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Wooden sofa: practicality and luxury (25 photos)


Wooden sofa is a practical thing, distinguished by a special aesthetics. Things from natural material always emphasize the advantages of any interior. Furniture made of high quality wood can create a unique microclimate in the house.



Modern production technologies make it possible to use the majority of tree varieties to create not only practical and durable frames, but also completely universal elements of decoration. It is both about wood inserts, and about full-fledged structural components: armrests, shelves, miniature pull-out countertops. Wooden sofas always look stylish and expensive, they are equipped with extremely comfortable layout mechanisms.

If we consider a sofa in the interior, made of wood, in the first place, such structures are associated with wooden armrests. Indeed, these elements are both practical and aesthetic.

Corner sofa with wooden armrests - the perfect solution for a large family living in a small apartment. Usually it is the armrests that rub the fastest. They rarely provide covers, and a simple cape is not always practical. At the same time, wooden parts are much easier to clean than to clean the fabric surface.




Armrests can be used in different ways:

  • As a hard surface for a cup of coffee or a friend's dishes;
  • Like a miniature laptop stand;
  • As a basis, where the phone will be located on the charge;
  • As a niche for needlework, reading, other processes at your leisure.

In addition, sofas with wooden armrests and a drawer for storing household accessories can be decorated with beautiful carvings, ornate ornaments, original patterns. Such decor makes upholstered furniture more elegant, solemn, respectable.



Other wooden items

A sofa in the kitchen with wooden inserts is purchased, so that a practical and reliable item will bring a special comfort to the room. In the bedroom or living room, various elements of wood will play, first and foremost, an aesthetic role.

The following constituent structures can be made of wood:

  • Back;
  • Box;
  • Drawers with decoration;
  • Molding;
  • Narrow wooden elements for decorative decor type.

Particularly original and colorful look antique sofas or furniture, consisting solely of solid wood. Soft fragments of the sofa in this case are represented only by pillows.



Important nuances

It is worth noting that often complex decor and original design can affect the functional features of the design. For example, the same stylized version of the antique or Provencal style sofa will not transform, as the more modern “book” or “eurobook” does, where the tree is represented only by the back or the base.

It is worth mentioning such interesting home furnishings as a garden sofa or chairs for the loggia, as well as for the terrace. Many sets of furniture in the "country format" are made from natural materials.



Budget and unassuming option - rattan. Wooden furniture is characterized by gloss and special chic, which is able to have a special effect even on modest holiday apartments.

For cottages or country houses suitable folding sofas with a wooden back and armrests. Sometimes such furniture combines the features of an ordinary wooden bench and a traditional soft sofa.

Wood frame

Whatever the decisions of the designer and the tricks of furniture manufacturers, the timber frame will always be relevant. It differs in the increased durability and reliability, is durable and convenient in use.

Even if behind the abundance of filler, soft volumetric details and fabric upholstery there are no visible elements of wood at all, such a product will still be considered an order of magnitude better than analogs with MDF and other budgetary “substitutes” for natural wood. The skeleton is the skeleton, the support of the structure. That is why choosing a frame basis is important with particular attention.

Many manufacturers are trying to combine several materials at once, in order to maintain excellent performance characteristics, while reducing the price of the product. The most advantageous is the combination of chipboard and wood.



Classification of wood

The sofa with wooden sidewalls, armrests or simply decorative inserts can be decorated with both elite foreign varieties (teak, mahogany, mahogany), and good domestic species (walnut, beech, linden). If we are talking about the frame and other structural elements that must withstand high loads, preference is given to solid solid rocks - oak, ash. A simple wooden kitchen sofa is devoid of special delights, it can be made of budgetary species: birch, pine, other coniferous trees.




Pine is considered a budget option. Inexpensive beds, compact unfolded sofas, sofas, tables and chairs are made of this breed.

Many consider all conifers medicinal, which are able to form a particularly favorable microclimate in the house. The pronounced resinousness of the wood gives strength to the tree.

Pine is easy to process. The same resins prevent cracking of the canvas against the background of temperature fluctuations and a sharp change in the level of humidity. Sleeping sofas and transforming beds made of pine are suitable for a children's room. Breed resistant to biological attacks (mold, fungi, microbes).

Strength limit is over 100 P / mm2. The advantages should be attributed, and a special texture of wood - rings and stripes that form an interesting pattern.




Because of its physical properties, as well as its structure, alder is often used to create massive furniture structures. These are transforming beds, and wooden unfolding sofas or sofas, folding if necessary.

Breed differs in a natural reddish shade which gives to furniture a special luster. There are several tones on the canvas: from pale pink overflow to deep lilac. The softness of the alder allows you to create an incredibly complex thread. Whole canvases from the carved massif can serve as armrests, sidewalls, and back.

Particularly spectacular look wooden leather sofas. Glossy upholstery luxuriously complements the complex texture of carved wood. Such furniture looks good in the living room or office.




Beech is considered one of the most valuable types of wood among domestic species. In this case, simplicity in processing and excellent strength characteristics of finished products are surprisingly combined.

It is noteworthy that it is beech that perfectly absorbs moisture from the air. It is not prone to cracking and deformation. It does not even need to cover with lacquer substances. This feature is useful for creating furniture of narrow stylistic orientation.

For example, not folding sofas from raw slightly rough beech and a pillow made from unbleached flax will perfectly fit into the style of the Scandinavian kitchen or living room. The interior in the loft format can also be emphasized with the “wildness” of the raw natural textures of the beech.


Wooden oak leather sofas are an extremely effective addition to a respectable interior. This breed is very famous. About the strength, strength and hardness of this breed they know even those who do not understand anything in the types of wood and furniture production.

Monumental oak, strong, available in our time, given all its impeccable performance. Oak frame is able to survive any operational inconvenience.

Even the smallest sofa with an oak skeleton will be much heavier than similar models created from alder, pine or linden. Another important nuance: although oak is resistant to moisture and temperature changes, it still needs good impregnation.


Hevea - an exotic tree that grows in the tropics. It is the climatic conditions that led to good performance, and a special appearance of wood.

The canvases are represented by a whole palette of shades. Finished products are not subject to rotting or mold multiplication. The average density of the Hevea reaches 650 kg / m³.

Roll-out sofa or a wide bed, a miniature table or a shelf for books - any product will last a long time, remaining unchanged.

Interestingly, the products are not afraid of even very strong frost. You can use stylish white sofas from the hevea for the improvement of loggias, balconies or terraces that are glazed, but unheated.

Even for a narrow corridor, you can pick up a compact sofa, which is sure to justify its presence in this room.