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Gray curtains in the interior of different rooms (29 photos)


Compared with the luxurious curtains of bright colors, gray curtains are perceived by many designers and ordinary people as a subject that does not cause any emotions. However, at the subconscious level, this shade has a strong psychological influence: it has a calming effect, gives confidence and balance. Versatility is inherent in it - it can be combined with any other shades: beige, red, green, orange, blue and white. For example, the original look in the interior and give freshness to light gray and combined blue-gray curtains.



Features gray curtains

Most often, gray curtains are used for decoration of non-residential premises: offices, administrative and medical institutions, hospitals. With the right choice of shade such curtains are becoming popular and are widely used to create a modern home interior design. A special place in the high-tech style is given to both curtains and roller blinds. Of all the variety of light and dark shades, you can select cold metallic - zircon, silver, which is often used in blackout curtains.



The living room, kitchen, hall are decorated in such colors. In addition to the fact that gray shades in a small amount have a positive effect on the human psyche, they also work efficiently at the intellectual level, therefore they fit perfectly in their own office and contribute to increased mental performance.

You should not do the main gray curtains in the interior of the nursery and the bedroom, here they can act as an addition to other shades. For example, the original curtain will look dark gray shades with yellow curtains.

Curtain Types

There are many ways to decorate a room, but you cannot do without curtains and it is this decorative element that often becomes dominant among other items. Choosing roller blinds on the windows, they can be made invisible or pronounced with the help of color. The non-casting is a gray palette, but beige tones can be used. Such a tandem is harmoniously combined in blackout curtains, where saturated colors of both gray and beige are used, keeping the flow of light well.






Blackout curtains - sun protection

A special place among all varieties of textile products is occupied by blackout curtains, due to which reliable protection against sunlight penetration into the room is created. There is a wide range of blackout curtains on the market, and, by design features and design solutions, the products are divided into:

  • roman;
  • Japanese
  • Pleated;
  • eyelet curtains;
  • roll models.

Using the curtains in gray tones in the interior, it is possible to achieve harmony and smooth out the brightness, to balance certain areas and areas of the room with color.



Eyelet Curtains

Original and elegant curtains on the grommet look in the interior of the bedroom, hall, in the nursery and kitchen. This version of textiles is different:

  • reliability;
  • the richness of the design - the canvases that fall down in large even folds;
  • a variety of structural solutions - mainly dominated by curtains on the grommet of a round shape, but depending on the section of the eaves elements are square, triangular, complex shape;
  • ease of use - simplicity and ease of movement on the eaves.

Color options for curtains on the grommet can be very different, using colors: gray, beige, white, striped. For the children's room and the bedroom it is better to use products made from natural material - flax is ideal. Durable drapes and curtains will last a long time and will not lose their attractiveness even after several washings.



Colors in the interior

For poorly lit rooms, yellow curtains are suitable, which bring freshness to the surroundings. Beautiful and functional curtains in the kitchen contribute to good digestion. Such curtains look good in a small room, as they increase the space.



Using green curtains in the interior, it is possible to achieve psycho-emotional balance. Textiles have a positive effect on concentration, so you can decorate a bedroom with green curtains. However, you should not use too dark shades, as they, on the contrary, can lead to a depressive state.




Lightness and weightlessness give the environment blue curtains. These curtains are best combined with identical tones of the interior, but there must be other shades on the objects. For example, a cushion with stripes in monochromatic colors. Functional features of blue curtains are manifested in the ability to visually increase the space of a small room.



What kind of curtains to choose?

For each interior design is selected its own style and color curtains. These can be curtains on the grommets and double leaves of the blackout type. Dense drapes are decorated with light and elegant tulle.



The striped version is distinguished by its versatility, since it consists of different colors that harmoniously match each other. Striped canvases can be positioned longitudinally or transversely, thereby visually making room above or below. For rooms with high ceilings, a transverse strip is suitable, and for low ones - longitudinal.



Canvases of gray in the interior can act as an independent element or be supplemented with other brighter shades. A wide range of tones allows you to select the best option for each room.