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Brown wallpaper in the interior: universal combinations (26 photos)


Brown wallpaper will be an excellent solution for rooms, executed in various styles. This is a classic, natural and warm color that will fill your room with coziness and comfort. Brown color is associated with wood bark, autumn leaves, sweet chocolate. It gives a feeling of comfort and security in the room. With it, the room is filled with peace and tranquility.



The interior, made in this color, has to make correct and balanced decisions. If you chose brown wallpaper for your interior, it is not recommended to make a room only in this color. If the room is only brown, it will turn out too fanciful or gloomy. Diluting the brown color with a light palette, you fill the space with light and comfort.



Brown wallpapers look noble and reserved. They have an amazing ability to perform several functions in the interior. With proper selection of tones, they can be accent or, on the contrary, lighten or darken the room.



Rules for the use of brown wallpaper in the interior

Brown has a different saturation. In this regard, there are many options for its use. Wallpapers of this color are suitable for any room from the hallway to the kitchen. When using brown wallpaper you need to adopt a large number of important aspects:

  • If you use brown wallpaper in the interior, you need to ensure that there is sufficient lighting. This is due to the fact that without light this palette, especially rich, looks gloomy.
  • The durability and appearance of the wall depends on the quality of the wallpaper used. On the dark wallpaper scratches are clearly visible. It is advisable to choose models with durable paint. In addition, with frequent cleaning of the wall surface resistant paint does not peel off.
  • In order for brown wallpaper in the interior looked dynamic, catchy, do not forget to combine them with bright flashy colors. As a bright accents, you can use a combination of brown wallpaper with other wall colors, use brightly colored furniture, textiles and a variety of accessories in the interior.
  • Brown wallpapers are recommended for use in large rooms only. If the room is small, it is better to give preference to a lighter palette of brown gamut.
  • Large patterns on plain brown wallpaper should not be present around the perimeter of the room. This will cause the space to be congested. A large pattern on a dark background is better to issue only one wall. The rest can be made in a gray-pink, green or any other color.
  • For brown wallpaper, it is advisable to correctly select the furniture. With this color the furniture made in beige, white and cream color effectively looks.




Using brown wallpaper in different rooms

The kitchen in chocolate tones looks elegant, noble and stylish. This is a classic solution for a given room that never gets bored. It is imperative that the material for the walls has excellent moisture-proof features. In this case, it will serve for a long period of time. For the working area is perfect material from vinyl, non-woven base.



Themed patterns on a brown background will advantageously beat the art deco style. The brown wallpaper in the antique living room is beautifully combined with moldings and frames. They look advantageous in combination with gold or gray-blue, silver gamma. In the luxurious interiors, they can be safely combined with high-quality furniture made of natural wood.



The bedroom is a room that helps you relax and tune in to rest. In this regard, the situation in it should be comfortable. In this room it is not recommended to use excessively dark brown wallpaper. The best way to use such a version as brown wallpaper in the bedroom is a combination of them with a beige palette. This palette visually increases the space in the interior of the bedroom, making it cozy. If you correctly combine the walls in brown tones, you can give the interior romance and warmth.



Basic recommendations for the combination of brown

If you chose brown wallpapers for wall decoration, then you need to learn how to correctly combine them with another range, since in this way you can create a truly harmonious interior. Consider the most popular combinations in the interior with brown color:

  • The combination of brown and white. This option is a classic combination and is in high demand. It is desirable to dilute the brown-white gamut with some other color. It is better if it will be yellow, pink, orange, green wallpaper.
  • The combination of brown wallpaper and pink gamut. This pink and brown palette will be a great solution for any room. Especially such brown wallpaper in the living room with a gray-pink ornament like romantic natures.
  • The combination of brown and green in the wallpaper. Green wallpaper with a brown pattern (or vice versa) fill the room with comfort and harmony. Green wallpaper or brown is also recommended to be diluted with a beige, sand, yellow palette.
  • Dark brown wallpaper and turquoise. This color combination is reminiscent of the sea, the sun and refreshing room. Such a spectacular harmonious contrast can be complemented if you additionally use beige, white, green wallpapers in the interior.
  • The combination of brown and purple flowers. This option helps to create a lively, playful or romantic atmosphere in the room and looks good with floral patterns. This combination can be supplemented with yellow or white.
  • Brown and orange gamma on the walls. This decision helps to lift the mood and is often used for Oriental motifs. If you want to add a little freshness to this palette, then we can recommend additionally using green wallpaper or walls painted in red, light green, golden color. The yellow-brown combinations, olive-gray tones look winning.



If you choose an additional shade to brown color, then you need to take into account its saturation. Additional gamma should be close to the main color in saturation. So you can create a truly harmonious interior design with brown wallpaper. Brown wallpaper for the walls is a classic version, it will always be in fashion.