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Window decoration in the kitchen: interesting ideas (21 photos)


The window in the kitchen is an important element of the interior. The decor of the window in the kitchen allows you to add or emphasize the style of the room. When designing the window, it is extremely important to remember that it does not lose its practical function. Kitchen window decoration ideas are different:

  • The use of textiles - curtains, curtains, curtains, tulle.
  • Installing blinds varied palette.
  • Application of roman blinds, etc.



Curtains in the interior of the kitchen

The most traditional way to design a kitchen window is to use curtains. Today, the consumer market has a wide selection of textiles from classic to modern. Natural and synthetic fabrics of various quality are realized. The colors of the material can be very diverse: from bright extravagant with drawings to a single pastel gamut. The use of curtains in the design of the window in the kitchen gives the user a large number of undeniable advantages:

  • A wide selection of palettes. You can easily choose the option that best fits into the interior of the kitchen.
  • High level of protection from UV light and prying eyes.
  • A wide range of ways to create a decor. There are many options for fastening textiles to the cornice: loops, ties, braid, etc.
  • Affordable price. Select textiles for the window, you can easily on the basis of the available budget.

Textiles are a versatile material with no flaws. The only thing worth considering is that the curtains in the kitchen compared to other rooms will have to be washed frequently, as they will quickly become dirty and absorb odors. For the kitchen is not recommended to use dense and bulky material. In such a room, it will look inappropriate.

Production of curtains is made on the basis of the use of light translucent fabric. Curtains - this is a great solution for small kitchens. They are best suited for kitchens made in the classical style, Provence or Country. Also, this option will look harmoniously against the background of Oriental cuisine motifs. Thanks to curtains, you can decorate the window using a variety of draperies.



Curtains perfectly transmit light, so the room will always be filled with light and comfort. Compared with curtains curtains are lighter, and therefore will not cause additional difficulties in the care. If the curtains are chosen successfully, then this will enable the kitchen owner to visually enlarge the space, emphasizing his individuality.



The use of tulle and curtains in the interior

The use of tulle indoors makes it possible to fill the space with light and comfort. Tulle is able to complement its design in an original way. Use will be appropriate in a modern and classic interior. It is especially attractive in oriental interiors. If desired, this material can be combined with blinds, roller blinds, lambrequins. Design variations are many. Tulle is not able to fully protect from the bright sun, so many housewives try to combine it with other materials.



Roman curtains and blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Roman curtains are a practical and easy way to correctly, beautifully and with taste decorate the window in the kitchen. This option will look harmonious with different style decisions. Especially advantageous Roman blinds are combined with rustic motifs, high-tech styles and Provence. They are perfect for minimalist design, classic.

The main advantages of Roman blinds lie in compactness, reliability, ease of maintenance and operation. The cost of this option is expensive. This is due to the presence of a special mechanism that provides closure and opening.



Blinds are compact models that are made using different materials. It can be wood, metal, bamboo, textiles, etc. Blinds help provide a high level of protection from direct sunlight. They help to perform high-quality adjustment of the light that is fed from the window. Color decisions of blinds differ in a wide variety of the choice. Blinds can be easily installed independently, and the process of leaving will not cause additional difficulties.

Plants placed on the windowsill help to transform the space expertly. When choosing this decor method, you need to remember that not all plants are perfect for decorating the window sill in the kitchen. The window sill should be located far from the sink and stove. The fact is that even the most unpretentious colors will be uncomfortable when they hit a soap solution or fat.

It is required to remember that some plants require a high level of illumination, while others, on the contrary, require a small one. In addition, most indoor plants can not withstand drafts.

For the kitchen, unpretentious plants equipped with large leaves will be an excellent solution. Excellent plant for the kitchen - scarlet, ficus, cactus, money tree. Beautiful and elegant on the kitchen window sill look flowers such as geranium, violet, chrysanthemum, primula, cyclamen and others. Citrus plants look original. If the kitchen is equipped with a window with a balcony door, then some plants can be put on the loggia.



Features of the window with a balcony door

Some kitchens are equipped with a window with a balcony door. In this regard, the question arises as to correctly design this area so that it can combine aesthetic and practical functions. If the door is sliding or opening outward, then the window in the kitchen can be decorated using any curtains. If an ordinary door is installed, then the task of decorating a window with a balcony door is somewhat more complicated. In this situation, it is extremely important to ensure that the curtains do not interfere with a person’s unhindered entry and exit and are not contaminated with frequent contact.

Decorating a window with a balcony door implies a professional approach to the issue and involves the use of the following most successful options:

  • Use asymmetrical curtains. With this option, it is recommended not to make the lower layers of tulle solid, but to make them of two parts, which will be connected at the door level. This method will contribute to the smooth movement of the person.
  • Curtains with grabs. This decor method is suitable for classic cuisine. It looks respectable and spectacular. Holders with beautiful inserts will look very elegant.
  • Curtains, Kisa. This solution involves the use of special thread curtains, with which you can create a convenient entrance and exit to the balcony. If desired, the thread can be decorated with beads, rhinestones or in any other way.
  • Use of roller or curtain roman. This option is most practical for windows with a balcony door. It provides an opportunity to securely fasten the curtain in the window or door frame.
  • Japanese curtains. Fastening these curtains is a reliable and rational solution for the kitchen. It is very convenient.
  • Jalousie. This is a budget solution for a kitchen with a balcony, which is easy to use.
  • Austrian, French curtains. This window decor is appropriate in large kitchens. In a large space, this solution looks spectacular.



Lambrequins on the kitchen window

The choice of lambrequin for the kitchen window depends on the shape of the window, the specifics of the interior, and the style. All lambrequins for the kitchen are divided into three large groups. The first group involves the use of rigid lambrequins. They are a narrow strip of fabric, which is fixed on a self-adhesive band or any other material. Hard lambrequin can be oval, rectangular or complex shape. With the help of such a lambrequin, you can decorate in an original way not only the window, but also the entire kitchen interior. For more decorative lambrequins can be decorated with various ruffles, ruffles, ribbons, pendants, fringe, etc.

In the modern style of the window in the kitchen can be decorated based on the use of any materials. The most popular design options today are country and country style. In this case, preference is given to short curtains and curtains made from natural fabrics. Used checkered colors or bright. In the high-tech style mainly used strict curtains or curtains. Classic modern style or Provence involve the use of thick curtains, which are complemented by curtains. Selection of color is carried out taking into account the general idea.