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Sofa in the hallway: create a maximum of comfort at the minimum (23 photos)


The entrance hall is the first room that greets guests. It may not be as important as the living room or the kitchen, but it is thanks to it that the initial impression of the apartment, the house is formed, therefore the design of the hallway should correspond to the style of the apartment. Not always at the stage of repair the future use of a sofa or stools is assumed. However, it is difficult to deny the comforts and order that a sofa with a pedestal in the hallway creates.



Rules for choosing a sofa in the hallway

Before choosing a decent model, you must clearly know the size of the room. If the entrance door opens into the interior, it is important to leave a free space necessary for the free movement of the door leaf.

The entrance hall is a room in which the rules for creating an organic design must be observed, therefore it is taken into account that a beautiful and fancy sofa, despite all the sophistication, will look ridiculous in a modest room with regular repairs.

Even if the area of ​​the room is large enough, do not overload it with extra furniture. It is inappropriate in the hallway with a chair and a small table to put another sofa.



From the models you like, you should give preference to the most functional item that will allow you to comfortably fit, put a bag or hide shoes.

Varieties of hallway furniture

The most comfortable and familiar to see in the corridor at the entrance is the sofa. You can conditionally highlight the following forms:

  • A bench is a product with a narrow seat for several people, with a high back (or without). Four legs are used as a support for the seat;
  • a bench - a small bench without a back with a soft seat;
  • sofa-curbstone - a product with a shoe box (closed or with open shelves) with a soft seat.

It is possible to create comfort and make the atmosphere more comfortable with other models of furniture: an armchair, an ottoman for the hallway.

The choice of material for the sofa

Manufacturers of furniture offer products that have a small depth, with rounded or rectangular surfaces that are easy to fit into a compact space. Most often for a hall choose sofas forged, made of wood, wicker from a rod.






Wooden products will perfectly fit into the design of country or classic styles. Models can have threaded patterns, be painted or coated with clear lacquer. Mini sofa in the hallway usually has a back and seat upholstered in fabric or leather. For maximum convenience and comfort, the product is equipped with a small shelf, table, drawer or cabinet for shoes. Sofas in the hall are made of different wood species, which affects the price. However, it is quite possible to choose a stylish budget option.




Wicker products are usually produced in the form of a bench without a back. An excellent variant of the combined sofa is a bench made of wood and equipped with wicker boxes. Similar furniture options are suitable for country styles, Provence. Perfectly complement the Mediterranean or Scandinavian style benches of light wood or painted with white paint.



Furniture upholstery

A small sofa in the hallway gives it a homely cozy look. Upholstery can act as a link to the interior of the room. The most popular materials:

  • textiles (velor, flock, shinill, thick cotton fabric). As a rule, these fabrics are durable, resistant to fading, easy to clean;
  • Genuine leather gives the product a luxurious and sophisticated look. This is an expensive upholstery that goes well with fine woods. A large range of colors allows you to choose the model of the desired colors. Leather sofas in the hallway are suitable for the design of modern and classic styles;
  • Leatherette refers to the budget version of upholstery. This material imitates natural leather, but cannot boast a long service life, so it is not recommended to choose for rooms where there are a lot of people.




Recommendations for choosing furniture

Furniture for the hallway must meet several criteria: to be comfortable, not to take up much space, not to interfere with opening the entrance doors, to comply with the design of the hallway. Designers and furniture manufacturers advise first of all to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • reliability in operation. Perhaps it is forged products that are able to withstand the attention of animals and the large influx of guests;
  • the color scheme of the furniture should support the general background of the hallway or be a bright contrasting element of the corresponding shade. Of course, the white color expands the space and adds light to the small hallways. An elegant white sofa in the hallway perfectly decorate a small room. However, it must be remembered that the entrance hall is a place of dirty shoes, wet clothes, and the white color is very capricious in care and quickly gets dirty, so you should prefer other light shades: beige, blue, light olive;
  • when choosing the size of the product must be taken into account the geometry of the hallway. Narrow sofa will not interfere with the movement of residents. Another great option would be to install a corner sofa. In this case, the "dead" corner zone will be involved. Corner models with metal legs perfectly complement the modern style or high-tech, minimalism.

It is impossible to allocate clear rules for the arrangement of the hallway. Creating an interior and choosing furniture, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on the interests and tastes of residents.