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Castle laminate: the principle of installation and visible benefits (24 photos)


Laminate flooring is the most progressive flooring of the last decade. Manufacturers offer numerous varieties of this material, both in design and in overall dimensions. Every year the production technology of this flooring develops; a vinyl laminate with a lock joint, featuring unparalleled moisture resistance, went on sale. The competition to it was quartz-vinyl laminate, which became a continuation of quartz-vinyl tile. This material is characterized by high wear resistance, moisture resistance and original design. Despite the variety, all types of locking laminate are distinguished by simple installation technology. Anyone can do the laying, and the final result of the work always impresses with its magnificent design and perfect surface geometry.



What is a castle laminate?

Laminate flooring was originally created according to the prototype of tongue-and-groove flooring with the thorn-groove system. Its presence made it possible to connect the boards with virtually no seam, creating monolithic surfaces that are most convenient to use. The only drawback of such floors was sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Another notable drawback was the high cost of flooring made from exotic woods. Synthetic materials, which are distinguished by geometry stability, moisture resistance, various designs, helped to get rid of all these problems. A problem place of the laminate was the adhesive system for connecting the panels. She demanded a lot of attention during installation, and the laid laminate did not have a long service life. The stitches diverged, water got into, the base swelled and the floor lost its appearance.



The advantages of the castle laminate

Simplified laying of the laminate flooring is not the only advantage of this type of flooring. Among the main advantages:

  • high rates of work;
  • lack of "wet" processes when laying;
  • the possibility of self-styling without the involvement of qualified personnel;
  • variety of collections;
  • availability in the range of moisture resistant coatings;
  • high quality connections;
  • extended service life;
  • affordable price;
  • availability in the range of exclusive collections.

You can use the castle laminate in any rooms and premises for commercial use. It is only necessary to correctly select the material, guided by the rules for choosing the floor covering, depending on the class of durability.

Laying the lock laminate is simple, thanks to the original fixation system, which allows you to securely connect the panels to each other. Despite the seeming simplicity to develop a lock for the laminate is not easy. Leading manufacturers of floor coverings spend on this significant funds, and the results of the work necessarily patent. Many companies prefer to use such patented developments, but at the same time deduct significant amounts for copyright from sales of laminate. Own lock connection of a laminate - the privilege of leaders of the industry.

There are several systems of locks, the most popular are:

  • Lock is the first development on the market, which provided a simple and effective connection of the panels, during the installation process, the panels are laid one after the other and drive a spike into the groove. The shape of these elements is such that when wedging, the spike is securely fixed in the groove, and one panel cannot be detached from the other without breaking the lock;
  • Click - a more advanced system, the shape of the spike and groove is such that one panel into the other has to be inserted at a 45-degree angle and snap into place, pressing it to the floor. This flooring can be disassembled and reassembled again, since the locks do not break;
  • 5G - the original locking system, characterized by reliability and ease of fixation. For this, there is a special “tongue” at its end, which attracts panels in width and length to each other;
  • ProLock - Pergo's locking system, featuring triple locking and additional lock protection with specially designed water repellents;
  • Uniclick is a system developed by Belgian engineers from Quick-Step, the installation is carried out at an angle of 30 degrees, while the quality of the laminated floor is perfect.

Egger, Balterio, Classen, Witex, Tarkett developed their locking systems, they differ not only in the spike and groove shape, but also in strength characteristics, moisture resistance, speed of installation.



Types of castle laminate

Manufacturers produce household and commercial locking laminate of all classes of wear resistance. This allows you to select products for city apartments, country houses, offices, shops and shopping centers. The range of panels of different lengths and widths, there are collections that resemble parquet in size, and there is a laminate that is not inferior in size to a massive floorboard. All this allows you to create on the floor an original drawing imitating palace halls or the floor of a village hut. Thanks to this, designers can work with this floor to create a variety of styles in the interior.

Manufacturers offer dozens of types of laminate, the surface of which imitates the rarest varieties of wood. At the same time, the cost of the material of one brand is practically the same: the flooring “rosewood” or “merbau” is sold at the same price as “pine” or “birch”. In addition to natural wood, laminate can imitate stone or ceramic tiles.



The simplicity of laying laminate and its aesthetic qualities were quickly appreciated by consumers, this flooring was used in all rooms of the house, except for the bath and the bathroom. At the heart of the material is the HDF panel, it is highly moisture resistant, but still, with constant contact with water, it slightly swells. For the castle laminate it is critical, because, first of all, the fixing system of the panels fails. Attempts to process the lock with moisture-repellent impregnations allowed developing collections that are relevant to the kitchen - rooms with high humidity. With constant contact with water, such locks still lose their properties over time. This forced the engineers to pay attention to such material as polyvinyl chloride.




Vinyl is produced from linoleum, which attracts with its excellent moisture-resistant characteristics. PVC laminate is not inferior to it, the base of which is made of this polymeric material. To reduce the cost of production and reduce the weight of the main plate has a honeycomb structure. It can easily withstand the weight of a person, but is afraid of point impact loads. You can use PVC laminate in the bathroom, bathroom and in the kitchen, on the outdoor terraces and near the pools.



Insufficiently high characteristics of moisture-resistant laminate were eliminated with the advent of quartz laminate. It appeared on the basis of quartz-vinyl tiles, the original material consisting of 80% quartz sand, the particles of which were interconnected by PVC. The tile was distinguished by high strength, ability to withstand shock loads, and the decorative layer was protected from mechanical damage by polyurethane. This tile pleased usability, but it was difficult to mount. The material has turned into a highly specialized product, which could only work with professionals.



Manufacturers managed to combine the benefits of tile and laminate, so there was a quartz-vinyl castle laminate, the laying of which became available to any home craftsman. These panels can be laid not only in shopping centers, but also in airports, train stations and production workshops. Laying quartz vinyl laminate is not different in technology from the installation of conventional panels based on HDF.



Castle laminate is a practical, aesthetically attractive material offered by suppliers in a wide price range. It is possible to choose this production for the budgetary repair of "Khrushchev" and exclusive finishing of a fashionable mansion. The range of manufacturers - moisture-resistant types of lock laminate that can withstand the leakage of water in the bathroom. All this makes this type of flooring the most popular on the market of finishing materials.