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Bed made of solid walnut: an attractive texture of natural breeds (27 photos)


Today, one of the most popular species often used in furniture production is rich and juicy walnut wood. Its pleasant is not too light, but at the same time not too dark texture fits perfectly into various interiors and is combined with almost the entire range of colors.



The warm color of walnut makes the interior a calm and pleasant looking. In such an environment is comfortable to relax and do important things. Furniture made of walnut is chosen for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Wooden panels decorate walls and columns, decorative objects from this tree are stored on bookshelves and mantels.



A single or double walnut bed will fit in almost any interior and fill the room with peace of mind and comfort. With sufficient design of such a bed with decorative elements from other materials, the product can be inscribed even in the most modern styles, and the unique and pronounced wood pattern will appeal to lovers of Provence. Such a variety of style decisions speaks of a nut as a very flexible and versatile material capable of transforming any spaces around it.

The color range of nut shades is truly considered one of the most extensive. The fact is that the colors of this wood are in the range from light honey shades to rich dark ones, such as mahogany.

Despite such a range of color expressions, furniture designers prefer to use several of the most popular shades:

  • Italian nut;
  • Milanese;
  • walnut
  • Spanish;
  • Brazilian;
  • dark walnut.

Regardless of the chosen shade, walnut wood has a unique feature: its texture has pronounced streaks of darker color, which are folded into original and never repeatable patterns that make furniture made of walnut a valuable acquisition.

Italian walnut bed

To date, the wood tone "Italian walnut" is considered the most popular and sought after, but it is also the most difficult breed, because thanks to its noble shades, it does not tolerate the inept combination of colors in the environment.

Best Italian walnut looks on a white background or in combination with wallpaper beige and light yellow shades. Avoid active red color and the use of various cold colors. Italian walnut in its color scheme belongs to the warmest shades and therefore will not tolerate the cold neighborhood nearby.

Most often from an Italian nut make double beds and the whole sleeping fonts. The wood of this type of walnut is so self-sufficient that it pulls all the focus on itself, so if the room is furnished from such a tree, you can not worry about the rest of the room. Some designers even insist that it is better to install such beds in rooms in minimalism style, so that nothing prevents you from enjoying the beautiful texture of an exquisite Italian walnut.



Carved headboards and whole sculptural groups that love to decorate beds made of such wood are especially popular. Thanks to its original and unique texture, walnut makes such decorative elements real works of art. Again, it is important that nothing in the room any more eclipses the effect produced by such a thread.



Dark walnut bed

Wood of dark walnut color is considered to be one of the most mysterious and saturated. Unique streaks make the shade more original and recognizable. Various pieces of furniture, including beds, are made of such wood.

Bedroom sets made of dark walnut can be found in the rooms of classical and modern styles, less often in pronounced ethnic and Provence style. Particularly popular are the modern models of beds. They have the most pronounced strict geometric shapes and are decorated with metal and glass inserts.



This bed will be perfectly combined with interiors in bright colors, as well as in natural shades of green and blue. In a room with a dark finish, such a bed will be lost, but if the idea is to create a hidden interior, then such a decoration has a right to exist. Like other shades of walnut, dark walnut is not good friends with red color and all its derivatives.



Milanese nut in the interior of the bedroom

Furniture from this variety of walnut wood also has pronounced streaks, which is reminiscent of its natural origin, but is lighter in color than the Italian and dark walnut.

Furniture sets in the modern style are most often made of such wood, because the plastic and slightly honeyed texture of the walnut of this shade allows you to create the so-called "toughness" and smooth lines, which is natural for the modern style. Milanese walnut wood is great for rounded modern shapes and its many-sided curves.

In modern interiors, you can also find elements of furniture from this tree, but much less. The thing is that this color of walnut wood does not fit well with metal inserts that modernity suffers with. He also does not tolerate bright and screaming shades near him, so he is not suitable for avant-garde fusion.



Constructions of the present

In addition to a large color variety, walnut wood is also famous for its other qualities. It is distinguished by the necessary hardness and density for cutting, does not abrade, tolerates moisture and does not fade well.

Due to such an abundance of positive characteristics, the furniture from solid walnut is used in any interiors: in the living room, bedroom, study, kitchen and nursery. There are even cases when the wooden parts made of walnut were used in the interiors of the bathroom and the bathroom, although, of course, such a risk required special additional processing of the wooden species.

Walnut wood beds are found in the interiors of adult and children's bedrooms, in hotel rooms and in country houses. They can be of complex constructional shape or have the simplest design.

For classic interiors of home bedrooms and exquisite aristocratic hotel rooms, darker shades of walnut are chosen - it is preferable to use light walnut in children's rooms.

A nut-colored baby bed fits perfectly into the interiors of children's rooms for both very young households and older children. For the younger members of the family, you can choose the model of the bed with carved headboards, which are made in the style of your favorite cartoon characters. You can also find models of cars and aircraft for boys, locks and carriages - for girls. It is unlikely that in such a case it will be possible to preserve the original coloring of the walnut, most likely it will have to be painted in more pleasant colors for the child, but the strength properties of walnut wood will not lose from this.

If you do not want to paint exquisite walnut wood, it is best to choose its bright shades, it will be more cheerful in the interiors of children's rooms, and it is best combined with the bright shades that children's interior is so rich.