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Peach curtains in the room: create an appetizing interior (21 photos)


Creating a modern stylish image of your home, we reflect on the choice of colors for walls, furniture and textiles. So, widespread in the interior today received a peach color. He can be in charge of finishing the room or harmoniously complement it in detail (vases, photo frames, pillows). In this case peach curtains will be a good solution. Passing sunlight through itself, window textiles of such a hue will fill the space of your home with warmth and coziness, and on gloomy days, any interior will be perfectly revived.




Why peach color is suitable for window decoration

This color has many shades that differ in saturation. Some of them are bright and warm, others, on the contrary, pale and cold. Choosing light curtains of peach color, you can create an aura of peace and tranquility. In such an environment it is good to rest, relaxing after a hard day's work. More saturated tones act differently: they tone up, raise our mood, as if charging us with the energy of the sun's rays. In any case, peach window textiles successfully combined with daylight, especially on sunny days.




What colors can be combined curtains of this color

All tones of peach curtains can be combined in the interior with the following colors:

  • White. Against its background, the color of ripe peach will look especially beneficial, even festive. You can add a chocolate color to the combination of white with peach. This is clearly a pleasing to the eye solution.
  • Coral, pink, crimson. This option is different flashiness, a certain solemnity. However, it is important to balance similar textiles with lighter spots in the interior.
  • Turquoise and lime. These two colors perfectly complement the peach. So, you can use curtains with a print of a similar color in the kitchen or in the children's room.
  • Beige gray, lemon plus peach. Choosing a similar option, you can achieve an interesting effect. The interior will look original and stylish.

It is also permissible to make a composition of different shades of peach textiles, using them in the same space. For example: pale tulle plus rich, thick curtains the color of ripe fruit.

When combining these or other colors of furniture, floor, textiles, it is necessary to take into account the intensity of the colors of the curtains. When they are bright (closer to orange or terracotta), the walls should be made much paler. If, on the contrary, the curtains are translucent, their shade is closer to yellow, you can safely use peach wallpaper or upholstered furniture in the decoration.



Rooms where it is worth using peach-colored textiles

This fabric color is suitable for window decoration of any of the rooms in your home:

  • Living room. To pick up curtains for the hall should be in accordance with the stylistic decision of the room. Peach curtains in the living room is chosen so that window textiles do not enter into dissonance with furniture, wall or floor decoration. Here you can use both neutral and rich shades of peach.
  • Lounge. It would be logical to pick up the curtains in the bedroom of delicate milky-peach shades. At the same time choose dense fabric so that it can provide sufficient darkening.
  • Kitchen. Fabric and roller blinds are equally suitable for kitchens. Do not forget about such a practical option as blinds. Peach curtains in the kitchen can improve not only the mood, but also the appetite. They can be light, airy or rather dense.
  • Children's Here the matched curtains can differ a significant variety, more courageous combinations of colors. In the nursery, you can use bright interesting patterns of curtain fabrics, in combination with light peach wallpapers.




Window textiles of peach colors are versatile. It can be used not only in the hall, kitchen or nursery, but also in the guest house, as well as in the library.




Stylistic decisions

Peach-colored curtains can be in harmony with the interior in almost any style. The only exception will be high-tech, which implies monochrome. Successfully such curtains will add:

  • Classic style. Portiere decorated lambrequins, draperies and tassels will do. Multi-layered, calm tones are welcome.
  • Modern Here the stylized floral ornament is relevant. The design of the canvas is simple, without draperies, frills. Allow bright shades of textiles.
  • Minimalism. Rich peach curtains, plus a few cushions of the same color can become the main color accent of a minimalist room design, provided that no other bright colors are used in the room.
  • Country style or Provence. They have similar features, so we will combine them into one group. Peach curtains with a small white print (cell, strip or flower) will perfectly fit into such an interior.
  • If we consider the curtains with a pattern that combines peach, pink, burgundy colors, they will be the right decision for the interior in oriental style. Especially if the ornament on the fabric will be with intricate southern motifs.



Pros and cons of curtains of this color

The advantages of peach curtains include: the versatility of color, the feeling of harmony and comfort that it gives, a lot of color solutions.

The disadvantages are the following fact: if the curtains occupy a large area, they are made in a rich color (while the room also has peach wallpaper), this may already indicate that the interior is overloaded with this color scheme. Perceived it will be difficult, even annoying. To avoid this effect, choose a quieter, lighter tone.

So, the color of ripe peach is a good solution for window decoration in any room of your house. The room, supplemented by such curtains, has a beneficial effect on the emotional background of the person, improves mood and performance.