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Provence style decor: the tremulous charm of comfort (24 photos)


Provence is a provincial style, often referred to as French country music. The famous region of France in the south of the country is characterized by incredible landscapes, a special atmosphere of home chic and cozy decoration. True French people know what real beauty is, so the decor in Provence style fascinated many connoisseurs of homely pomp around the world.




French country has a number of features that make it so distinctive and recognizable. Deliberate rudeness and lack of gloss in this particular stylistic concept look incredibly charismatic, touching and cozy. Distinctive features of style:

  • Pastel shades;
  • Lightweight textile designs on the windows;
  • Light flooring;
  • Elegant furniture of light shades (often neutral white);
  • The presence of floral and floral ornaments;
  • Fresh flowers in the interior;
  • Decor items, artificially aged and specially decorated in large quantities;
  • Use of natural materials;
  • Various textiles, decorated with all sorts of ruffles, ruffles, bows, laces, appliqués;
  • Daylight;
  • The absence of built-in fixtures, modern household appliances and equipment (all such attributes are masked).

In the decoration of the house are directly involved all the tenants of the house. Beautiful flowerpots with flowers are placed at the discretion of the hostess, nice souvenirs are purchased, wall installations are created from paintings or photographs, furniture and household items are decorated with decoupage technique. Every day you can create something new, bringing newness and exclusive in the atmosphere.

Traditionally, the walls of the house in the style of Provence are covered with plain white paint. Rarely resorted to the use of wallpaper with a typical pastel colors and floral ornaments. Negligence or even negligence is welcomed: rough walls, cracks, scuffs.

It is extremely important to take care of high-quality lighting, mostly natural. Better if the room on the sunny side is equipped with huge windows.

Typical houses in Provence literally flooded with sunlight. This explains the use of light colors or faded pastels. After all, the constant "sun baths" make the bright colors dim.




The most popular material for flooring - flooring. Also popular are decorative tiles and natural stone. Provence is not typical for carpet, linoleum and other "typically modern" materials.

To give the room even more warmth and comfort, designers recommend using spectacular carpets with fluffy nap. Desired color - white, coffee, dark beige.

Furniture decor in the style of Provence plays a significant role. It is important not only the functional qualities, but also the aesthetic fullness of all the attributes of the room.

Prerequisite: the coating must be aged. Painted surfaces should give the impression of being worn out, as if a favorite sofa or a huge wardrobe were inherited from a grandmother.

Furniture made of natural oak, chestnut, walnut, alder, linden looks colorful and cozy. The interior must contain old-fashioned chairs and stools with carved legs and peeling paint (imitation), bulky chests of white color, and cupboards for hanging dishes with open shelves.

Fans of minimalism may prefer extremely simple light-colored furniture. Only light patterns and carvings are allowed. But lovers of decor "richer" can create a charming Provence with their own hands. The most popular technique is decoupage.

The interior may be present forging. Usually ornate patterns decorate the head of the bed, wicker chairs and sofas, shelves on the walls or even partitions in the room (elements for zoning the space). At the same time, it is important that the forging be of a contrasting black or chocolate color or completely neutral white.



Color palette

The colors are rather rich and deep, but not bright. The following tones are traditionally used:

  • White;
  • Lactic;
  • Beige;
  • Olive;
  • Ivory;
  • Olive green (the most delicate notes);
  • Lavender;
  • "Sea wave";
  • Ocher;
  • Sunflower;
  • Terracotta;
  • Lemon muffled;
  • Sand;
  • Cream;
  • Indigo;
  • Light gray.

The classic combination is white background, purple accents and additions in indigo color. Also very popular maritime themes. You can combine pastels and all shades of blue, use "striped motifs", decorate the interior with typical marine paraphernalia: shells, an installation of fishing nets and sea stones.



The main accents of rustic chic

Minimalism does not belong to Provence at all. The more ornate patterns, various decor, cute knick-knacks, the better. However, it is not necessary to collect all the attributes with exorbitant fanaticism, without at all analyzing and selecting things according to style and in accordance with the general idea.

It is necessary to abandon the deliberate luxury and ultra-modern attributes, unnatural materials. Rustic chic requires the use of a variety of eco-friendly attributes.

A kitchen full of harmony and comfort

The decor of the Provencal style kitchen involves bold experiments and a creative approach with typical gastronomic symbols. These are cups of coffee, beautiful pastries, French sweets, glasses of wine and cheese cuts.

There should be a lot of plants in the kitchen. Fans can use the space with the benefit of safely abandon the standard indoor plants. Instead, it is better to choose spectacular containers for greenery or even original clay pots. They plant a whole spicy garden of your favorite fresh seasonings or greens.

Skillfully combining colors, you can create a gastronomic flower garden. Particular attention should be paid to all types of basil, our traditional parsley and dill, emerald arugula, spinach and leek.

It is permissible to experiment not only with plant, but also with animal motifs. Cute cats, touching hares, playful puppies and tiny bears are the true symbols of a cozy childhood and carefree country life. Such motifs will look good in children's rooms.

Handmade decor is welcome. This and personally embroidered napkins, towels, tablecloths. Cute look mats with floral ornaments, images of animals or flowers. However, such a "grandmother's" chic should also please the child himself.



Typical Provence in Accessories

Talk about home decor "typical Provence" can be infinite. There is an incredible number of win-win combinations, unusual combinations, bold installations, directions associated with the use of a particular type of decor.



The main accessories, around which you can build the whole stylistic compositions:

  • Ceramics made of terracotta, fireclay and traditional clay of a simple form;
  • Live lavender in pots;
  • Plants in galvanized miniature buckets;
  • Ceramic panels with a complex painted decor;
  • Pictures with sea landscapes, photos of plants in carved frames, compositions from posters of "typical botanists";
  • High legs absolutely any pieces of furniture;
  • Forged lamps or sconces, all kinds of forging elements near the sockets, the use of vignettes for the walls;
  • Weaving (for example, rocking chair);
  • Sink on kitchen from a brick or a natural stone of the rough invoice;
  • Caskets and mini-chests, chaotically scattered throughout the house, covered with expensive textiles and richly decorated with typical decor;
  • Handmade rugs.

The basic concept of the style "French country" involves the use of flower symbols in any room, regardless of the presence of other concepts and stylistic decisions.



While giving preference to such a charismatic style, it is important to remember that the room itself should initially be small, light, and equipped with large windows. A straightforward straightforward layout, not weighted with suspended ceilings and other sophisticated modern structures, is welcomed.