, because the acrylic bath in the interior will look more elegant because of its attractive forms. And here even the traditional cast-iron bath gives in to acrylic.

Steel bath traditionally has the shape of a trough. Despite its affordable price, durability and lightness, it has a high brittleness of the coating and high heat transfer. The cast-iron bath in this sense is better than steel, but even according to certain parameters, it loses with acrylic. The cast iron bath is characterized by its standard configuration, durability and reliability, but it is very heavy. In addition, the cast-iron bath will hardly be able to decorate the interior with its shape. This can not be said about acrylic.

Products made of acrylic constantly delight the inhabitants of a variety of sizes and elegant forms, light weight and perfect design, as well as the ability to retain heat. These characteristics are achieved thanks to the vacuum technology of hot stamping. The resulting models attract as a result:

  • elegance of form;
  • ergonomics;
  • possibility of quick and easy installation;
  • amazing ability to take the natural parameters of a person - this is evidenced, for example, by a comfortable elevation under the head, a hollow for the shoulders and head, a ribbed surface under the heels.


Acrylic bath can be any size. At the same time, they withstand a lot of obese people and are very durable, despite the apparent external fragility.

Advantages of acrylic bath:

  • light weight - about 15-25 kg;
  • various shapes, colors and sizes of baths;
  • minimal heat loss;
  • chipping resistance and minimal heat loss;
  • ease of scratching;
  • durability.


  • abrasive cleaning is prohibited;
  • the ability to easily spoil the appearance - with a sharp metal object or a dropped non-extinguished cigarette.

Acrylic Bathtub Selection

In the interior of the bathroom acrylic bath should look perfect and in accordance with the chosen design. Therefore, you should be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. Choosing a modern product from acrylic for bathroom arrangement, you will need to take into account the available usable floor space, because it will become the basis for determining the required size of an acrylic bath. You should also carefully study the design parameters, in particular the thickness - the most reliable and sturdy structures are made from acrylic sheets with a thickness of at least 5-6 mm.
  2. Sturdy models include several layers of reinforcement.
  3. Good flexibility - the design with the pressure on the bottom will not sag.
  4. The presence of glossy shine, which is characteristic only of acrylic samples.
  5. Color uniformity. On the cheap and low-quality raw materials for the production of acrylic will indicate the presence of divorces. Such a product is definitely not worth buying.
  6. The degree of transparency - the material of acrylic is opaque, so the side of the structure in the light will not appear through the light.
  7. Smooth surface - high-quality acrylic bath has no various roughness and dents, regardless of size.
  8. A simple form of configuration indicates the use of fairly thick and high-quality sheets of acrylic.
  9. Too low cost of the product should cause suspicion - there is a chance that this bath is made of ordinary plastic, which is treated with a layer of acrylic.

Which model to choose

Modern manufacturers offer very diverse models. However, regardless of the color solution and style, an elegant asymmetrical acrylic bathtub will be selected, which ideally will find its place in almost any interior. Such models are an excellent solution for small bathrooms, because an acrylic asymmetric bathtub will take a little less space than a standard model. If the area of ​​the bathroom is large, then in this case, you can choose a spacious bath, made in a complex shape. Such a bath will become the basis, an interior will be created around it.

If there is practically no place, then you should look at the compact model. For example, an asymmetric bathtub with a length of 90 cm is suitable. In such a “baby”, of course, you cannot lie down with comfort, but you can diversify hygiene procedures. Bathtubs 135 cm long are suitable for small areas. With their help, you can even make a bathroom with a modest area comfortable. Asymmetric bath 150 is perfect for medium-sized rooms. Depending on the model, the width of the models is different. Bath capacity is determined by the wall thickness and its depth.

For spacious bathrooms it is possible to choose bathrooms longer than 180 cm. In this case, it would be appropriate to install double-seater models that fit more than 1000 liters. The shape of the bath is determined by the desire of the owners and the area of ​​the bathroom. So, in spacious rooms you can take a hexagonal or round bath, because such models need a lot of space. But asymmetric and angular acrylic baths are perfect for hygienic premises of any size.