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Small sofas: a modern look at comfort (24 photos)


Small sofas with a berth - one of the most sought-after elements of modern furniture, which allows to beat the working area in small apartments. In apartments it is important to competently dispose of literally every square meter. With high-quality, functional and ergonomic furniture to make it easy and simple.



Advantages of miniature sofas

Small sofas - practical furniture for modern apartments, which are not distinguished by the presence of free space. In addition, even in large houses comfortable and compact sofas will always come in handy.



About the disadvantages of miniature furniture

Talk about the shortcomings of such furniture is based on those factors that affect any household items. If small sofas for the kitchen or hallway will differ in poor-quality construction, then the life of such products will be minimal. It is worth considering that the very work with the mechanism will bring a lot of inconvenience, because it is necessary to break one detail, as the whole structure will be faulty.



Furniture for kitchen

Kitchen sofas for small apartments are designed with utmost care. To install the model directly near the kitchen table, you need to choose extremely miniature sofa options.

Kitchen transformer for a small apartment is an excellent device for eating, and at night it is used as a single bed. Such manipulations are carried out in the event that the size of the room allows the entire transformation algorithm to be performed.

For balcony

For small sofas there is a place even on the balcony. Recently, landscaping loggias and glazed balconies has become a real fashion trend. In terms of style and key ergonomic positions on the balcony, you can install a variety of miniature upholstered furniture options. For example:

  • Frameless products completely on a soft basis;
  • Straight sofas of unusual materials (for example, rattan, imitating the dacha style);
  • Small leather sofas of bright colors in combination with a small desk for working with papers;
  • Corner sofa with cells for storage of various things;
  • Roll-out models for large warmed loggias (if necessary, corner sofas with a berth can be used on the balcony).

Miniature locations are equipped for offices, reading corners, lounge area. Small, stylish, beautiful transformers will always come in handy. In addition, additional work space or a recreation area is necessary for each person.



Models without armrests

What designers just do not come up with, to make the bulky design of upholstered furniture extremely light, comfortable, and compact. For example, a sofa for the kitchen with a bed is often designed without armrests.

The main features of the design:

  • Spacious and spacious seats, which are formed due to the lack of armrests (instead of two places for rest, you can get four full-fledged ones);
  • A kitchen sofa, furniture for a children's room and any other models, regardless of the type of mechanism, can be displayed and turned into a sleeping place, where the absence of armrests is completely unnoticeable;
  • New options for the location of furniture, where you do not need to take into account the presence of auxiliary attributes.

Leather sofas without armrests, sophisticated models in minimalist design look particularly stylish and modern. The lack of traditional details is made up for by the original elements of the decor, using interesting options for sofa upholstery and other auxiliary elements to give the design a special aesthetic.



Universal options for children

The smallest inhabitants of the apartment, like no one else, need their own place where you can play, relax and sleep. Children's sofas, presented in miniature form, in fact, are no different from other models.

The main distinguishing feature is perhaps a more extravagant appearance and a more original design in some cases. The simplest sofa book can be interestingly decorated. Colorful bright colors, funny pictures, images of favorite fairy-tale characters will obviously appeal to children.

In many ways, the diminutiveness of the forms is dictated not so much by the actual reduction in size, as by the thoughtful mechanism of folding and folding furniture. Every day there are more and more new options for the transformation of sofas and other popular furniture, and the old models are improving, becoming more and more comfortable and versatile.


The sofa book is the most reliable and checked by time design. Folding the sofa occurs in seconds. It is enough just to lift one half of it, and then smoothly lower it.

The sofa-book is particularly durable. These models almost never fail. The only drawback you need to know about: when folding the structure behind the back should always be free space.




For the unusual name is still the same sofa-book, but more perfect in design and the main structural features. The main distinguishing feature: the model has the "half-sitting" and "reclining" positions (except for the standard "sitting" and "lying").

Such furniture is chosen by those who especially appreciate comfort, because click-klyak allows you to create much more positions for complete relaxation. Like a standard sofa book, its improved model requires additional space behind the back.




Compact sofas "accordion" - a very popular model. It is necessary to put very little effort to get an even, wide and comfortable sleeping bed. For transformation, the edge of the design is raised to a click and pushed forward.

This model is considered the most capacious, even if it looks very compact when folded. The mechanism of quality products works for years without failures and any problems. Like a “book” or click-klyak, the design requires free space. In this case, it is important that when pulling the fabric forward, there is enough free space.

When it comes to compactness and versatility, in the first place are always the dimensions and design features of models of upholstered furniture. However, reflecting on the topic of aesthetics and everyday practicality, it is impossible not to recall the “clothes” for small-sized sofas.

The most expensive, but also the most luxurious material at all times was considered genuine leather. Now you can also choose upholstery from leatherette or eco-leather. Even the smallest sofa of the simplest design in “leather armor” looks expensive and respectable. It is convenient to look after such cloth, and appearance will not spoil for a long time.