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How to use the curtains of gold color in the interior? (23 pictures)


Golden curtains in the interior of an apartment, home or even office are quite common. Golden color is associated with luxury and wealth. He brings into the house not only a feeling of warmth and comfort, but also visually makes the room wider, more spacious and lighter. You can hang such curtains in any room, if you think over the details of the interior to the smallest detail, choose the appropriate fabric, pattern or patterns, as well as choose the appropriate accessories.



Nuances of application

The golden color has a lot of cold and warm shades - from pale gilding to bright ocher color. Such a rich gamma allows you to choose curtains of different textures, models, types and methods of fastening. Here are some basic tips that will help you pick up the golden curtains and organically match them with the interior of the room and decor items:

  • They are good for decorating large and tall windows, as well as huge halls.
  • Translucent golden fabric is perfect for visual expansion of small spaces.
  • For small windows in the bathroom and in the kitchen, the most suitable option would be the curtains of light golden color.
  • Minimalism in the trend, so do not stop the choice on the curtains with an abundance of brilliant ornaments or patterns.
  • For curtains of gold color the length from the ceiling to the floor is ideal.

To maintain a uniform interior style, it is important to place other decorative items of similar shades in the room.

Despite the fact that this color is universal, there are certain combinations in which the use of gold curtains in the interior is unacceptable. Here are some of these cases:

  • Designers do not recommend hanging golden tulle under the same shade of the curtains.
  • Unacceptable length, not reaching the floor. It is also not customary to use them without a light curtain.
  • It is better not to use such portieres for irregularly shaped windows.
  • Do not buy curtains of gold color with a pattern if you do not want to achieve the visual effect of reducing space.
  • Gold and silver color is not used in the interior together, so you should take care to exclude silver shades from the room.
  • It is not necessary to fill the room where the golden curtains hang, with small details. Otherwise, the interior may look too elaborate.

When decorating the interior should pay attention to both the layout of the apartment, and to their own preferences.




What colors do gold curtains go together

Golden color has excellent combinatorial capabilities, but it is best to use with it only one or two other shades. Contrast colors such as:

  • Red and red-brown tones. The combination of gold and red gamma will add festivity to the interior. This option is suitable for decorating the living room for the New Year.
  • The black. The background of black and gold contrast creates a presentable and solemn interior. For this reason, black is often used in decorating the premises where official events of large companies are held.
  • Brown and copper. In relation to the gold gamut, this color is recognized by interior designers as the best possible combination.
  • The tandem of purple and gold is suitable for those who are not afraid of experiments.
  • Burgundy This color can create tastelessness in the interior when sorting with its quantity, therefore it is often used only in patterns on double curtains.
  • Shades of green. They muffle the bombast of gold, making the space of the room soft and refined.
  • Blue-violet. This deep color when combined with gold is used in recreation areas, as it gives a pacifying effect.
  • Blue. In combination with gold, blue has two functions: it emphasizes bright luster and brings dynamism to the interior.

With a skillful selection of colors, in conjunction with gold curtains can be used tulle any other shades, depending on the decor of the room.



Where to hang the curtains of gold color?

Any of the premises, be it a study, a restaurant or a living room, will be filled with coziness and warmth thanks to shining curtains. Most impressively, this color looks when combined with airy and subtle textures, as well as with plain materials.




In the living room

Golden curtains in the interior of the guest room are designed to create ease and high spirits. They organically fit both in the classical direction and in Art Deco. Given the style, the curtains can be emphasized with such accessories and elements as:

  • Lambrequins;
  • Tacks;
  • Edging;
  • Lining;
  • Contrast tissue lines;
  • Drapery.

In the living room will look spectacular double-sided curtains with warm red tones. An example would be a fabric with a golden sheen on the inside and a burgundy color on the face. When using clips, the gold color will only be partially visible. This approach will avoid the effect of excessive luxury.





On the kitchen

Rolled curtains will be in this room the best of options, because the main requirement for decorating the kitchen interior is, first of all, in its functionality, safety and practicality. Both monophonic rolled curtains and patterned curtains will organically fit into the kitchen space.

It is also appropriate to use asymmetrical curtains with gold patterns, Roman or cotton curtains.