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Doors for a dressing room: actual ideas (25 photos)


Wardrobe rooms solve the problem of placing clothes in the apartment. In the new building for these purposes are allocated separate premises. In the old apartments, tenants try to redevelop or allocate storage rooms, corners of rooms for storing suits, and coats. Regardless of the footage of the dressing room, they try to organize it correctly and beautifully. That door helps to organically enter the room in the interior of the apartment.



Swing doors for dressing room

Such models can be considered a classic version of the design of doorways. The advantages of the swing system include:

  • profitability;
  • organic combination with the interior of any style;
  • wide model range, numerous offers of materials.

Disadvantages: the mandatory availability of free space for the opening of the valves and, in a sense, pattern patterns.

According to the number of canvases, doors can be single or double. The choice of model is influenced by the size of the doorway, the size of the dressing room and the design of the room.

By production of door cloths the natural tree, MDF, a chipboard, glass, plastic are used.

Natural wood is the most environmentally friendly and expensive material and fits well into the design of rooms of any style. Advantages: durability, easy care.

Eco-environment lovers who do not want to spend significant funds on natural wood, it is recommended to choose models from MDF, chipboard. The advantages of the products include low maintenance, low weight, easy installation, affordable prices, a variety of design options for paintings, a large selection of manufacturers.

Glass cloths cannot be called popular, but thanks to non-standard design ideas such doors perfectly complement the wardrobe rooms of different styles. Advantages: non-standard refined look, durability, simple care.




Features of doors of different designs

Oar doors for the wardrobe room happen panel board, frame.

Shield models are a pine frame (frame), sheathed with sheets (MDF, plywood, chipboard) and filled with special filler. To give the door a refined and luxurious look, the canvases can be pasted over with veneer. The undoubted advantage of these models is the possibility of choosing a film that simulates wood of any color, even the most exclusive. Also to the advantages include: low weight, durability, low cost of materials for manufacturing.



Sliding doors to the dressing room

The popularity of the design is due to several reasons: it is easy to pick up to any opening and install in the premises of different areas.


  • safety and ease of use;
  • various options for wardrobe doors (folding, coupe, book, accordion);
  • availability of replacement of individual parts of the structure;
  • space saving (no space required for opening the valves);
  • stylish aesthetic look due to the variety of panel design options. It is easy to choose a model that harmoniously complements the design of the room.



When ordering sliding doors must take into account the design flaws:

  • limited wardrobe review;
  • not always canvases move silently;
  • the doors do not fit snugly;
  • weakness of the structure can lead to breakage of the door;
  • the cost of sliding models is higher than hinged.

Standard complete set of sliding system: frame, sliding mechanisms, door leafs, accessories and platbands.



When choosing a door, it is important to consider different properties of materials (weight, durability, compliance with the interior):

  • plastic is quite simple to maintain, has a low weight and is easy to assemble and decorate, therefore it is recommended to be used for installation in children's, youth rooms. The material is quite affordable, but not considered durable;
  • wood - it will look elegant and noble in the premises of any style and purpose (bedroom, living room). Specially treated wood is designed for a long service life. It is possible to install doors for painting (it is easy to change the color palette) or treated with varnish (the type of wood is preserved). Thanks to the production of doors from different materials, it is possible to choose models at an affordable price;
  • glass doors are becoming increasingly popular. The main reasons for the popularity: various options for decorating the door leaf, affordable price, non-standard look. Manufacturers offer glass with a matte, glossy or mirror surface. Organically look interiors styles: modern, hi-tech, loft.

Do not rush to the choice of material. It is better to first look at the various options for the design of door leafs in magazines or on the Internet. Constantly there are new technologies for processing materials, and designers offer non-standard ways to decorate doors.



Types of sliding doors

The compartment doors to the dressing room can be called favorites of the model range because of the simplicity of installation and the large offer by different manufacturers. Most often set one canvas, which are moved due to the movement of the rollers along the guides. Moreover, it is believed that significantly reduce the noise level by installing rollers and guides made from the same material. Additional attachment of the brush sealer along the contour of the door leaf allows for a tight fit.



Folding doors for a dressing room are suitable for elongated small bedrooms, in which the dressing room is equipped opposite the bed. Models are distinguished by the absence of a threshold and are represented by two types of doors:

  • The book comes with two equal door leafs. The door moving device is suspended and is installed in a special door frame with a groove;
  • The doors of the accordion for the dressing room consist of four door leaves and are arranged like doors-books.

Doors case can be called a hidden system. The main element of the system is the case, which is mounted in the doorway. The design of a guide and rollers is completed. The door leaf is suspended in the opening, and the case itself is sheathed with plasterboard and plastered.

The dimensions of the canister should ensure the free movement of the web. Models are single-field (one canvas moves into the case) or double-sided (the sheets are moved to one side or different). The installation of such doors allows you to freely dispose of space - on the walls of the dressing room you can hang pictures or install furniture near them. Significant minus - difficult and time-consuming installation.



The louver doors deserve special attention. Opening / closing of doors is carried out according to the principle of operation of folding systems (book or accordion). A distinctive feature of the design is the use of a sturdy frame, in which the cross bars are fixed at a certain angle. Structures can be made of wood, bamboo, plastic, metal. Such doors can be considered the most suitable for arranging walk-in closets in bedrooms, since they provide natural ventilation to the interior. However, this quality has negative sides:

  • light and external odors easily penetrate the dressing room;
  • during the restoration / renovation of panels, each transverse element must be carefully processed.

Radial doors for a dressing room are distinguished by the presence of curved door panels. Moreover, the valves can be convex, concave, oval, round or combined. These canvases are made to order, which explains the high cost of the doors. Before making the design, the guide line and the radius of curvature of the web are determined. Material for doors must have sufficient strength to maintain a given shape throughout the life of the product. It is recommended that the installation of the system be entrusted to specialists who can make accurate measurements and correctly make the installation.




It is difficult to evaluate the convenience or practicality of different door models only from drawings to photographs. Installation of some products has a rather high price, but it justifies itself in use, so do not neglect the help of professionals, if it is difficult to make a choice yourself.