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Curtains wallpaper: a few simple ways to manufacture (20 photos)


Interior decoration of an apartment or house, as a rule, is very costly, but after repair there are always extra materials that can be used as decorative elements. For example, from wall-paper stylish curtains turn out. Their creation will take only a couple of hours and no additional material costs.

What tools are needed?

In order to make curtains of wallpaper with their own hands, it is necessary to prepare the following materials for the work:

  • Paper canvas with a selected pattern or pattern;
  • Cardboard;
  • Wax candles. From them it is worthwhile to take out the wick beforehand;
  • Pan;
  • Brush;
  • Scissors or punch;
  • Durable thread or twine.

If one or more materials are not available, you can replace them with improvised means. For example, instead of wax candles, use paraffin.



Getting down to business

Curtains are made of wallpaper in several stages. We give their description:

  1. First you need to lay out on the table cardboard, corresponding in width and length to future curtains.
  2. Next, heat a wax or paraffin candle in a saucepan and apply a liquid consistency to the cardboard with quick motions.
  3. Attach a sheet of wallpaper to the cardboard until the wax hardens.
  4. Heat the remaining paraffin again and brush the wallpaper paper on top.
  5. Take the second sheet of wallpaper and apply it on the paraffin over the first layer.
  6. To maximize the connection of paper on all layers, iron the paper with an iron. This allows the wax to soak the paper and evenly distribute between it.
  7. On the other hand, where the cardboard is visible, it is necessary to carry out the same actions. Thus, in general, the curtains will consist of four layers of wallpaper and one inner cardboard layer.
  8. Take a hole punch or scissors. Make holes in future twine curtains or thread.

Ropes can perform as a function of fastening to the curtain or any other basis, and to be a way to lift the curtains up.

If after repair there are vinyl wallpaper, then you should use another method of manufacturing curtains. It is more acceptable for heavy sheets. You will need double-sided tape, glue, fishing line and awl, scissors and a ruler.

How to make curtains with these tools?

  • Fold the paper sheet with an accordion, after putting the marks in pencil in the places where there will be folds. Use a ruler to avoid distortions.
  • Curtains need fasteners, so glue the upper folds together.
  • Make holes in the paper for fishing line or lace, on which the curtain will be collected.
  • At the bottom of the curtains you need to put a limiter for the lace. It will not allow the collected canvas to fall down. The limiter can be a regular button, which exceeds the size of the hole in the paper.

This option for making curtains is much simpler and takes less time than the first one. Hand-made curtains can be attached to the cornice with hooks.



Types of paper curtains

Currently, several variations of wallpaper curtains are invented. Among them are blinds, roman blinds, rolls and panels.

Paper blinds

Blinds from wallpaper is the most common case of decorating the interior of residential apartments, offices and coffee shops. We give a step by step instructions for creating blinds.

  1. Measure the window glass on which the paper curtains will be placed and add 25% to the window length. This calculation will allow you to find out how much wallpaper will be required for ready-made blinds.
  2. Take a lace or ribbon along the length of the curtains with an allowance for knots or bows.
  3. Cut off the part of the wallpaper you need to fold the accordion. At the same time, the gap from the fold to the fold should not exceed 3-5 cm, since the wider bands will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Also, as in the previous cases, using a hole punch or an awl, it is necessary to make holes and insert laces into them. To increase the life of the blinds, you need to glue tape on the back of the places where the thread or fishing line will be held to maintain the curtains.
  5. On the upper step of the blinds, which is attached to the window, you will need to stick double-sided tape. He will hold not only the paper sheet, but the strings threaded into it.
  6. At the bottom of the strip, if desired, double-sided tape can also be glued to decorate the edge. In the frame of the bottom use lace ribbon or braid.
  7. To open and close the blinds, you need a latch with one opening. As an ornament on the end of the lace you can hang a large bead.

Make such curtains under the power of any hostess. The main thing is to keep in stock a few free hours.




Roller blinds

Rolled curtains also have a lot in common with roman blinds and blinds. However, their distinguishing feature lies in the rope mechanism, thanks to which the canvas is wound onto the rod when lifting.

For the manufacture of rolled curtains will require two wallpaper canvas of the same size, 2 laces, slats, a stapler for furniture, a cornice made of wood and ribbons for garters. Manufacturing blinds is a little more complicated than in previous cases.

To begin with, you should sew or glue wallpaper fabrics so that you get a bag. Further, the wallpaper is turned out, and their joints are added. The weight is placed in the cut, which is then sealed or stitched. The upper part of the curtains and garters with a stapler is fixed to the wooden cornice.



Curtains panels

This type of curtain will require a frame of wood. Usually, bars are taken with a section of 3x3 cm. Metal corners and screws are used in their connection. The frame dimensions are determined independently depending on the window parameters.

Wallpaper paper is cut into ribbons that are attached to the frames with a gap of 3-4 cm. Screws are screwed into the panel above. Here you should pay attention to the fact that they do not need to be brought to the end by about 5 cm. Next, a cornice is attached to the ceiling with drilled holes at equidistant distances, correlated with the intervals between the screws. Thus, the screws hold the entire structure on the window.



Advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper curtains

Among the advantages of curtains of wallpaper is to highlight the main ones:

  • The availability of materials and ease of manufacture design. For self-installation in the apartment they do not need to purchase special tools.
  • Paper blinds are great to hold onto both plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Curtains made from wallpaper look good on windows of any size, because their width and length are easy to adjust.
  • They will become indispensable during periods of lengthy repairs or travels, since in case of damage they are not a pity to throw out, and it will not be difficult to make new ones.
  • Suitable for use in summer cottages or on balconies in spring and summer. Due to the bright sunlight, expensive fabric curtains can lose their beauty. For this reason, it is much more convenient to close the windows with wallpaper curtains.
  • Paper curtains in the interior look great both independently and in combination with curtains and fabric curtains.



Considering the disadvantages of wallpaper curtains, it is worth noting the following disadvantages of their use:

  • Short service life. They quickly fade in the sun and lose their shape in just a few months.
  • With a high location or a large width of the window opening, it is quite difficult to adjust them.
  • It is impossible to clear from accumulation of dust without damaging.

Describing the types, methods of design, advantages and disadvantages of curtains made of paper should be said that you can create a stylish interior without unnecessary material costs.