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Parquet repair: how to assess the degree of damage to the coating and to carry out the restoration


Parquet is always an interior decoration. Careful care will help to preserve the beauty and warmth of the tree for a long time. If there are some scuffs / scratches on the floor, it is advisable to immediately eliminate them.

Types of natural coating damage

Of course, it is impossible to describe all the problems that may arise in a wooden floor. Damage can be divided into repairable and non-repairable.



Can not be repaired:

  • extreme thinning of the top decorative layer after a scraping;
  • the presence of significant cracks in the wooden plate;
  • break the castle at the blackboard.

The appearance of recent defects may be caused by violation of the rules for laying parquet. When laying a new floor it is important to take into account past mistakes and correct them.

Restoration work is advisable for the following damage:

  • violation of the upper decorative layer (if the structure of the board is not affected);
  • minor chips.

To restore the floor, you can use several methods. How to make a parquet repair with your own hands is determined by the nature of the damage.



Over time, wood changes color — it becomes darker and less attractive. Periodically you have to update the color. This process is simple and does not require special skills.

  1. Removed plinth.
  2. Using a scraper / sander, the old varnish is removed. For high-quality work it is recommended to use an angle grinder. As an alternative - the use of building hair dryer. A jet of hot air warms up the lacquer layer and just remove it with a spatula.
  3. The surface is thoroughly vacuumed.
  4. For elimination of strong roughnesses on a surface pass a grinder with a sandpaper of fine granularity. The entire floor is re-vacuum cleaned perfectly.
  5. If it was planned to change the shade of the floor, then at this stage the wood is treated with wood stain and left to dry.
  6. With the help of a brush or roller, the first lacquer layer is applied (the movements of the brush repeat the lines of the arrangement of the wood fibers). After drying, the floor is ground with zero sandpaper and vacuumed.

It is recommended to apply approximately 8-9 coats of varnish. In this case, all stages of restoration are strictly carried out: from using a vacuum cleaner to grinding the surface.

For the final drying of the lacquer layers will take at least three days. While we are restoring the floor, we tightly close the doors and windows to eliminate the draft. The optimum air temperature in the room should be 17–22 ° C, and the humidity should be in the range of 40–70%.

Restoration of scratches on the floor with their own hands

Such damage occurs most often when moving furniture or in the presence of animals in the apartment. Repair the floor in several ways. Minor surface damage is repaired with a repair kit for block parquet or wax. Deep scratches of considerable width are removed in several stages.



First, the surface is cleaned from varnish. Then the restored areas are carefully looped. It may not be possible to repair the damage from one time, therefore in the right place it is advisable to wipe several times.

The entire area of ​​the room slowly and gently vacuumed, covered with a decorative protective composition. All stages of varnishing floors carried out several times.



How to eliminate potholes and chips?

In the manufacture of parquet usually use hardwood (oak, maple, ash, hornbeam). However, with strong shocks, you may even need to restore oak parquet. During restoration work, the following actions are performed:

  • old varnish is removed and areas to be restored are established;
  • surface cycle. At the same time, the wood is removed in such a thickness to eliminate gaps and irregularities. In the event of a non-uniform shade, the surface must be recycled again;
  • To eliminate the chipping using putty. In order to mask the recovered area, fine wood dust obtained from scraping parquet can be added to the mixture. For applying the composition using a wide spatula.

As soon as the putty dries, you can begin the procedures for grinding and varnishing the floor.

How to remove swollen parquet areas

Such defects in the apartment can periodically manifest. If we exclude flooding or wetting of the area of ​​the floor, it means that in the process of laying violations of the technology of work were committed.

Local parquet repair can be done as follows:

  • the site of damage is heated by a building hairdryer until glue / mastic smells appear;
  • They put a board of appropriate size on the floor and put a weight of at least 10 kg on it. The whole structure is left to stand for about a day;
  • then the structure is removed and the repaired surface is evaluated. If the irregularity remains, the procedure is repeated.

The reason for the expansion of wood may be the lack of cracks near the walls around the perimeter of the room. To prevent further blistering of wood, it is recommended to disassemble the entire parquet, leave it to dry completely in a natural way. Then the floor covering is repaired.



Restoration of old deformed slats

Often in the floor there are separate broken plates (or lagged behind the base). To correct such damages, make the restoration of an old parquet:

  • the lacquer layer is removed and dangling wooden elements are detected;
  • if there are more than 4 mm gaps between the planks, then the strips should be changed (since they have dried out much). In cases where the distances between the individual strips are small, they can simply be glued. To do this, squeeze the glue under the slats and leave to sleep under a press;
  • single broken planks are knocked out with a chisel or a hammer (the bar is split in the middle and the remnants are removed). With the help of a chisel dried old glue is removed;
  • on the new plate, the protruding spike is cut off, and it is adjusted to the required size;
  • glue is applied to the base of the floor. The plate is inserted in such a way that its groove fits on the protrusion of the adjacent plank and firmly pressed to the floor;
  • The restored area is covered with a plate and left overnight under pressure;
  • parquet repair ends with putty, polishing, varnishing.

A known disadvantage of parquet is creaking. Causes of unpleasant sounds can be loose tabs, voids under a layer of wood. If the entire floor squeaks, it must be shifted anew, observing all the stages of the restoration. To eliminate individual voids, it is necessary to drill a squeaky bar and carry glue under the cover.

Sometimes the deformation of the decorative coating may be caused by an increase / accumulation of moisture in the basement under the parquet. In this case, repairing the parquet with your own hands will consist in dismantling it and laying the vapor barrier on the floor. These measures will prevent damage to the floor in the future.



To extend the life of a natural floor, it is recommended to periodically restore its decorative surface layer. To do this, the surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove traces of dust, grease and dirt. Apply a new protective layer. Moreover, the places that have a more intense load can be covered with two layers of varnish.

If you have doubts in your abilities, then it is better to turn to professionals in advance. That specialist will be able to correctly assess the degree of damage and make a quality repair.